Using Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking in London


Are you interested in hypnotherapy to quit smoking in London? Maybe you have tried vaping, pills, gone cold turkey or any of the many ways people attempt to quit smoking. I have seen so many clients see wonderful results from hypnotherapy to quit smoking in London over my many years in practice.  


Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking in London


Smoking is actually seen as one of the hardest addictions to kick. You might have thought that heroin or cocaine would be harder, however nicotine is often seen as tougher. If you think about it, smoking is simply more accepted in society, though of course this has changed over recent years. Smoking is seen as more of a part of regular life compared to cocaine or heroin. It has far less of a social stigma around it.


Hypnotherapy to quit smoking in London addresses the root causes of smoking


Often smoking starts as a teenager and so can be embedded emotionally at a time when we are really trying to figure out not just what the world is about, but what we, ourselves, are all about. Teenagers often are searching for independence and a sense of their own identity. So smoking can play a role in this teenage search for meaning. Quitting smoking is tough as it involves really two addictions. There is both that sneaky physically addictive nicotine but secondly, you also need to overcome those distasteful and distracting cravings and the pull of the habitual and psychological addiction of smoking too.


Hypnotherapy to quit smoking in London helps you overcome both addictions.


Smoking can be about that cigarette after a meal, when stressed, or when at a social event. There can be many associations and emotional connections to look at. That’s really where using hypnotherapy to quit smoking can be so powerful. I use hypnotherapy with clients in London and as much as hypnotherapy is great for helping you decrease your desire for nicotine, hypnotherapy, as I use it in London, to help you quit smoking, looks directly at the habits and emotional and psychological aspects of the addiction too.


Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking in London


Let me tell you about a client, here in London. He called up and was very excited to quit smoking after many years. After having been overweight for most of his life, he had now lost a lot of weight and was engaged to his long term girlfriend. His life was going well and quitting smoking was the next item on his ‘to do’ list.

Before coming for his hypnotherapy to quit smoking sessions, we spoke by phone. He was excited to that very soon he would be a non-smoker. I stopped him in his tracks. Not that I didn’t want him to quit, of course I did! However, as much as other practitioners may promise you that you will be free of cravings for life, we need to be honest and realistic. Let me ask you, do you truly believe that a smoker can ever be so bold as to refer to themselves as a non-smoker?

There are no magic wands. My two session hypnotherapy to quit smoking in London programme has great results and I endeavour to provide each client with so must support that I consider it almost guaranteed that you will in fact quit for life. However, when you choose to quit, whether by hypnotherapy or by any other means, can you ever really say that you are free of nicotine? At some point you may have some cravings, even in ten years time, so we really do need to ensure you are prepared and ready for that. With my support, you will be.


Hypnotherapy to quit smoking in London gives long term solutions


I am sure you will agree that we have all met smokers who quit smoking but then even many years later start smoking again when a big event or stressful life episode comes along. To cope, the old crutch of smoking gets dusted down and brought out again.

As mentioned, smoking is both physically and psychologically addictive. The physical addiction of nicotine can be overcome in approximately a fortnight. However as a smoker, you used cigarettes to deal with stress or in social situations to feel confident and capable. As crazy a comparison as this sounds, this is perhaps similar to eating for comfort or even just like a young child who needs a security blanket or favourite teddy bear to feel safe or loved and happy.

Can you ever be sure that you will never again be tempted to smoke? The psychological side of smoking can kick in when you are in a very stressful situation, be it a bereavement or work crisis. To assume that you will never get cravings or be tempted again may be naïve.

I therefore advise my London hypnotherapy clients to view themselves as ‘someone who used to smoke’. Yes, you have stopped smoking and that struggle was an achievement which must be celebrated. Yet you also need to be aware that cigarettes can and perhaps will tempt you again at any time. For many, quitting smoking is indeed for life, but success is also about being prepared to be strong when that unexpected craving shows up, even many years later.


Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking in London


If I use your hypnotherapy to quit smoking in London sessions, will I gain weight?


Almost every smoker at my London hypnotherapy practice asks me whether quitting smoking will result in weight gain. The assumption is that without smoking the cravings will mean eating more! Or that once quit, you will need to do something with your fingers or to occupy your mouth.

Hypnotherapy will help you quit and also at my London practice, if you need it, you will enjoy hypnotherapy to lose weight or help you stay in control around food as well. The key to ensuring you do not gain weight is to simply be aware of what and why you are eating. After quitting smoking you will probably actually enjoy food more since your taste buds will be awakened.

You will need to consider your diet and check that you are eating a balance of carbohydrates, protein and fats and getting vitamins and minerals. The real key to maintaining a good weight once you have quit smoking is to listen to your body. Ensure you are eating when hungry and stop eating when you start feeling satisfied. This means looking at comfort eating. I often help quit smoking clients ensure they cut down on eating when bored, tired, fed up, or late at night. These are times when you are not physically hungry but are hungry for something else. 


Would you like to quit smoking? Would you like to see smoking as a habit which is a part of your past rather than a habit which is a part of your present?


If you would like to know more about my hypnotherapy to quit smoking in London sessions, simply click here. I look forward to talking to you again soon. For details of my weight loss sessions, details can be found here.

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