Does Hypnosis Really Work For Quitting Smoking

If you are wondering, does hypnosis really work for quitting smoking, the answer is that for most people, yes it does. Does it always work? Of course no one method will work for everyone. I do find that a number of factors are important. So, if hypnosis really works for quitting smoking, will depend on your motivation and importantly are you ready to let go of this habits that can be used to relax, end a meal, socialise. Are you ready to let go of smoking having a role in your life? For information about my London and online quit smoking sessions, click here.


Does Hypnosis Really Work For Quitting Smoking


Does hypnosis really work for quitting smoking?


“Do you smoke?” This seemingly innocent question asks about the reality faced by countless individuals struggling with smoking addiction. The desire to quit smoking and lead a healthier life is a common desire, but breaking free from the grip of nicotine addiction can, for some, be an uphill battle. Does hypnosis really work for quitting smoking? Let me tell you that hypnosis to quit smoking helps you with those reasons why so many people find it challenging to quit smoking. I will share with you a real case study of someone’s successful smoke-free journey through hypnosis at my London office.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on your very first cigarette. Do you remember it? Where were you, and who offered it to you? Perhaps you started smoking by buying some cigarettes or even sneaking one from your mum or dad? Was it with friends at school? Smoking varies for everyone, but the reasons behind that first drag are often deeply rooted in personal experiences and circumstances.


Hypnosis really works for quitting smoking by looking at your reasons for smoking


So, why am I asking so many questions about your first cigarette? The answer lies in the essence of smoking cessation through hypnosis. I help people quit smoking at my London clinic, and for some (not all) their habit can be traced back to that initial encounter with smoking. Quitting smoking involves addressing both the physical addiction to nicotine and the psychological factors surrounding the habit. Hypnosis enables you to delve into the reasons why you found smoking attractive in the first place and why you continued beyond those first few cigarettes.

For some, the allure of smoking may have been linked to peer pressure during teenage years, trying to fit in with friends. Others viewed smoking as a symbol of adulthood or independence. Often smoking is about stress, boredom, or a desire for a momentary escape from life’s challenges.

During hypnosis sessions, we explore these underlying motivations, helping you identify and confront the triggers that have perpetuated your smoking habit. By accessing the subconscious mind, hypnosis empowers you to develop healthier coping mechanisms and gain a new perspective on smoking.

Hypnosis is about unlocking the potential for change within you. Through positive reinforcement, guided imagery, and personalised affirmations, we work together to reshape negative thought patterns and instil a newfound resolve to quit smoking. Does hypnosis really work for quitting smoking? Yes, it does!

Tobacco companies are fully aware of nicotine’s addictive nature and the connections we create between smoking and relaxation, fun, taking a break, drinking coffee or after a meal and so on. Today, whether it’s been ten, twenty, or thirty years or more since you started smoking, the negative effects of smoking have begun to outweigh any perceived benefits. With the banning of smoking in public places, smokers now face the inconvenience of seeking places to smoke. That disgusting lingering stale smell on clothes and fingers has become noticeable, and maybe loved ones may have voiced concerns about your habit.

The decision to quit smoking marks a significant step towards prioritizing your health and well-being. At my London office, I am committed to supporting you on this journey and helping you unlock the potential for a smoke-free and fulfilling life without reliance on nicotine.


How does hypnosis really work for quitting smoking?


During sessions I use hypnosis and other tools to help you quit. Long-term success in quitting smoking comes when we consider and address those underlying reasons as well. If you wish to stop smoking, take a moment to reflect on how you can deal with life’s ups and downs without the need for cigarettes. Consider the resources and strengths you have now and ask yourself if smoking is truly necessary to fulfil those needs.

Maybe grab a notepad and write down the benefits you believed smoking would provide for you. In the next column, brainstorm alternative ways to meet those needs. As we grow older and wiser, we accumulate more resources and abilities to find happiness and fulfilment without relying on unhealthy cigarettes.

By acknowledging the positive intentions behind your smoking habit and finding healthier alternatives to meet those needs, you pave the way for a successful and sustainable smoke-free future. At During London quit smoking hypnosis sessions I guide you through this transformative process, helping you embrace a life free from the control of smoking. Together, we can empower you to lead a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life without the need for cigarettes.

I’m delighted to share the inspiring story of Rebecca (name changed for confidentiality), a real client from London, whom I had the privilege of helping to quit smoking. If you’re interested in your own journey to stop smoking, feel free to reach out to me for more details. Does hypnosis really work for quitting smoking? You will see that for Rebecca, it certainly did.


