Procrastination Hypnosis

I have helped many people with procrastination using hypnosis. Sometimes procrastination can feel very draining and like you’re stuck in a rut. You can end up feeling down and depressed as well, since your productivity has taken a dive. I hope this article helps you consider why you procrastinate. If you feel your life is being negatively affected by procrastination, consider a couple of sessions of procrastination hypnosis. Get in touch today.


Procrastination Hypnosis


I recently heard someone comment, with a joke, that, ‘Procrastination is like a credit card. It’s all good fun until you get the bill’. Maybe this sentiment rings true for you as well. You can have fun, surfing the internet, looking at Tiktok, Instagram or Youtube, but soon you find that procrastination is not at all a funny thing. According to research into procrastination, statistics show that almost 20% of people identify themselves as procrastinators. We all know the sometimes distressing consequences in the workplace or school for not getting work done. However, still we delay and delay and delay.

Consider procrastination hypnosis to kick the habit

Kicking the procrastination habit is really hard for many people. We often grow up with a general belief that procrastinators are lazy people, lacking confidence or direction. However, procrastination can be a result of the opposite. Often high achievers or highly educated people will procrastinate. For perfectionists, often scared to get things wrong, procrastinating and not starting projects, will save them from the prospect of failing or not getting things 100% correct.

In hypnosis for procrastination sessions, we often look at why you procrastinate. Often there is good reason to delay doing things. If you don’t give it a go, you can’t fail. If you don’t give a relationship a go, you can’t get hurt. Procrastination can often be linked to not wanting to commit to the project, relationship, or plan. It can be linked to fears of failure or getting hurt or distressed if the result is not what you wanted.

It’s human to have fears and it’s human to prefer the comfort of staying in your ‘comfort zone’. However it’s also true that what we sometimes label as procrastination isn’t procrastination at all. Let’s take for example someone who wants to travel to France in three years by plane. Why aren’t they buying the plane ticket today? If you had agreed to fund their trip, you might ask why they are procrastinating and not researching ticket prices. However they aren’t procrastinating, they simply aren’t ready or even possibly able to buy the ticket yet.

This may sound a silly example, but you will agree that with some of your projects or plans it’s the same case. We beat ourselves up, feeling down that we are procrastinating. However the true facts are that the time isn’t right yet to make the next move. How often have you become stressed about your inaction when in fact you weren’t truly ready or didn’t really have enough information yet to make an informed choice or decision? Let’s be kind to ourselves before we get too self critical.

Hypnosis will address why you procrastinate

Procrastination can be the outcome of flawed thinking. We think we should be further along that we actually are ready to be. A good question to ask yourself is, ‘what is holding me back from making this next step?’

Procrastination hypnosis can help. People often ask what hypnosis is and how will it help procrastination. It is important to state that hypnosis for procrastination is not brainwashing or mind control. Don’t allow scenes from the movies, stage hypnosis shows or books to confuse.

Hypnosis is a type of complementary therapy, helping people achieve positive change in their life. This might be withdrawal from addiction, panic, anxiety, fears, bad habits, and stress. Hypnosis also helps people to improve their sleep, communication skills, relationships and work outcomes. Hypnosis involves the creation of a state of focused attention using relaxation and visualisations, which leads to positive changes and helps individuals deal better with their issues. During hypnosis you are in full control during the process and are simply unreceptive to messages that are contradictory to your values.


Procrastination Hypnosis


Procrastination hypnosis can help change your habits

As with any challenge, acknowledging that procrastination is negatively affecting you is the first step toward making things right. We are all human beings, and it is natural for us to put off difficult tasks at some point in time. While procrastination itself is not a health issue, when we get in a long term term rut of constant procrastinating, such a pattern may eventually spiral down and lead to depression, anxiety or even health problems.

Hypnosis for procrastination addresses the effects of being a procrastinator.

Have you, as a result of procrastination,:

  • Lost precious time
  • Felt overwhelmed
  • Missed opportunities
  • Made poor decisions in your career and personal life
  • Missed deadlines
  • Felt you have created a negative image in front of your boss
  • Suffered from guilt and low self esteem?


Procrastination Hypnosis


Hypnosis for procrastination tips

Reconnect with your goals

If you want to change things around and end procrastinating, reconnect with that part of you that was excited about those initial goal. Let’s take the example of joining a gym for weight loss. Simply bring to mind why you wanted to lose weight in the first place. The reasons are more motivating when imagined positively (e.g., ‘I want to fit into my favourite jeans and have more active lifestyle’ or ‘because I want to get back to healthy eating again’ versus ‘because I hate the way I look.’)

Replace Negative Self-Talk with Positive self talk

Self-doubts and negative critical voices in our heads put us in a bad trance. The toxic effects of procrastination can be getting depressed and obsessed with perfectionism. A procrastinator often engages in unhelpful critical self-talk like ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I should avoid doing this’.

Positive self-talk can be a quick method to relieve procrastination. Although changing procrastination may take some time, once you get used to speaking to yourself differently, you will see a shift in mood as well. Next time a negative thought pops up, catch it in its tracks and say to yourself something more positive instead. Try, ‘Let’s do this’. ‘It will work out’.

Be Honest….With Yourself First

Being genuine with yourself about why you might be procrastinating is the key to success. We many procrastination hypnosis clients, it is often getting honest about motivation and why they act as they do, is the real therapy work. You can’t ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ with this.

Just say no to procrastination with self-hypnosis

You can recover from this habit today in the comfort of your home. Often you can find self hypnosis recordings for procrastination. However, I advise a session or two to get to the real underlying issues for true long-term success. I have taught people self hypnosis for procrastination. Self-hypnosis involves the same process as traditional hypnosis. Your recordings are designed to induce deep relaxation, together with optimistic affirmations and visualisations to help reprogramme your subconscious desire to hesitate, pause or put off activities.


Procrastination Hypnosis


Practice Mindfulness

You can help reduce procrastination by implementing a regular Mindfulness practice. Daily mediation will help you calm your mind and let go of unhelpful thoughts and beliefs holding you back from success. Mindfulness helps to stop your emotions from dictating your actions. Mindfulness is comparable to exercise. However this is exercise to develop your mental muscles, and start you practicing awareness-focused positive thoughts loop.

Reduce unhelpful lifestyle factors

In many cases, a distracted mind is not supported positively by TV, social media, gaming, screens, and a sedentary couch potato lifestyle. Be it vegging out in front of the TV to checking Facebook notifications to email alerts, lots of small inner anxieties are maintained. Social media creates its own low level stress but using it or other distractions to avoid work or what you need to do, only creates more, hidden from view, stress. Yes, we all get distracted by things as a part of our routine life. However sometimes we go deep down into rabbit holes and waste the most crucial part of our day. Cut down distractions, so you have less opportunity to waste valuable time.

Concluding thoughts about procrastination hypnosis

At its very core, procrastination is more like a run-away or avoidant strategy. Sometimes we procrastinate since we already feel low in mood, anxious or stressed. Do you procrastinate to avoid failure, commitment, or getting hurt or disappointed? Do you sometimes think you don’t have the skills or ability to succeed, so therefore prefer to not try in the first place? Procrastination hypnosis will help overcome these barriers to your success. Like may avoidant behaviours procrastination is often an unhelpful strategy to cope with unhelpful thoughts or emotions. Procrastination hypnosis can help you identify why you procrastinate and help you overcome this stressful habit.

For procrastination hypnosis help, visit my stress and anxiety page today.


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