Would You Love to Discover How to Feel in Control Around Food?

Is Losing Weight a Struggle for You?

Are You Fed Up of Trying Yet Another Diet? Try my expert hypnotherapy based approach. Sessions in Golders Green and Kentish Town.

'I have over ten years experience helping clients with addictive patterns. My Approach is down to earth and practical. You will see changes you didn't expect.'

Jason Demant. L.M.T.C.P.H. GHR reg. GQHP

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Addictions Specialist in London

Do you diet and then, disappointingly, your weight slowly returns?

Would you love to feel good about how you look?

I'm sure you've tried enough ways that don't work. Stop doing what doesn't work! Let's take a step back. Let's get to the real reasons overeating, binge eating, under eating or losing weight has been tough for you.

Real habit change and feeling in control around food isn't about trying the next shiny diet or celebrity fitness fad.

In-person sessions in London, NW11 or online. I see clients in Golders Green, directly opposite the Tube station. I also see clients in Kentish Town close to Camden Town and Holloway. Weekend appointments available. Call or email today and book your free initial phone consultation.

Is it hard to resist and say 'no' to second helpings?

Diets or other restrictive eating regimes don't have long term success. They do not address the real reasons you find maintaining a healthy weight difficult. If these reasons aren't addressed, your eating habits will remain a struggle.

My programme addresses the real causes of your overeating patterns. It's about your relationship with food. Are you ready for something new that will help you move in a positive direction?

Read on to discover more about how my overeating and weight loss sessions work. (No fad dieting required!)

Is Overeating or Binge Eating a Challenge for You?

Do you sometimes feel guilty or down after eating? Gain tools to cope better with emotions, stress and anxiety. You will gain support to discover a healthier relationship with food.

Are You an Unhealthy Weight?

Discover how to eat in a balanced way again (and maintain it too). Scroll down and learn how my in-depth sessions will help you feel in control of food again.

Would You Love to Look and Feel Slim?

Would you love to shed a few pounds for the summer or an event? Is it time to, at last, kick overeating or comfort eating? Get a healthy weight and look great.

How I help you with Weight loss and Overeating?

Successful long term reduction of Weight loss and Overeating is a process of change, involving a number of steps.

Changing Your Relationship with Food

Food is one of life's joys. Would you like to get back to enjoying its tastes, smells and textures without feelings of guilt or a sense of being out of control? You will move to eating less in response to emotions and habits and more in line with your body's natural needs of hunger. Discover how to say 'no' and stop before you overeat.

Feel Renewed, Optimistic and Slim

Do you ever find that you reach for food when feeling sad, down, or stressed? Is food something you use as a 'pickmeup', a reward or comfort? Discovering how to break those patterns will help you feel calmer and more confident about staying slim. We often use eating to deal with stress or cope with life's struggles. Following sessions, some challenges you have in day to day life, may also begin to feel more manageable too.

Weight Loss Management

I have over ten years of experience guiding individuals and groups to move to balanced eating habits. I will give you structured guidance and support. My programme is not a diet because I do not impose an external framework on your eating. Rather I give you exercises and tools to free you from subconscious or learnt patterns of thoughts and actions. You will learn to eat again inline with your body's natural signals of hunger and satisfaction. You will uncover why you choose sugary or fatty foods and find solutions to these challenges. You will repair your relationship with food.

Comfort eating help using hypnosis

Talk directly to Jason Demant about the help you Need

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Jason Demant

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Addictions Specialist in London

I am passionate about helping people make positive changes, feel greater optimism and see confidence in all areas of life.
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    I hold a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy, counselling and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) from Life Matters Training College, based on Harley Street, London. I am a certified Life Coach and NLP practitioner with hundreds of hours of clinical experience.

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    I am a validated practitioner of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and member of the General Hypnotherapy Register.

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    I am a member of the NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners (NHSTA), taking referrals from GPs and dentists.

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    I am an accredited member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council UK.

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    I am a recognised treatment provider for PruHealth private medical insurance.

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    I teach and supervise a specialist training course for health professionals and hypnotherapists in life coaching and NLP interventions for weight loss and emotional eating.


What benefits did you gain from sessions with Jason ?

Some Testimonials From Happy Clients

Susan Moss

London Weight Loss Coaching

I have had two courses of hypnotherapy with Jason Demant to curb my emotional overeating. During the 6 months that I attended, several stressful and traumatic events happened in my life and I found that Jason worked to help me deal with this as well as addressing my eating when stressed.

