Jason Demant

Harley Street Hypnotherapy for Weight loss and Overeating 

This page contains information about Jason Demant’s sessions for helping you reduce overeating and emotional eating

If making healthy choices or maintaining a healthy weight has become a struggle, you are in
the right place. I hope that very soon you will have the tools to regain control over habits
and eating patterns. You will know how to ensure these positive changes last long term too.

I have helped people with overeating and weight gain for ten years. I am so passionate
about this area that I also teach courses to other health professionals. I have taught doctors,
dieticians and personal trainers, coaching and NLP skills to help their clients and patients
decrease emotional eating and feel back in control of their weight.

What are your personal challenges around food and eating?

People often get in touch, frustrated after trying many diets. They feel a little lost for a solution that truly works. Eating habits are hard to break and diets simply don’t aim to help you with your relationship with food.


A diet is a set of rules to follow and these rules may not always be healthy. Is cutting out important food groups, fasting, or drinking highly processed shakes a good, healthy or long term, enjoyable, solution for your body?

Changing your relationship with food

Food is one of life's joys. Yet it can be so easy to lose sight of that fact when eating begins to feel like a battle.


Would you like to get back to enjoying food’s tastes, smells and textures without feelings of guilt or a sense of being out of control?


Very soon you will move to eating less in response to emotions and habits. I hope that in a matter of weeks, you will
know how to say "no" and stop before you overeat.

Eating and Weight Management

I will give you structured guidance and support. My hypnosis-based sessions, in London’s Harley Street district, are most certainly not a diet. Rather I give you exercises and tools to free you from old subconscious or learnt patterns of thoughts and action. You will learn to eat more in line with your body's natural signals of hunger and satisfaction. You will uncover why you might choose sugary or fatty foods. Together we will find easy to use solutions to these challenges. Together we will help repair your relationship with food.

Helping you with the causes of emotional eating and overeating

We really learn as children what food is about and the different meanings it can have. On a birthday or wedding we celebrate with food. When someone is distressed, you might offer them a cup of tea and cake or similar.


Growing up, parents or your caregivers may have expressed love by cooking for you and feeding you. When you did well, you might have received food as a reward. Often these are balanced and healthy. However, we go into adulthood not always noticing that we carry with us those childhood ‘meanings’ still attached to the food we reach for. Fast forward a decade or two. Had a hard day at work?


Feel sad about something? That childhood training tells us to reward or comfort ourselves in the same way as we were when younger. Feel down? Comfort yourself with some food. Which is your comfort food? Pizza, fast food, or chocolate perhaps?


Sometimes to ensure you more naturally eat right, we need to look and change how you might ‘use’ food in response to your mood and emotions. If food is something you go to when stressed, down, bored, lonely or simply need a ‘pick-me-up’, we will look at more healthy ways to deal with those times or situations. Sometimes we will need to first look at your emotions and life stresses to ensure your weight and eating become more balanced.

Clinic Locations

Jason Demant’s main clinic is located on Devonshire Street, W1W 5DT in the heart of London’s Harley Street Medical district. Jason also sees clients in Golders Green and Kentish town.

  • Kentish Town

    NW5 2RD

  • Devonshire Street

    W1W 5DT (Main Clinic)

  • Golders Green

    NW11 7PH

Would you like Jason to call you back for an initial chat? Use this contact form below

Free Initial Consultation

Following your free initial phone consultation, you will be asked to keep a food diary for a few days and complete a helpful background questionnaire.


Your consultation will be by phone. It is a place for you to hear more about how I work and ask any questions, no matter how small. The call will also help you directly, focusing on your challenges. It should be a positive step for you on your road to recovering your old self. Helping you feel in control and more confident again.


And if, at the end of the consultation, you do not wish to book hypnosis sessions, that is totally fine. There is no pressure and you are under no obligation whatsoever. 

Four or Six in-person sessions

Four or six powerful sessions of coaching, including therapy exercises and powerful hypnotherapy. Though there is some structure, it is vital that sessions are about your unique needs rather than a generic approach. I have a results-driven focus.


Sessions are confidential and supportive and it is also important that you feel comfortable and able to talk about anything at all.

Support throughout and 30 day guarantee

I give you free, unlimited, email contact between sessions. Be in touch as often as you need.
I offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. 


If, after 30 days, you have attended sessions, carried out any assignments set, but still do not feel that you
benefited from this programme, I will refund your investment. No questions asked. Book your free
consultation to hear more.


In person session with Jason Demant last 50 minutes.


I see clients in three locations in London. I am a member of the Box Tree Clinic in London's Harley Street District, W1W 5DT, a few minutes from Great Portland Street Tube station and close to Warren Street Tube station. I also see clients in Golders Green (NW11 7PH), directly opposite the Tube station and in Kentish Town (NW5 2RD), close to Camden Town and Holloway.


Weekend appointments available.

London Session Packages and Fees

(Sessions are for 50 minutes)


Your Initial Phone Consultation:


Clinical Hypnotherapy:


(Book 6 sessions: £495)

Clinic Locations

Jason Demant’s main clinic is located on Devonshire Street, W1W 5DT in the heart of London’s Harley Street Medical district. Jason also sees clients in Golders Green and Kentish Town.

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