LGBT Therapy London

I have been helping clients who identify as LGBTQ+ for many years. Sometimes gender or sexuality has little to do with the help a person needs. For example a phobia of spiders rarely has to do with identity or choice of romantic partner. However I do offer LGBT therapy London sessions for people for whom sexuality or gender identity is relevant. I’ll explain more in in this article. If you are interested my sessions in London or online, get in touch to find out more.


LGBT Therapy London


LGBT therapy London


LGBT therapy London sessions can be directed related to sexuality and gender. Very often it is more about seeing someone who will be a compassionate listener and will not judge. I frequently help people from the LGBTQ+ communities with addiction, anxiety or related concerns. Often a person will worry about being judged for having, say, a pornography addiction. This fear of judgement can be increased if they are gay and then worry a therapist will view that as weird or strange in some way. I frequently have clients who value sessions as a place they can fully just say what they like and I certainly never judge. I’m here to help.


Why LGBT therapy London?


People who identify as LGBTQ+ are unfortunately at an increased risk of experiencing stress and traumas. This can be directly or in part related to having a minority status, sexual orientation, and gender identity. As I’m sure you may even know firsthand, LGBTQ+ individuals worldwide have had a history of facing stigma (homophobia, transphobia, biphobia). There can be a higher prevalence of mental and physical health issues. As well as possible discrimination, people may even experience violence and marginalisation and invisibility in a society that is mainly heteronormative.

These disturbing experiences result in significant fear. For younger people that can be a fear of being outed/discovered and shamed. For anyone symptoms such as anxiety, panic attacks, feeling isolated can be intense. That’s certainly where my LGBT therapy London sessions can help.


I’m struggling with something not my sexual identity!


Yes, so what’s troubling you might be labelled as anxiety, depression, or addiction or a lack of self-confidence. However LGBT therapy London sessions are important as people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, queer or questioning often face challenges unique to the LGBTQ+ community.

Even though society and its attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community have shifted enormously. There is no question that there is still a lot of discrimination out there. Also LGBTQ+ can internalise those prejudices, especially from childhood. If being gay was frowned on my your parents, even if they are then welcoming to you in later life, you can be left with a residual ‘internal homophobia’ to cope with.


LGBT Therapy London and online


What are the LGBTQ+ issues faced by today’s society?


People coming out often face the very real fear of rejection by friends and family and discrimination in their work or professional life. Even once out and confident, sometimes LGBTQ+ people face violence, bullying and hate crimes. All of these can lead to stress, depression, anxiety, identity issues, and poor self-esteem.

We have seen a rise of gender specific addictions and issues such as ChemSex. The prevalence of incidents of self-harming and attempted suicide among the LGBTQ+ community suggest that it is still hard to feel comfortable with ones’ identify today or that LGBTQ+ have higher chances of poor mental health.


LGBT therapy in London


Recent research has shown that there is a huge gap in mental health struggles. LGBTQ+ people who do seek help state that they face further discrimination and invalidation of feelings from Mental Health Professionals. Some have said they have been encouraged to opt for “conversion therapy”. Fortunately, at least in the UK, this is now a thing of the past. If you don’t expect to be understood, this will discourage any further seeking of help in the future.


LGBTQ+ therapy in London


I really do understand the importance of taking into account the unique circumstances of all individuals, especially those from the LGBTQ+ community. If you would like help with challenges you face and are looking for LGBT therapy London sessions, get in touch today.

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