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This page contains information about Jason Demant’s London cocaine reduction sessions

You are reading this because you or someone you care about is using cocaine too much. You may use cocaine socially or alone. You may have used cocaine when younger with friends. Yet now cocaine has become something you too easily go to when needing to escape or do well in certain situations. Are you looking to make cocaine a part of your past?


Do any of the following sound like your situation? If you experience any of the items listed below, on a regular basis, you may have a dependency on cocaine. You are not alone. I am here to help you reduce your use of cocaine.


Do you feel guilt, shame or embarrassment about your cocaine use or its consequences?

Do you find it hard to socialise without cocaine or that your social circle has changed?

Are you noticing an increased tolerance for cocaine compared to when you started?

Do you continue to use cocaine even when it causes problems with relationships or work?

Have you lied or hidden your habit or its extent from close friends or loved ones?

Do you use cocaine to numb your emotions, or 'self medicate' when feeling stressed?

Have you tried unsuccessfully to cut back on your cocaine use?

Have you gotten into situations with the potential of harming yourself or others (for example driving) or you have been in trouble with the law due to cocaine-related problems?


Sessions in London and online: £110. Book four sessions for £400 or six sessions for £540, with further sessions at £90.

Do you have a dependency on cocaine?

We will work together, helping you to overcome cravings and plan how you will cut down or stop using cocaine. An important aspect of our work together will be looking at the reasons why cocaine may have moved from being ‘recreational’ to instead feel like an unwelcome addictive pattern. 


There can be shame or feelings of failure associated with cocaine addiction. Often the extent of a habit can become a secret, kept from others. I can help you address all aspects of your cocaine habit. I listen and support. I never judge anything you have done or anything you might say.

Changing your relationship with cocaine

The main work we will do together is examining your relationship and patterns of cocaine use. What is the role this substance has begun to play in your life? When and with whom do you use it? Do you use it to help you socialise or ‘do well’ at work or in social situations? Do you find that you reach for cocaine when stressed? How much of a role does a desire to feel confident and less self-conscious play in your habit?


We will look at the underlying reasons for your habit. You may find that the underlying issues also really need to be addressed. For example, has cocaine begun to function as your way of avoiding important life issues? Do you ever use cocaine to numb yourself or suppress emotions and feelings that are uncomfortable?


We will find new ways for you to do well with challenges and thereby reduce the role of cocaine in your life. We will also decide whether reducing consumption is the goal or complete abstinence is preferable. This is something we decide together and ultimately is your decision.

Cocaine withdrawal support

If you use cocaine on a regular basis, decreasing or stopping may require a plan. Withdrawal symptoms can be physical and psychological. If you use cocaine often, you may experience hand tremors (‘the shakes’), sweating, anxiety, restlessness, or insomnia (difficulty sleeping), for example. It can take a number of weeks to fully recover if you have a high level of consumption. If cocaine was often associated with drinking alcohol or socialising, we will talk, in depth about how to do well, and enjoy a night out, but without cocaine. You will feel fully supported.


Even if you are a moderate cocaine user, you may also experience some withdrawal symptoms. Often these will be more emotional and psychological than physical. This is since you have developed some emotional dependency on cocaine, using it like a ‘crutch’. It is important to deal with these aspects too.

Living life fully and confidently

You were not born needing cocaine to function. It is time to find alternative ways to deal with life’s ups and downs. It is also important to consider other ways to feel happy, confident and ways to nurture your well-being.


Cocaine can be used to avoid addressing and working towards those things you truly want out of life. Without cocaine, I will support you, if needed, to re-discover confidence and remind yourself of all those goals you once wanted and those gifts you have to give to the world around you.


Moving from dependency or addiction will signal for you a movement in a positive and optimistic direction.

Clinic Location

Jason Demant sees clients in central London, just five minutes from King's Cross station, close to East London and easy to reach from South London, North London and other areas of London too. Some sessions also are online using Skype or Zoom.

  • Online

    Skype, Zoom and Google meetings

  • King's Cross, London

    WC1X 9DE

Book an initial session or a free phone consulation. Use the contact form below.

    Free Initial Consultation

    Following your free initial phone consultation, you will be asked to keep a cocaine usage diary for a few days and complete a helpful background questionnaire.


    Your consultation will be by phone. It is a place for you to hear more about how I work and ask any questions, no matter how small. The call will also help you directly, focusing on your challenges. It should be a positive step for you on your road to recovering your old self. Helping you feel in control and more confident again.


    And if, at the end of the consultation, you do not wish to book hypnosis sessions, that is totally fine. There is no pressure and you are under no obligation whatsoever. 

    Four or Six in-person sessions

    Four or six powerful sessions of coaching, including therapy exercises and powerful hypnotherapy. Though there is some structure, it is vital that sessions are about your unique needs rather than a generic approach. I have a results-driven focus.


    Sessions are confidential and supportive and it is also important that you feel comfortable and able to talk about anything at all.

    Support throughout and 30 day guarantee

    I give you free, unlimited, email contact between sessions. Be in touch as often as you need.
    I offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. 


    If, after 30 days, you have attended sessions, carried out any assignments set, but still do not feel that you
    benefited from this programme, I will refund your investment. No questions asked. Book your free
    consultation to hear more.


    In person session with Jason Demant last 50 minutes.

    Jason Demant sees clients in central London, just five minutes from King's Cross station, close to East London and easy to reach from North London and other areas of London too. Some sessions also are online using Skype or Zoom.

    London Session Packages and Fees

    (Sessions are for 50 minutes)


    Your Initial Phone Consultation:


    Clinical Hypnotherapy:


    Book four sessions for £400, six for £540, with further sessions at £90.

    Skype Therapy and London Hypnotherapy Office Location

    Jason Demant sees clients in central London, just five minutes from King's Cross station, close to East London and easy to reach from North London, South London and West London too. Some sessions also are online using Zoom or Skype.  

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