I found Jason to be empathetic, conscientious and a very good listener. He tailored my treatment to meet my needs exactly and always sent me home with positivity. I now have an arsenal of techniques and new beliefs to combat the emotional eating. I lost 9 lbs in 3 weeks just by eating according to my appetite with no hard work on my part. I just do not feel hungry in between meals and have stopped drinking alcohol and eating junk without thinking about it!

I thoroughly recommend Jason Demant to anyone who has issues with their eating.
It is a quiet and peaceful approach to change leaving you with the tools to continue progress in the future.



London Weight Loss and Emotional Eating

I now have more awareness of my improper eating habits and now have the tools to recognise what is driving me to eat when I am not hungry.


Essex Weight Loss Coaching

You really helped me in more than one thing.
I can say that after the sessions I feel comfortable with the food. I don't care what people think about my eating, or me looking fat or skinny.


Manchester Weight Loss Coaching

I have lost weight and am feeling great overall, especially when I pay attention to see if I'm really hungry.

Book individual sessions. A package of sessions is more cost effective and includes extra benefits and my confidence refund guarantee.

In-person sessions with Jason Demant in London. Also via Skype/online platform

Overeating, Weight Loss Individual Sessions and Packages Details

Book individual sessions or packages of four, six or eight sessions


Packages are more cost effective than booking individual sessions. Packages come with these added free benefits:

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    Your unique personalised food relationship plan

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    Free, unlimited, email contact between sessions

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    Amazing 30 or 90 day satisfaction refund guarantee, so you feel confident about booking

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    Free 25 minute powerful weight loss hypnotherapy download

Reduce binge eating with coaching and therapy

How Does it Work ?

All Overeating and Weight Loss packages contain the following great benefits

FREE Initial Consultation Session

Following your initial consultation, you will be asked to keep a food diary for a few days and complete a helpful background questionnaire.

Your consultation will be by phone. It is a place for you to hear more about how I work and ask any questions, no matter how small. The call will also help you directly, focusing on your challenges. It should be a positive step for you on your road to recovering your old self. Helping you feel in control and more confident again.

And if, at the end of the consultation, you do not wish to book sessions, that is totally fine. There is no pressure and you are under no obligation whatsoever.

Four, Six or Eight In Person Sessions

I work in blocks of four, six or eight powerful sessions of coaching, including therapy exercises and powerful hypnotherapy. Sessions are in Golders Green, London. 

Though there is some structure, it is vital that sessions are about your unique needs rather than a generic approach. I have a results-driven focus.

Sessions are confidential and supportive. It is important that you feel comfortable and able to talk about anything at all.

Your Own Tailor-made Food Relationship Plan

Based on the work we do together, you will take away your very own tailor-made Food Relationship Plan.

I make this plan especially for you, individually. It summarises your personal challenges and solutions and outlines your unique strategies and tools. The insights we covered during your sessions.

It’s your personal guide to staying in control and slim for future success. It’s a resource for you to use for years to come. The value it gives is enormous.

During your free consultation, I can explain more about this unique plan.

Support Throughout and 30 or 90 Day Guarantee

I give you free, unlimited, email contact between sessions. Be in touch as often as you need.

If you book a package of four or six sessions, I offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

If you book a package of eight sessions, I offer a 90 day satisfaction guarantee.

If, after 30 or 90 days, as applicable, you have attended sessions, carried out any assignments set, but still do not feel that you benefited from this programme, I will refund your investment. No questions asked. Book your free consultation to hear more.

Bonus FREE Gift

Free Bonus:

Your 25 Minute Powerful Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Download. Listen when you like. Feel motivated, calm and ready for the new you!


In person session with Jason Demant last 50 minutes.

Sessions take place in a quiet therapy practice opposite Golders Green tube station, in London. As well as the London Underground, there are also good bus links and free parking close by. I see international clients by Skype and phone.

Weekend appointments available.

Session and Package Fees and How to Book

Individual sessions can be booked for a fee of £90

You can book an individual session and then choose to make that individual session the first of a package of sessions, thereby gaining the package rate.

Package of Four Sessions: £340

Package of Six Sessions: £495

Package of Eight Sessions£645

Book your free initial consultation today

Email: jason@jasondemant.com

Phone: 07504742606

Stress and anxiety London therapist

Yes! Guaranteed Weight Loss.

Read About My Eight Session Programme Below

Advanced Programme. Wonderful lasting positive changes in just a few months.

