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Adult and Teen IBS and Chronic Pain Management Sessions

This page contains information about Jason Demant’s pain management and pain reduction sessions, including IBS and chronic pain.

Jason provides stand alone hypnotherapy sessions for pain reduction for conditions such as headaches, shinges, cancer, fibromyalgia and endometriosis. Jason also runs a structured six session IBS and chronic pain programme. Jason runs adult and teen (pediatric) IBS pain reduction programmes. Scroll down for more details.

Helping you reduce the emotional or psychological impact pain can have on daily life. Jason can help you upgrade your resilience, coping mechanisms and confidence.

Scientific evidence

A study at the University of Washington demonstrated hypnotherapy to have a positive effect for chronic pain sufferers. For some their pain was reduced and most found their overall wellbeing and outlook improved, with better sleep and more confidence. Importantly this was achieved with no side effects.  Click here to read more.

Click here for a research paper indicating the positive effect of hypnotherapy for decreasing pain and anxiety of NHS cancer patients in Kent, UK.

Clinical research has shown hypnosis to be effective in reducing pain for people with cancer, lower back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic pain. Click here for a link to the research published in the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis.

Pain-related to IBS can be reduced by ‘gut-directed hypnotherapy’. Click here for an article published in the British Journal of General Practice, which shows significant improvement amongst a sample of adults. Click here for research, published in the British Medical Journal, showing significant improvement for children with IBS using hypnotherapy. 

What can you expect from sessions?

Choose between stand alone individual pain reduction sessions or Jason's six session structured pain management programme for IBS or chronic pain. 

About Jason's Six Session Programme

  • Suitable for adults and children (eleven years upwards)
  • Hypnotherapy to calm pain. If IBS, to calm the gut and digestion
  • Skills to cope with emotional aspects of pain, such as lowered self esteem
  • Coping mechanisms, supporting you to maintain work or school
  • Six take-home hypnosis recordings to listen to between sessions
  • Empowering and encouraging your commitment to more self management of your symptoms

This six session programme is not a generic approach. Sessions will be about your needs. Importantly Jason will ask you about your thoughts and beliefs about illness and pain. This work is very important to help you put in place better psychological coping mechanisms. Often conditions such as long term back pain, headaches, cancer, shingles, IBS (Irritable bowl syndrome), endometriosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis or any chronic pain condition can result in the neglect of friendships, work, school, exercise, eating healthily and feeling optimistic. Jason will work with you to improve these areas as well. Often pain interferes with sleep and anxiety levels. If needed, Jason will help here too. 

You are invited to book a free phone consultation and speak to Jason informally about what you need.

Choose what works best for you. Either book individual pain reduction sessions or the six session programme. If travel is difficult for you, depending on your location, Jason does sometimes make home visits. Jason’s West End location has a lift, if walking is difficult.

Click here to view Jason's IBS symptom reduction programme leaflet.

Click here to view Jason's children and teen's IBS symptom reduction programme leaflet.

Your Medical History

Please be aware that Jason will ask about any medical diagnosis, medication and previous interventions you may have had. In some cases it can be beneficial for Jason to talk to your consultant/GP.  

It is important to remember that a hypnotherapist is never a substitute for appropriate medical care. However, Jason is expert in approaching your pain management from a different angle. Besides hypnotherapy work, Jason has a wealth of experience providing informal counselling support for people with life-limiting conditions. This includes conditions such as cancer and COPD (progressive lung diseases). He understands how these conditions can impact on confidence, emotions, mood and outlook. 

Jason can help you deal well with how pain has impacted on your family, emotions, resilience, motivation or thoughts about your future.

Clinic Locations

As well as an online offering of Skype therapy sessions, Jason Demant sees clients in Central London, in High Holborn, next to Chancery Lane Tube station. Jason also sees clients in Golders Green, North West London.  

  • Chancery Lane, High Holborn

    WC1V 7PZ

  • Golders Green

    NW11 7PH

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    In person session with Jason Demant last 50 minutes.

    Jason Demant sees clients in central London. He sees clients in High Holborn, next to Chancery Lane Tube station. He also sees clients at 2 Harley Street, close to Oxford Circus and Bond Street Tube stations, in London's West End. Jason also sees clients in Golders Green, North West London. 

    Weekend appointments available.

    London Session Packages and Fees

    (Sessions are for 50 minutes)

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    Six Session Programme: £595

    Skype Therapy and London Clinic Locations

    As well as an online offering of Skype therapy sessions, Jason Demant sees clients in Central London, in High Holborn, next to Chancery Lane Tube station. Jason also sees clients in Golders Green, North West London. 

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