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Are you looking to lose weight? In this article I will explain how my London hypnosis to lose weight sessions work and why hypnosis is so effective for weight loss. I’m sure you will agree that losing weight can be a challenging process, not made any easier by so called experts or even those well-meaning friends who give inaccurate advice or simply don’t understand that avoiding eating unhealthy foods can feel such a challenge. There are so many fad diets out there and we have to navigate the almost constant bombarded on TV, advertising and social media, telling us to lose weight and all those pictures of skinny people and amazing looking food too.


Hypnosis to lose weight London


My belief is that most people do know what healthy eating is. The challenge is to say ‘no’ to comfort foods or get on top of portion control. These are of course more emotional or psychological challenges and that’s where using hypnosis to lose weight can really produce great results. Weight loss hypnosis looks at your emotional and behavioural habits around healthy and healthy food. Not only can you lose some pounds, you gain self confidence and a more positive relationship with food and your body.


Hypnosis to lose weight counters society’s messages about quick fixes


Social media and advertising can make the temptation to step away from healthy or balanced eating habits very strong. There are also so many short-term quick fixes available, such as weight loss pills, powders, shakes and lots of other weight loss programmes which focus on restricting what you eat. These can work in the short term but are not long term real solutions. These methods often encourage you to avoid food groups or consume processed powers and chemicals. Most importantly these commercialised products do not address how you eat or why you eat as you do. They do not address emotional eating or the beliefs and thoughts you have around food.

I also object to powders, chemicals, bars and shakes since they take all the pleasure and enjoyment out of eating. We don’t have hundreds of taste buds on our tongues by accident. Food is one of life’s great pleasures, so let’s learn to enjoy it again with joy, without guilt or shame. My sessions of hypnosis to lose weight will give you the skills and tools to do just that and feel more relaxed around food choices.


Hypnosis to lose weight


Hypnosis to lose weight looks at thoughts and beliefs about food


Our thoughts and habits around food are shaped often in childhood and over time we can gain attitudes such as seeing foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and lose that natural enjoyment of eating. It’s no surprise that you may have noticed you have developed certain unhelpful attitudes around what you put in your mouth.

My London programme of hypnosis to lose weight is an effective method to challenging these attitudes, habits and beliefs. You will discover how, at moments of temptation, you can more easily make decisions and move to helping yourself to live a healthier and lighter life. The aim of hypnosis to lose weight sessions is to enable you to feel happier about what you see in the mirror, change unhelpful thoughts about eating and support you to lose any weight in a healthy and thought-out way, looking after your emotional well-being as well as your physical wellbeing.


How does hypnosis to lose weight work?


Hypnosis to lose weight works by targeting the subconscious mind using powerful suggestion techniques and proven visualisations. As a hypnotherapist, I help you develop a more positive relationship with food and perhaps even exercise too, if needed. Addressing your relationship with food is key and helping you balance your relationship with your physical and emotional wellbeing. I provide long-term tools and not quick fixes.


Do I need to use hypnosis to lose weight?


A lot of people talk about how they need to lose weight and that’s whether they are actually overweight or not. However the truth is that, unfortunately, very few people are content with their weight, shape or size. This can be regardless of whether they truly need to lose any actual weight. Of course it is important to lose weight for health reasons. However I meet many people who ask for help to lose weight due to feeling ashamed about how they look or because they feel out of control around food. It can be more and more common to hear a similar story. Someone is a healthy weight, more or less, but doesn’t like how they look and feels fat or feels ugly. This self image or body image challenge will not ultimately be solved by losing a few pounds. If you don’t feel good about yourself on the inside, changing the outside won’t, for most people, shift that negative and critical outlook.


London hypnosis to lose weight


Using hypnosis to lose weight to address body image


We also live in a highly critical and judgmental culture and society. Body shape and size can be very tied in with a western idea of beauty. This results in people constantly comparing how they look. Increasingly for men as well as women body image is becoming a bigger challenge. Not wanting to look at yourself in mirror leads to a feeling that a change is needed, whether someone is actually obese or not. It’s no surprise that fad diets, weight loss pills, and extreme exercise regimes are so common and popular today. If you are compulsively exercising or always on a diet, ask yourself, ‘Am I happy doing this?’ Can I realistically carry on doing this for the rest of my life?

My programme of hypnosis to lose weight can help end this unhealthy cycle of negative thoughts and unhelpful ‘solutions’. In order to change your body, you first need to change your mind. Ask yourself right now, “why am I unhappy with my body, and what is holding me back from losing weight?


What happens during hypnosis to lose weight sessions?


Hypnosis to lose weight is becoming increasingly popular and people in London and all over the world are using hypnosis tools to maintain a healthy weight and outlook for the long-term. Over a series of hypnosis to lose weight hypnotherapy sessions, you will discover how to replace your unhelpful food habits and eating patterns with positive and helpful ones. You will begin to change your relationship with food.

During hypnosis sessions, we will use different therapy exercises. When we use hypnosis, I will guide you into a state of deep relaxation. Once your body and mind are fully relaxed, I will use visualisations and suggestions to help you access your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the part of your mind that works all the time but without your awareness. It takes care of innate instincts and survival mechanisms, memories, reactions, your breathing, blood pumping and bodily functions.