Read About My Eight Session Programme

Motivation and Guaranteed Results

Weight Loss is guaranteed since the programme is structured in stages. You must reach weight goals before you can progress to your next stage. These motivating goals we will set together.

Feel Renewed and Optimistic, looking Slim

This expert programme will help you work more deeply on underlying challenges. Wonderful lasting positive changes in just a few months.

Discover More Energy, See Real Positive Results

Support with challenges such as exercise, stress and anxiety, or overeating, binge eating, undereating, or other related compulsive behaviours around food.

Re-programming Your Relationship with Food

I use more in-depth exercises and hypnotherapy visualisations. You will require commitment and determination. If those words scare you, this programme may not be for you. This is about lasting real change!

With You on Your Weight Loss Journey

Free, unlimited, email contact between sessions. Be in touch as often as you need.
I offer an amazing 90 day satisfaction guarantee. The programme structure ensures you reach the goals we set together.

A New You! Feel Renewed, Seeing a Slimmer You

This programme isn't about small changes but totally renewing your relationship to food and yourself. Are you ready to start a new chapter, seeing a different you in the mirror?

Eight Sessions

Motivation. Real Lasting Change. Support.

  • one

    Booking Stage

    Your journey to becoming slimmer or overcoming challenges around food begins with a no-obligation initial phone consultation. Following this, you will fill in a background questionnaire and keep a food diary for a few days. Initial sessions are weekly. Later sessions are spaced out to ensure you are supported over time to reach your chosen goals.

  • two

    See and Feel Benefits in Both Body and Mind

    Get ready for more motivation and energy. Would you love to feel calmer and more confident? This programme will go beyond food and touch on related areas, be that stress, relationships, exercise and more. You will identify and work on habits, and gain tools to break through barriers that may have been there for years. Are you ready for a new slimmer you?

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    Support and 90 Day Refund Guarantee

    As well as email support during your programme, with my eight session programme I offer an amazing 90 day satisfaction guarantee.
    If, after 90 days, you have attended sessions, carried out any assignments set, but still do not feel that you benefited from this programme, I will refund your investment. No questions asked. Book your free consultation to hear more.

Client reviews

I am very proud of the wonderful results people see from sessions. Read some testimonials from happy clients.


South East England Weight Loss and Emotional Eating

I wholeheartedly recommend Jason's method of coaching. It definitely helped me to cut down on my eating, and I'm also more aware of why I eat when I'm not hungry. In addition, I now have new ways of coping with stress.


LondonWeight Loss and Emotional Eating

Jason really helped me sort out my problems with my relationship to food. I learnt simple and effective steps to help me eat in a conscious way, know when to eat and when not to. I learnt to identify real hunger and to know when I have had enough. Jason is genuine and caring and was very easy to speak to. I highly recommend him when dealing with weight loss and food issues.


London Weight Loss and Emotional Eating

Thank you so much for your support and guidance. You were truly an ally in helping me define my goals and structure my thoughts, beliefs and actions towards living each day with more fulfillment and efficacy. Thank you for your remarkable skills, support, accessibility and guidance via our conversations and e-mails these weeks. You have been an incredible and effective coach and a supportive ally who has fuelled my inspiration and provided me with effective tools. I highly recommend you.


WatfordWeight Loss and Emotional Eating

There were benefits for my life in general, not just dieting.

Summary of Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Packages

Instalment Payment Plan Available

At Last: Guaranteed Weight Loss! (Eight Sessions)

Instalment Payment Plan Available

FREE Initial Consultation Session
Eight Powerful Sessions of Coaching and Hypnotherapy
Your Own Tailor-made Food Relationship Plan
Free, unlimited, email contact between sessions
Bonus: FREE: 25 minute Powerful Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Download
90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Your Six Session Package

Instalment Payment Plan Available

FREE Initial Consultation Session
Six Powerful Sessions of Coaching and Hypnotherapy
Your Own Tailor-made Food Relationship Plan
Free, unlimited, email contact between sessions
Bonus: FREE: 25 minute Powerful Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Download
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Your Four Session Package

Instalment Payment Plan Available

FREE Initial Consultation Session
Four Powerful Sessions of Coaching and Hypnotherapy
Your Own Tailor-made Food Relationship Plan
Free, unlimited, email contact between sessions
Bonus: FREE: 25 minute Powerful Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Download
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Book your Free Initial Consultation to discuss your needs.

You can book individual sessions at a standard fee of £90.

Would you like help with losing weight, overeating, under eating or binge eating?

Talk directly to Jason now about the help you need


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