Best Hypnosis Apps 2024

Are you looking for the best hypnosis apps 2024? Hypnosis has emerged as a highly effective psychotherapeutic tool for addressing a wide range of nervous disorders and psychosomatic illnesses. When in a state of hypnotic trance, individuals become receptive to influence, allowing hypnotherapists to assist them in uncovering underlying mental issues, identifying the roots of neurosis, and alleviating nervous tension.


Best hypnosis apps 2024


Best hypnosis apps 2024


However, what may come as a surprise is that self-hypnosis techniques can empower individuals to influence themselves. One accessible way to embark on this journey is by harnessing the capabilities of your smartphone. You can begin by downloading a hypnosis app, specifically tailored to meet your needs. If you are looking for the best hypnosis apps 2024, read on.

Self-hypnosis endeavours to diminish the conscious mind’s control, granting access to the subconscious realm, which governs numerous bodily processes. To get started, let’s explore the first on our list: HypnoBox.


HypnoBox – one of the best hypnosis apps 2024?

HypnoBox, a leading contender among the ‘best hypnosis apps of 2024,’ is the brainchild of certified hypnotherapist Bernard Tewes, renowned for his expertise in addressing anxiety disorders and self-esteem challenges.

In the realm of modern medicine, hypnosis has emerged as a potent tool for combatting stress, phobias, migraines, and addiction, often yielding its maximum effectiveness when complemented by therapy.

One of the standout features of HypnoBox is its extensive library of self-hypnosis audio sessions, meticulously designed to alleviate anxiety and tension, among other issues. This remarkable application boasts an impressive collection of over 600 audio self-hypnosis sessions, each lasting approximately 30 minutes.

Our tester used the app, and recommends the use of noise-cancelling headphones to ensure an optimal and distraction-free experience.


Best hypnosis apps 2024


Sleep Well Hypnosis

Among the best hypnosis apps of 2024, ‘Sleep Well Hypnosis‘ shines as an effective solution for those grappling with sleep-related challenges. Users have sung its praises, attesting to its ability to induce relaxation and promote swift slumber, all while enhancing the quality of nighttime rest. Imagine a night of uninterrupted, blissful sleep!

This app offers a range of compelling features:

– 25-minute sessions that guide you into a deep state of relaxation.

– The flexibility to repeat sessions or play them cyclically throughout the night, ensuring sustained tranquillity.

– An enchanting array of background music and soothing nature sounds, adjustable to your preference after the session.

– The ‘Sleep Booster’ function, engineered to facilitate profound, restorative sleep.

– Additionally, the ‘Wake Up’ function can gently rouse you at the conclusion of your session, although you have the option to deactivate it at your discretion.


Best hypnosis app 2024


Optical illusion – Hypnosis

Amid the contenders for the title of ‘best hypnosis apps of 2024,’ the ‘Optical illusion – Hypnosis‘ app brings a captivating twist. It serves as a captivating collection of unique illusions, each with the potential to deceive visual perception, conjuring false phenomena and intriguing hallucinations. These illusions transform your surroundings, distorting familiar objects into various shapes, contingent upon the specific illusion at play.

As we delve into the intricacies of perception, we encounter distortions, errors, and momentary lapses, all of which are part of the human perceptual experience. The remarkable aspect is how the human brain processes these anomalies, making subtle adjustments on an unconscious level. This unconscious processing aids in rectifying many image imperfections stemming from optical system intricacies, such as shifts in the entrance pupil’s position. However, when the subconscious processing of information falls short or becomes excessive, optical illusions come to life.

Within the ‘Optical illusion – Hypnosis’ application, you’ll find an array of 41 captivating animated illusions, 18 mesmerizing static illusions that create the illusion of motion, and 18 mind-bending geometric illusions that play tricks on visual distortions and size perception. So could well be one of the best hypnosis apps 2024.


Best hypnosis app


Relax & Sleep Well: Hypnosis and Meditation

Relax & Sleep Well: Hypnosis and Meditation, earns its place among the ‘best hypnosis apps of 2024,’ enjoying widespread popularity across many countries worldwide. It’s the brainchild of renowned author Glenn Harrold, who developed this app with the aim of aiding troubled sleepers through the power of self-hypnosis and controlled meditation.

If you find your mind racing with relentless thoughts when it’s time to rest, consider giving this entrancing app a try. With the soothing voice of English hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold (a treat for fans of British English), it gently lulls you into slumber in a session that spans approximately 27 minutes.

For those curious to sample its efficacy, ‘Relax & Sleep Well’ generously offers two complimentary tracks within the app—a taste of both hypnotherapy and meditation. Should you find it aligns with your needs and preferences, further tracks become accessible via purchase. Additionally, the app extends an invitation to explore a free ebook on self-hypnosis, enriching your journey.

