Stop Nail Biting Using Hypnotherapy in London

You can stop nail biting using hypnotherapy. Let me explain more. Just think about how many parents have shouted, “Stop biting your nails” at their children?! It nnver works, right! And that’s because nail biting is a subconscious habit. When I say that it’s a subconscious habit, I meant that biting your nails is a way to deal with thoughts and feelings. We normally associate nail biting with a childhood habit that simply disappears as we get older. If you would like to get this habit under control, you can indeed stop nail biting using hypnotherapy. I have used hypnotherapy to help many people reduce and get rid of their nail biting. Get in touch today to find out more. 


Stop Nail Biting Hypnotherapy


Stop nail biting using hypnotherapy and deal with your habit’s causes


Nail biting is a habit, often used as a way to ‘self soothe’. This might be when feeling stressed or simply need to feel calm or comforted in some way. So nail biting hypnotherapy will look at how the habit is being used or the reasons it is hard to reduce. Why are you or someone you care about noting their nails? Is it to deal with stress or to feel calm?


Helping children stop nail biting using hypnotherapy


I will have parents call me wanting help with nail biting. Often children want to stop also. However parents are worried since nailing biting can be bad for health and cause infections. It also simply seems like a childish habit. Nails and fingers don’t look nice.  When it comes to sopping biting nails using hypnotherapy, it’s important to look at all angles and reasons why the habit has remained or is hard to shift.

I will suggest to parents with children who bite their nails that maybe parents should look at their child’s ways of managing stress. Let’s consider why your child is feeling stress in the first place.

One important piece of advice I always give parents is that it’s unwise to repeatedly tell children to stop biting their nails. As a strategy, it simply doesn’t work! Doing so acts to increase the child’s anxiety. You are telling them off and making them feel guilty or wrong for something they feel little control over. You can stop nail biting using hypnotherapy. Get in touch to find out more.


Nail biting hypnotherapy London


Stop nail biting using hypnotherapy and reduce embarrassment and bleeding nails


Nail biting, whether for adults or children, is a habit which can cause distress as well as bleeding fingers, infections and embarrassment at how your nails look.

Stop nail biting uisng hypnotherapy is a very effective treatment, with helping you stop biting your nails. At my London hypnotherapy clinic I will look at why you bite your nails and work with you and your subconscious drives and to stop this unneeded habit which can indeed sometimes feel uncontrollable.

As mentioned, often nail biting is related to our stress coping mechanisms. You might get anxious or nervous and then bite your nails as a way to cope. Of course, it goes without saying that nail biting can also be related to sucking your thumb when a child. This can be a desire to have something in your mouth or even about food and eating, since you are eating your nails rather than eating food. It’s normally related to how we deal with our emotions. Consider how you are feeling when you bite your nails? Are you stressed, sad or down at all? If so, deal with the need or challenge at hand head on, rather than biting your nails to deal with how you are feeling.


Hypnotherapy for nail biting treatment


Stop nail biting hypnotherapy will help you break those associations. Even if your habit has been around for many years, you can still kick your nail biting successfully. You will also look at new ways to deal with stress.

If nail biting is a problem for you, make an appointment today at our London clinic. Sometimes in just one or two sessions of hypnotherapy nail biting will be totally under control. You will then be able to grow nice healthy nails of which you can be proud. Get in touch today.



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