Hypnosis for Confidence

Would you like to feel more confidence at work or in general day to day life? Hypnosis for confidence will help you to both build and keep up your confidence. Also using some expert therapy exercises, I help people sort out deep-rooted beliefs about themselves and their worth and capabilities. I help you form more beneficial positive, long-lasting habits on mind and action. My sessions in London and online are personalised to your needs. Get in touch to find out how hypnosis for confidence can help you.


Hypnosis for confidence


Hypnosis for confidence in London


Confidence and self-esteem are all about a person’s belief in their own abilities and worth. Self-confidence is about how much you value skills and your ability to achieve certain tasks. On the other hand, self-esteem is a reflection of how much you view your self-worth and personal value.

Confidence can be specific to a situation. So a person may have a positive attitude about their skills, qualities, and abilities at work, but in social situation feel they are ‘not good enough’ or capable. Confidence is really seeing your strengths and weaknesses in a realistic light. Good confidence allows you to view yourself positively, to trust your instincts, and lead a life in line with your values.

Self-confidence often works in tandem with self-esteem. If you don’t have good esteem and see your value, that you are ‘good enough’ or likeable, it is harder to see your skills and abilities and trust yourself also.

Self-confidence is really important for your psychological well-being. If you don’t like yourself, you can easily get down and depressed and life success is held back often as well. Criticism is more easily is taken onboard and you more easily get annoyed and angry.


Hypnosis for the causes low confidence


The first thing to know about having low self-confidence is that this is not your fault. Frequently low confidence can be attributed to many different factors, often rooted in negative past experiences and sometimes from childhood too and it affects each person differently.


Life experiences and confidence


Previous unpleasant life experiences can leave you feeling insecure or even worthless. This can contribute to low confidence. Some examples can include:

Upbringing: Our family shapes who we are and who we become. If you have ever been consistently bullied, mocked, or criticised by a parent or sibling, you may start to doubt yourself and feel worthless.

Trauma: Physical, sexual, and emotional abuse can significantly impact our feelings of self-worth. If you feel anxious, helpless, guilty, or even ashamed of your past experiences, this trauma has likely caused low confidence.

Bullying: Humiliation or harassment in childhood or adulthood can significantly influence your confidence, particularly your self-perception and belief in your intellectual and athletic abilities. If you are constantly disrespected, it will make you less willing to pursue your ambitions.

Gender, race, and sexual orientation: Studies have shown that women and transgender people may often worry about how they are perceived, and so confidence can more easily be knocked. Also, if you have been subject to prejudice or discrimination because of your race or sexuality, you may have internalised these negative stereotypes or opinions, leading to a lack of self-confidence.

Perfectionism and Social Media: Do you want everything in your life to be flawless? Well, you are likely a perfectionist, and this obsessive worry about whether you are enough can affect your self-confidence. Also, social media can harm self-esteem, since it shows a constant feed of media messages which can make you feel as though you are not as attractive, clever or successful.

Anxiety or Depression: If you suffer from anxiety or depression, you will likely struggle with self-confidence. This is because living with high levels of anxiety or constantly feeling like you are worthless can cause you to doubt yourself and your capabilities.


Hypnosis for confidence London


Genetic makeup and natural disposition


Some people have a natural tendency to be sceptical and indecisive, particularly when approaching unfamiliar situations. This is commonly known as behavioural inhibition, which means that you have a consistent tendency to show fear and withdraw when confronting novel situations. Sometimes it is good to be cautious, but this lack of assurance can often link to low self-confidence. Additionally, you’re likely to have low-self-confidence if your brain doesn’t have access to enough “happy” chemicals, such as serotonin and oxytocin.


How does hypnosis for confidence in London work?


Low self-confidence can become a huge problem that can affect your performance at work, your behaviour in relationships and hold you back from achieving your aspirations. However, Hypnosis for confidence can really help you improve confidence and self-esteem.

Hypnosis works by encouraging your unconscious mind to address your negative perceptions of yourself. For example, one method is to use affirmation techniques. This will encourage you to think positively about yourself, your goals, values and interests. It can help you tackle the cause of your low confidence.

Hypnosis for confidence works to increase self-confidence by directly accessing the subconscious mind. This is the part of our brain where deep-seated beliefs and behaviours reside. During hypnotherapy sessions at my London office, I will use positive suggestions, visualisations and affirmations designed to challenge and reframe negative thought patterns that may be holding you back.

Over time, these new patterns can help to build a stronger and more positive sense of self, instilling greater levels of confidence. The result is a more empowered individual who believes in your own abilities and is therefore more resilient to life’s challenges.


What are the benefits of hypnosis for confidence in London?


Hypnosis offers you the tools to think about yourself more positively, and so can allow you to gain confidence and improve your self-esteem. Hypnotherapy is completely safe and natural and has really no real side-effects or complications. Hypnosis in London is a cost-effective option for psychological treatment, and some only require around six sessions. If you would like to explore hypnosis for confidence in London, get in touch today to find out more.


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