Beyond addressing sleep woes, this app extends its support to individuals grappling with a spectrum of challenges, including weight loss, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Its versatile offerings make it a valuable resource for those seeking assistance beyond the realm of sleep.


Best hypnosis app 2024


Weight Loss Hypnosis -the best hypnosis apps 2024?

Among the contenders for the title of ‘best hypnosis apps of 2024,’ ‘Weight Loss Hypnosis‘ emerges as a standout option, boasting favourable reviews on the Google Play Store and securing its place on our list. If you’re on a mission to shed those extra pounds, this app could be your secret weapon.

‘Weight Loss Hypnosis’ is designed to supercharge your motivation for weight loss through the potent medium of hypnosis. As you initiate the audio session, which extends for a rejuvenating 30 minutes, you’ll be enveloped in a serene ambiance, thanks to pleasant background music and the soothing sounds of nature. An intriguing feature called the ‘Hypnosis Booster’ works in tandem with the app, gently ushering you into a profound trance.

Flexibility is a key feature here—you can repeat and loop the session as needed. Furthermore, you have control over the volume settings, allowing you to fine-tune the balance between the hypnotic voice and the tranquil background noise.


weight loss hypnosis


Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Have you ever contemplated the possibility of bidding farewell to smoking through the power of hypnosis? Remarkably, it’s not only possible but also a method gaining popularity for its ability to swiftly and effortlessly quell those insistent cigarette cravings.

However, a pivotal factor in the success of smoking cessation through hypnosis is the individual’s own readiness to part ways with the habit. In such cases, hypnotherapy serves as a powerful ally, bolstering determination and diminishing the psychological grip cigarettes may have. Really helping this be a contemder for one of the best hypnosis apps 2024.

For those embarking on the journey to quit smoking, the ‘Quit Smoking Hypnosis‘ app emerges as a promising solution. This app harnesses the potential of hypnotherapy to aid you on your smoke-free quest.

Built on principles akin to its predecessor, this app is developed by the same creator, ensuring a seamless and effective approach to hypnotherapy.


quit smoking hypnosis app


Shamdo – Hypnosis and Meditation – one of the best hypnosis apps 2024?

Among the contenders for the title of ‘best hypnosis apps of 2024,’ ‘Shamdo – Hypnosis and Meditation’ stands out as an application that beckons to those intrigued not merely by the theoretical aspects of meditation and the therapeutic potential of hypnotic sessions, but also by the promise of practical application.

Delving deeper, you’ll discover meticulously crafted lessons, engaging assignments, a wealth of tips, and more, all tailored to expedite your personal growth journey with efficiency. However, this app isn’t limited to just these attributes; it offers a spectrum of other valuable features and qualities.

‘Shamdo’ serves as an invaluable companion for those committed to exploring their inner selves, striving for self-improvement, and surpassing their previous benchmarks.

What users have to say about this application:

– ‘Really relaxing, though the voice may require some getting used to initially.’

– ‘While the term ‘hypnosis’ might sound imposing, it feels more like a meditative practice.’

– ‘It helps in setting a positive tone.’

– ‘Effective in aiding sleep.’

– ‘While some may find it challenging to categorize this as hypnosis, it’s worth noting that individual experiences can vary.’

– ‘Aids in decluttering the mental cobwebs accumulated over time.’




Harmony – Hypnosis Meditation

The name ‘Harmony – Hypnosis Meditation’ aptly encapsulates the essence of this app. If your quest is to discover tranquillity, attain mental equilibrium, and nurture self-assurance, this application stands ready to address these life challenges and more.

Upon downloading ‘Harmony,’ you’ll unlock the gateway to three immersive audio sessions that seamlessly blend meditation and hypnosis. Additionally, a seven-day trial period awaits, inviting you to embark on a week-long journey of self-discovery.

By dedicating a mere session each day, you can begin to experience the transformative effects this app offers. Expect improved sleep, a reduction in anxiety, enhanced self-confidence, bolstered self-control, and the ability to master the art of relaxation.

One standout feature of this application is the inclusion of unique hypnotic special effects, engineered to facilitate the subconscious mind’s engagement in your transformative journey.





Enter the realm of ‘Digipill,’ a versatile digital ‘medicine cabinet’ offering the perfect ‘pill’ for various situations. Armed with an array of distinct sounds, this app is your ally in alleviating insomnia, reducing stress, bolstering motivation, and fostering serenity.

While its prowess in delivering a restful night’s sleep is noteworthy, ‘Digipill’ transcends the realm of sleep aid. It harnesses an eclectic range of sounds and music to deliver its therapeutic effects, making it a versatile companion. To truly savor the app’s transformative potential, high-quality headphones or speakers are recommended for an immersive experience.




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