Eczema Hypnotherapy in London

I understand the challenges that come with eczema. I see many clients who wish to reduce scratching and the negative impact eczema can have. I’m here to help you explore how eczema hypnotherapy may offer relief. I provide sessions in London and online. Get in touch to find out more.


Eczema Hypnotherapy in London


Eczema hypnotherapy in London


Eczema, with its relentless itching and discomfort, can be a distressing condition. The constant urge to scratch, though momentarily relieving, often leads to a swift return of the unbearable itch. The pain, unsightliness, and persistent itching of eczema can also trigger social anxiety due to its impact on the skin’s appearance. Eczema hypnotherapy can be a medication free solution to help you feel soothed in mind and hopefully skin as well

If you’re seeking a potential solution, consider exploring hypnotherapy for eczema. While it doesn’t guarantee a cure, my experience at my London involves assisting individuals in diminishing their symptoms. Also acquiring effective stress management techniques tailored to the challenges of eczema. Let’s delve into how eczema hypnotherapy may provide valuable support on your journey.


Eczema hypnotherapy and impulse control


Controlling the impulse to scratch and managing stress effectively can be crucial elements in mitigating the frequency of eczema flare-ups. Hypnotherapy offers a unique avenue for acquiring these skills, potentially limiting the impact of eczema on your life. While it may not completely eradicate the condition, it has proven beneficial in minimizing flare-ups. Given the myriad attempts you may have made to find relief, exploring hypnotherapy could be a worthwhile endeavour.

Understanding the triggers for eczema is an essential step in managing the condition. Various factors, such as fabric types, specific soaps, and detergents, as well as environmental conditions like heat and sweat, can contribute to flare-ups. Some individuals even experience photo-sensitive eczema, exacerbating the challenge. Additionally, certain foods, including citrus fruits, dairy, soy, spices, tomatoes, and certain nuts, can act as culprits.

While many people have identified and taken steps to avoid these triggers, eczema persists, leaving them puzzled. Although dietitians and other professionals are adept at isolating these elements, eczema hypnotherapy has demonstrated effectiveness in treating eczema. Through my experience, I have witnessed positive outcomes in addressing eczema-related issues.

If you are ready to manage eczema more comprehensively, consider reaching out. I am here to help you reduce flare-ups and gain better control over this challenging condition.


Eczema and stress


The link between stress and eczema is well-established and acknowledged in the medical field. According to many, the connection between the brain and the skin originates from the same material during foetal development. This connection persists throughout life, meaning that stress in the brain can manifest as stress on the skin.

Breaking free from the cycle of stress and eczema is essential. If stress exacerbates your eczema, continually worrying about the condition can further aggravate the situation. It’s crucial to step out of this cycle and regain control over your eczema.

Reflecting on recent times, you might have observed changes in your eczema during periods of stress. Heightened stress can contribute to worsening symptoms. Also anxiety-inducing social situations or work stress such as giving presentations, may also lead to flare-ups.

Today, stress levels are high for many. Managing stress in a healthier manner is not only beneficial for your overall well-being but could also play a pivotal role in helping your skin cope with eczema more effectively. If you’re ready to break free from the impact of stress on your eczema, exploring strategies, including eczema hypnotherapy, could be the valuable support you need.

Discover relief through eczema hypnotherapy either online or at London sessions. I am always happy to answer any questions you may have before booking.


Eczema Hypnotherapy


How eczema hypnotherapy works


Hypnotherapy addresses eczema on two fronts. Primarily, it recognises the role of stress in exacerbating the condition. For example people often experience a temporary relief from eczema during holidays, only to see symptoms return when they return home.

Through hypnotherapy, you can develop more effective stress coping mechanisms, preventing eczema from gaining a foothold. Together, we can explore and understand the underlying causes of stress, working towards resolution. I’ll also guide you in adopting healthier ways to manage stress and anxiety, providing tools for long-term well-being. If you’re seeking a proactive approach to managing eczema, consider the transformative potential of hypnotherapy.


Imagine a life with less stress!


That mysterious alignment of workplace stress and eczema outbreaks is not uncommon. Hypnotherapy provides a valuable tool to navigate such situations with greater calm and reduced stress levels. Breaking the cycle of stress leading to worsened eczema, which in turn fuels more stress, is a key benefit of eczema hypnotherapy. By addressing the root causes of stress, hypnotherapy can eliminate a potential trigger for eczema.


Eczema hypnotherapy research


Hypnotherapy is specifically designed to address stress comprehensively. Furthermore, it offers a unique advantage by helping to diminish pain and the awareness of itching. The result? A newfound ability to resist the urge to scratch, ultimately leading to less itching overall. The methods I use when working with clients suffering from eczema are underpinned by significant research findings.

Utilizing the habit reversal process, coupled with hypnosis to curb scratching, aligns with the work of Azrin and Nunn (1977), showcasing a 90% success rate even without hypnosis. Peer-reviewed studies by Twerski & Naar (1974), Mirvish (1978), Sokel et al. (1993), and Stewart & Thomas (1995) have been published in reputable journals, providing further evidence supporting the efficacy of hypnotherapy in cases of eczema. This body of research is not only promising but offers a compelling reason to explore hypnotherapy as a potential solution without further delay.

If you’ve already exhausted options such as creams and dietary changes and still find yourself grappling with eczema, it’s worth considering a conversation about how hypnotherapy could be the assistance you need. The effectiveness of hypnotherapy, as demonstrated by this research, showcases its potential to leverage the mind-body connection and bring relief to those dealing with eczema. Don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss how you could be another individual benefiting from this effective treatment.


Hypnotherapy helps mind and body


The profound connection between the mind and body makes hypnotherapy a potent tool for alleviating the challenges associated with eczema. Through hypnosis, which engages the unconscious mind, we can aim to uncover the underlying sources of your skin condition. In this process, I will impart valuable techniques designed to curb the impulse to scratch, supporting your journey toward achieving and maintaining healthy skin.

A targeted eczema hypnotherapy approach often yields positive results after just a few sessions. Eczema hypnotherapy can be instrumental in helping you:


  1. Identify the Root Causes: Delve into the core factors contributing to your eczema, addressing them at their source.
  2. Correct Unhelpful Subconscious Beliefs: Challenge and modify subconscious beliefs that may be perpetuating your skin condition.
  3. Transform Thinking and Feeling Patterns: Shift the way you think and feel about your eczema, fostering a more positive and constructive mindset.
  4. Acquire Valuable Techniques and Skills: Learn practical skills and techniques to manage stress, resist the urge to scratch, and promote skin health.


Embarking on this journey with hypnotherapy can pave the way for you to enjoy healthy, comfortable skin. If you’re ready to explore this approach and experience positive changes, consider reaching out for further information and support. Click here to get in touch today.


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