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This page contains information about Jason Demant’s Quit Smoking Programme

You are reading this because you, or someone you care about, would like to quit smoking. Often people are concerned about weight gain or simply how they might cope without smoking. My aim is for you to stop smoking and never look back. Hypnotherapy will help you quit and together we will consider strategies and solutions for any fears or concerns you may have about life without cigarettes and nicotine. 

Is it time to stop smoking?

You may wish to quit for health reasons or because you are fed up of cigarettes influencing your life and your decisions. Often smoking can be the ‘go to’ coping mechanism for stress or other life challenges. Smoking might have been a way to have a few minutes of ‘me time’ or formed a part of socialising. Together we will ensure you have all you need to not only cope but in fact do really well without cigarettes and nicotine. On this expert programme you will discover motivation and healthy strategies and tools you can use for anything you had previously looked to get from smoking. 

Why this is different from other smoking cessation programmes.

The programme is for two sessions and a total of just over two and half hours face to face session time. Many hypnotherapists claim they can stop you smoking in a one-hour session. I could too, but I prefer that your quitting truly sticks. I work hard to help you feel confident that you will stop smoking not just for today, but long term. Together we ensure you have everything in place to feel confident about daily life without smoking.  

We look at the underlying causes of your smoking and why it may have been hard to quit.  We focus, in particular, on the role cigarettes have created for themselves in your life and the underlying subconscious reasons for your habit. 

During your programme we will create strategies and a plan for those situations in which you used to have a craving to smoke. Expert hypnotherapy will help you gain tools to separate from the habit and feel less desire to smoke.

The programme

There is no requirement to talk by phone before you come. However a conversation is helpful. I can get to hear more about your smoking. You can also ask any question you have. If you are happy to proceed, we arrange a time for your first session.

I will ask you to keep a diary of your smoking for a few days and also to fill in a helpful background questionnaire.

Your first session is for 90 minutes, though I suggest allowing up to two hours, in case we overrun. During this session we discuss, in-depth, your habit. We form a plan for 'trigger' situations and plan for your future success. You will also have hypnotherapy to help you reduce cravings and dependency on nicotine and increase your motivation to quit.

Your ‘quit’ session is normally one week after session one. This second session lasts 50 minutes. It is mostly powerful hypnotherapy, uniquely tailor-made to the nature of your habit. You also benefit from free, unlimited, email contact between sessions.

This is my standard two session programme. Clients with concerns about stress, anxiety, weight gain or any challenges connected to their smoking, will sometimes book one or two additional sessions.

Feel confident with my six months (wow!) satisfaction guarantee. You remain a client for six months. If within six months, you have started smoking again, you can come back for a top up session, at no charge.

Clinic Locations

Jason Demant sees clients in High Holborn, next to Chancery Lane Tube station in central London. He also sees clients in Golders Green, North West London. 

  • Chancery Lane, High Holborn

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    Jason Demant sees clients in central London, in High Holborn, next to Chancery Lane Tube station. Jason also sees clients in Golders Green, North West London. 

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    As well as an online offering of Skype therapy sessions, Jason Demant sees clients in Central London, in High Holborn, next to Chancery Lane Tube station. Jason also sees clients in Golders Green, North West London. 

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