Hypnosis for Cannabis Addiction


Can hypnosis help you quit smoking marijuana? Marijuana, like cigarettes, can create both a physical and mental addiction, making it challenging for individuals to quit. My hypnosis for cannabis addiction sessions in London have helped many people finally say goodbye to weed and stop being dependant on cannabis for good. To find out more, get in touch today.


Hypnosis for Cannabis Addiction


Hypnosis for cannabis addiction


Many people struggle with finding effective methods to overcome their marijuana addiction. Cigarette smokers will benefit from hypnosis or resort to gradually reduce their nicotine intake or use e-cigarettes as a tool to combat their addiction. Though similar options are less developed for those seeking to quit smoking cannabis, I invite you to consider hypnosis as a solution for cannabis addiction. Stop smoking hypnosis treatments have been utilised for many years already to assist individuals in breaking their habit. Studies have examined the effectiveness of hypnosis in harnessing the power of the mind to stop smoking marijuana. I can tell you as a hypnotherapist in London, that hypnosis can be highly effective for marijuana.

Hypnosis can indeed play a significant role in helping people quit, but it is important to note that it may require an effective support system as well. Like most addictions, overcoming marijuana addiction is not about finding a quick fix. Successful approaches involve a comprehensive and enduring strategy that addresses both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction, extending beyond the completion of the primary treatments. This is where my sessions differ from many other hypnotherapists. I aim to ensure you are fully supported and we look at your habit in depth. I want you to quit London term. My London hypnosis for cannabis addiction sessions really ensure you have everything you need to succeed.


Hypnosis strategies for quitting marijuana


The first crucial step in overcoming any addiction is always going to be acknowledging that there is a problem. Unlike substances like alcohol or heroin, marijuana’s effects are more subtle and may not immediately signal a clear issue. Smoking cannabis is also so common and accepted that it might not feel like a problem, since it’s so common. It is important to recognise the impact that marijuana can have on both the mind and body over time, even if the addiction may not be readily apparent.

Before hypnosis of cannabis can effectively assist individuals dealing with addiction, they must deeply and profoundly recognise their need for help. Without this realisation, no treatment can truly aid them in their journey towards recovery and regaining control of their lives. As I often see, it is common for people to deceive themselves into believing that they either don’t have a problem or that it doesn’t significantly impact their lives.

Once the addiction is acknowledged, many people I speak to are in fact quite astonished by how much marijuana has taken away from their lives. They realise the missed experiences and opportunities due to their dependence on weed for pleasure. However, this revelation can be quite liberating, as it signifies that a life full of possibilities awaits once the dependency is overcome. Hypnosis for cannabis addiction will help you start afresh and start leading the life you truly want and deserve.


Hypnosis for cannabis addiction London. Making the decision to see Jason was the first step in my recovery. Our sessions were easy to understand and the hypnotherapy for addiction worked for me much more effectively than going cold turkey ever did. I’m so grateful for his help and to myself for making the positive decision to get help. Thank you Jason and I highly recommend his services. Alice



Hypnosis for cannabis addiction treatment


Hypnosis is a widely used treatment for various types of addictions, including marijuana addiction. It harnesses the power of the subconscious mind to help you combat the effects of withdrawal and mental cravings. Just like with smoking cigarettes, smoking weed involves physical habits or ‘rituals’, such as the way a joint is rolled, held, inhaled, and the subsequent actions.

Hypnosis can aid in managing the withdrawal symptoms commonly experienced after giving up marijuana and can address the physical habits and mental state associated with the addiction. By delivering messages to both the conscious and subconscious parts of the brain, hypnosis for cannabis addiction induces changes in the automatic responses triggered by the addictive aspects of marijuana.

Hypnosis also tackles the cravings, uneasiness, anticipation, and feelings of loss that arise when the addiction is no longer present. Essentially, it assists the mind in overcoming the factors that have caused and perpetuated the addiction. As a skilled hypnotherapist, I aim to identify and address the underlying conditions of the addiction and its through trigger responses.

When the mind reaches a point where addictive feelings start to arise, the hypnosis treatment triggers a response of calm or serenity. This means that when someone undergoing the treatment experiences something different instead of the typical sensations of withdrawal associated with the addiction.

Moreover, hypnosis for cannabis addiction can also address unpleasant physical withdrawal symptoms such as nausea and discomfort, providing relief during the quitting process. By addressing both the addictive stimulus and the associated discomfort, hypnosis therapy can assist individuals in gradually overcoming their weed addiction.


The effectiveness of hypnotherapy for cannabis addiction


The effectiveness of hypnosis for cannabis addiction largely depends on a person’s willingness to overcome their addiction, the frequency of sessions, and the presence of a supportive network to aid them on their journey. Hypnosis sessions aim to challenge and overcome deeply ingrained beliefs that keep individuals bound to their addiction.

During stop smoking hypnosis sessions, the focus is usually on reshaping the smoker’s self-perception. If the subconscious mind perceives oneself as a marijuana addict or habitual user, hypnosis can be utilised to alter this perception. Think of hypnosis as a method to reprogramme the brain, similar to how a computer can be reprogrammed to accept new information while disregarding old or unwanted feelings, urges, and conditions that contribute to and perpetuate addiction.

Quitting weed is a challenging process, and I do hope you will succeed quickly. Effective treatment for marijuana addiction typically requires a few sessions and reinforcement over a period of time to achieve lasting success.


If you are excited to change and fed up of marijuana, consider hypnosis for cannabis addiction. This could be the start of a new chapter of your life. Get in touch today to find out more about my London sessions.