I may use unique hypnosis visualisations to explore a client’s reasons for overeating and suggest new ways of thinking about eating and food. You will always have the control to reject any suggestions you hear.

Everyone is different and has their own reasons for wanting to lose weight. As such techniques are tailor-made and designed to empower you. Hypnosis to lose weight sessions will help you take control of your choices. If you are worried that your relationship with certain foods is becoming unhealthy, hypnosis to lose weight can help you by looking at why it may be hard to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ around those foods. We sometimes look at food addiction and help you break negative thought patterns. Through hypnosis to lose weight, you will discover how to enjoy eating healthy food and reduce craving sugary or fatty comfort foods. You will gain insight to enjoy your body again and not see it as a source of shame or anxiety. By tackling those thoughts and feelings that underline your eating habits, hypnosis for weight loss can truly help you find a healthier lifestyle and mindset.


London hypnosis to lose weight comfort eating


Hypnosis to lose weight will help you overcome possible weight loss blocks


Hypnosis to lose weight is really a powerful and effective way to lose weight. However many people try every other way and only come for sessions, almost as a last resort. It is true to say that people try and fail to lose weight for a number of reasons. These reasons or ‘blocks’ are really about the way we relate to food and ‘use’ it to meet needs beyond simple hunger. When you eat food when not hungry or feel pushed or compelled to eat unhealthy food, that will often be an unconscious choice.


Hypnosis to lose weight addresses comfort eating


When someone is focusing on losing weight it is important to look at the thoughts or beliefs that have kept the weight in place for so long. Sometimes we hold beliefs at the subconscious level. These can be good thoughts about ourselves but also about how food or other things will help us get needs met. For example feeling sad, down, or tired and thinking food will help solve that.

If you have ever found yourself reaching for ice cream after a busy work day, or ordering a pizza and a big portion of chips when feeling lonely or sad, then you might be a comfort eater. As a comfort eater, you might find it more difficult to shift extra weight because you have allowed food to become your coping mechanism when stressed or anxious. Using food to avoid or deal with your emotions. Hypnosis to lose weight sessions can help to address comfort eating. Using hypnosis and other tools, you will learn how to accept and relate to difficult emotions in a way that doesn’t lead to comfort eating.

Do you ever eat mindlessly? In order to lose weight, you need to be completely honest around how much you do really eat and how much exercise you do. I will often ask people to keep a food diary to track their eating. It can be easy to overlook the odd snack here and there and those sugary drinks too. Maybe you pick at ingredients while you make dinner or drink a glass of wine? Do you grab takeaway food on your commute from work, or have a few too many biscuits when bored or stressed at work? It’s often these takeaway foods that add up and you might be shocked at how much sugar, processed fats and preservatives they contain.

Even if you have a salad for dinner, being ‘good’ and thereby ignoring all the fatty or sugary foods you eat in-between, you will still put on weight or impact your long-term health. This type of mindless or unconscious eating is a pattern hypnosis to lose weight will be able to help you to overcome. If comfort or emotional eating is something you struggle with, a special hypnotherapy tool called a hypnotic gastric band could help you. The basis of the hypnotic gastric band visualisation is to make you really imagine and feel like your tummy is reduced in size. This will ensure you feel fuller for longer and satisfied with less food, just like a real life gastric band operation would.


Hypnosis to lose weight and mindful eating


The key to sustaining a healthy weight is learning ‘mindful eating’. This is a tool I teach clients at my London clinic. The idea is to eat slowly, savouring and enjoying every bite. By doing this you will be able to enjoy again your favourite foods but eating them in moderation and noticing more easily when you feel hungry and full up. An important aspect of hypnosis to lose weight is supporting clients to eat consciously and mindfully. Noting limiting beliefs around food and putting emotional factors aside and fostering a stable and healthy relationship with food, so that they reach and maintain a healthy weight long-term.

During sessions we might also look at exercise. Exercise is about caring for your body and health. Sometimes we experience mental blocks stopping us from exercising. You might experience a lack of energy, feel self-conscious about how you look and therefore not go to the gym. You might tell yourself that you’ll ‘go tomorrow’, but the next day you make the same excuses. Hypnosis to lose weight will support you to break down those mental blocks that are preventing you from making the most of your health and exercising. Often when you get your body moving and heart pumping, you already feel better about yourself. This good feeling may lead to healthier choices around food too.


Hypnosis to lose weight comfort eating


Will hypnosis to lose weight work for me?


This is a very common question. Potential clients often want to know if hypnosis to lose weight will indeed work for them or not. The answer to that question is always a tough one. You won’t really know until you try. I would say that if you are open minded and ready to make changes you should see success. I will work very hard to help you. However ultimately I can’t decide for you what you will put in your mouth! Only you can decide to do things differently. Sessions are about engaging in a process of more self awareness and developing new good habits around food.

Do you feel safer not making changes? Being a little heavier can be like armour, protecting you from making changes. For some people staying overweight means they can avoid what they think they may have to face if they lost some weight. 

The truth is that we can sometimes gain comfort by not making the changes we might truly need to make. It can feel safer to stay just as we are. We might really want to lose weight, but something in the subconscious is stopping us from making that happen. Hypnosis to lose weight aims to help you understand these reasons and help you break through barriers that had been stopping you from losing weight, even for many years.


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