Hypnosis For Quitting Smoking


The Case:

Rebecca had been a heavy smoker during her teenage and young adult years. Although she managed to quit smoking successfully for six years, she found herself gradually picking up the habit again a couple of years ago. She attempted to quit using various methods, including cigarette replacement gum and vaping, and tried going cold turkey on occasion. Unfortunately, none of these attempts seemed to provide a lasting solution. Finally, Rebecca sought help, determined to find a permanent way to stop smoking.


The hypnosis for quitting smoking process:


Rebecca participated in two stop smoking hypnosis sessions in London. The first session, which lasted for 90 minutes, began with a comprehensive discussion about her smoking history. I took the time to understand her main drivers and triggers for smoking, as well as the current circumstances in Rebecca’s life. Our discussion delved into what smoking truly represented for her and how it played a role in her life. We also carefully examined the emotions that accompanied her cigarette cravings and identified what those cravings might be reacting to. Equally important, I assisted Rebecca in devising effective strategies to cope with trigger smoking situations and handle cravings as they arose. Additionally, we addressed common withdrawal symptoms that she might encounter along the way.

Through our sessions, Rebecca gained insights into her smoking habits, emotional triggers, and coping mechanisms. Armed with this newfound self-awareness, she was better prepared to face the challenges that lay ahead on her journey to quit smoking for good.

After explaining the principles of hypnosis, the session with Rebecca incorporated guided imagery utilising Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) alongside some direct suggestions.

The hypnosis proved highly effective in helping Rebecca detach herself from smoking and the subconscious beliefs she associated with it. I guided Rebecca to contemplate the health risks of smoking and recognise the numerous benefits of being a non-smoker. This approach bolstered her motivation to quit smoking.

Through the power of her imagination, I guided Rebecca on a journey to revisit familiar places where she would typically smoke. In doing so, I equipped her with the necessary skills to perceive these situations differently, devoid of any desire to smoke. Rebecca decided that her best course was to change and reduce her smoking habit during the days leading up to her second session. She decide to miss some out or for some cigarettes just smoke half. This approach granted her a sense of control over her choices, encouraging a positive mindset and readiness to quit smoking entirely.

By easing into the process of quitting gradually, Rebecca felt more at ease with the transition and developed a sense of empowerment over her smoking habits. This intentional approach paved the way for a smoother and more successful transition to becoming a non-smoker.

During the second quit smoking hypnosis session, a few days later, I utilised powerful stop smoking techniques to further reinforce Rebecca’s commitment to quitting. During hypnosis I directed her subconscious mind to firmly believe that she was no longer a smoker and had lost all desire to smoke. I incorporated motivating imagery and provided suggestions to equip her with the tools to handle cravings and trigger situations successfully. Additionally, I addressed other unrelated challenges that Rebecca had been facing, offering suggestions to help her overcome those concerns.

As Rebecca left the office in central London after the second session, she was filled with certainty that she would never smoke again.


Does Hypnosis Work For Quitting Smoking


Does hypnosis really work for quitting smoking? Well, for Rebecca the results of the hypnosis sessions were remarkable. Following the first session, Rebecca noticed a shift in her cravings. She became more aware of the anxiety associated with nicotine cravings and began to feel in control, happily extinguishing cigarettes before finishing them. Although she still smoked five cigarettes a day, she was resolute that her smoking days were numbered.

After the second hypnosis session, Rebecca decided to give away her remaining cigarettes. Even though she still experienced physical cravings, she felt empowered to resist them. No plain, no gain! The desire to smoke had vanished to the point where even if someone offered her a cigarette, she would not be tempted to smoke it. Moreover, Rebecca experienced a newfound clarity on some other issues that had been on her mind.

At present, Rebecca continues to do well, neither smoking nor replacing the cigarette gap with any other addiction. She remains on a positive path to a continued smoke-free life, thanks to hypnosis. I am always available, should she have any questions or concerns. I also provide all smokers with a follow up top-up hypnosis audio


If you too would like to quit smoking, and wondering, does hypnosis really work for quitting smoking? I encourage you to take the first step toward a healthier future by exploring the details of my hypnosis to stop smoking sessions in London. Break free from smoking and achieving a life of more energy and better well-being. Click here for more information about London quit smoking sessions.





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