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Hypnotherapy is sometimes a misunderstood modality of healing. People often associate it with stage hypnosis, where people are programmed to do silly things against their will. However I use hypnotherapy at my London practice to help people with quitting smoking, drugs, reducing anxiety, phobias such as fear of flying or needles, or to just feel more confident and happy. If you just searched for Hypnotherapy near me, I hope this article will tell you more about hypnotherapy. For more about my services in London click here.


Hypnotherapy near me


Looking for hypnotherapy near me? Here’s some details


The real truth is you can’t do anything against your will, even in a hypnotic state, and hypnotherapy is extremely safe and gentle. I have been using hypnotherapy for years as an effective way of attaining emotional well-being. Research studies have also demonstrated hypnotherapy’s effectiveness. A study in American Health Magazine reports the following findings:

  • Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions
  • Behaviour Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions
  • Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 6 sessions


What is Hypnotherapy?


The hypnotherapy I use at my London practice is a gentle relaxation of your waking mind and body. It brings your brain waves into a trance like state, very similar to meditation, and feels natural, calm, and expansive. This state helps to quiet the chatter of your waking, everyday conscious mind. Doing so in order to access the larger and deeper parts of yourself, your subconscious.


How does hypnotherapy work?


Hypnotherapy uses a trance like state to gain greater access into the unconscious. Your unconscious is the key to your dreams, desires, habits, belief systems, creativity and feelings. Through hypnotherapy you begin to bridge the conscious with the unconscious, allowing for emotional well-being to occur at a deeper level of awareness.

Hypnotherapy helps you to change your emotional wellbeing by changing your brain in positive ways. It alters the way you view yourself, your relationships, and how you think about, feel about, and respond to your world.


What are the benefits of hypnotherapy?


Hypnotherapy helps create effective change for all sorts of things. At my London practice I often help people with anxiety, stress, addictions, phobias, symptoms of conditions such as IBS and even career direction and navigating home  and work relationships. It helps to bridge the unconscious, the place of our belief patterns and programming resides, with the conscious mind. Hypnotherapy can help you change and reprogramme limiting blocks, moving to positive, healthy emotions and empowering self-beliefs.


Hypnotherapy near me London


Hypnotherapy near me: Can anyone be hypnotised?


Being hypnotised involves entering a trance-like state, which is completely natural. In fact, most people go into trance many times throughout the day, for example when watching T.V. or say spacing-out during a boring work meeting.

There are a few exceptions to those who can be hypnotised. One exception is an individual with brain damage to specific areas of the brain. Another exception is an individual unwilling to be hypnotised. This may sound obvious, but you cannot be hypnotised if you do not want to be. If you have a mental health condition in which you hallucinate, hypnotherapy may not be suitable, so check with your doctor.


What is a London hypnotherapy session like?


During a session, I will first speak with you about current issues that are challenging for you. Then I will lead you through some relaxation techniques, but each hypnotherapy journey is unique, depending on what you need in each moment. Every session ends with positive suggestions given at a deep level of awareness, helping to reprogramme old, limiting belief systems. Finally, I help ground you back into your body and gently take you out of trance. As I say to many people, the worst case scenario with hypnotherapy is that you will come out more relaxed.


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I offer hypnotherapy in London and if you feel hypnotherapy could help you why not book a session? Looking for hypnotherapy near me, well near you, in London? I’m located in King’s Cross, and remember that it’s never too soon to make those changes you want to see.