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Are you looking for hypnotherapy? As an online hypnotherapist, I see people from all over the world. Location is no longer a barrier to getting the help you need. You might be looking to reduce a phobia, an addiction or just feel more confident and excited for life.


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What does an online hypnotherapist do?


In this article I will explain more about online hypnotherapy and my work as an online hypnotherapist. I help people all over the globe find more peace of mind, kick habits and gain confidence in all sorts of areas of life. Maybe I can help you too. Get in touch to find out more.


Is working with an online hypnotherapist safe?


Yes, online hypnotherapy with me is absolutely safe, just as if you are in the same room together. It is important that you ensue you are somewhere to feel not just safe but free from distractions. So its a no to sessions in the park or cafe and yes to being somewhere in your home.


Is an online Hypnotherapist as effective as face-to-face?


Yes absolutely it is. There are a few visualisations or therapy exercises which are more complicated to carry out online, but for most sessions, online is equally as good as Face to face hypnotherapy sessions. I have been working as an online hypnotherapist for many years and the results working online are no different and in some cases better than working ‘in person’.  Research conducted on online therapy also shows this to be the case. The online hypnotherapy I provide is absolutely as effective as ‘in person‘ hypnotherapy. in fact, it can be more so because you are able to relax in your own environment. If you do have any specific questions about how online hypnotherapist services work, just ask. No question is too small.


Are all online hypnotherapists the same?


Absolutely not. Just like ‘in person’ therapy, who you choose as your hypnotherapist is the single most important factor in your results and success, other than your own motivation to change and factors within you.


How do you run online hypnotherapist sessions?


All you need is a quite space and device, be that a computer, iPad or smart phone and a good internet connection. You may need a headset. Most computers already have a youbcam and microphone installed. I use video conferencing software such as Skype, Google meetings or  Zoom. These are all stable platforms and easy to use.

So, you just find somewhere quiet and comfortable, where you will have privacy, and will not be disturbed during your live online hypnotherapy sessions with me.

If you are looking for a safe, skilled and highly effective online hypnotherapist for hypnosis and hypnotherapy online, please contact me today to discuss your particular needs. I’d be honoured to help you. For now let’s also look at what hypnotherapy is and isn’t and more about therapy too.


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As an online hypnotherapist, tell me about hypnotherapy!


Hypnotherapy is really what it sounds like — hypnosis meets therapy.


Hypnosis involves entering a heightened state of awareness called a ‘trance state’. In this state you feel very relaxed and focused. You can access your unconscious thoughts, the ones that are usually hidden behind your conscious mind’s chatter. And you will be receptive to suggestions.

And therapy is a process of exploring who you are to find better ways of being. So hypnotherapy is using relaxed states, and access to the unconscious, to create positive change for yourself and your life.


Are there any risks to hypnotherapy?


No, not if done by a proper, trained professional, hypnotherapy is safe. As an online hypnotherapist, people often ask about online sessions. These are also safe too.

Hypnosis itself is a very natural state. Indeed, you could argue that most of us enter trance states often. Have you ever binge watched a TV series, only to feel like you are ‘coming back to reality’ as it ends? Or ‘come to’ after being lost in a book or a daydream? Zoned out when commuting to work? You youre ‘tranced out’.

Of course the difference is that when you work with a hypnotherapist or online hypnotherapist, you are consciously choosing to zone out and have a goal in mind for doing so, such as improving moods or quitting smoking.


What is the point of hypnotherapy?


You could see hypnotherapy as building a ‘bridge’ betyouen our conscious and unconscious minds — the thoughts you know you are having, and then the thoughts that you are unaware of. The ‘unconscious mind‘ isn’t actually a special part of the brain, but a way to refer to the hidden goings on in there. It’s these hidden things, such as repressed memories, negative core beliefs, which tend to control our life decisions.

Therapeutic hypnotherapy including seeing an online hypnotherapist all works to help you source the upsetting experiences you may have ‘forgotten’. Your online hypnotherapist can help you learn what you actually feel versus what you tell yourself you might feel. It is easier then to discover and change the beliefs driving our habits.

You can tell the unconscious what you would prefer it to do, such as how you’d rather respond to a physical or emotional trigger.


What is an online hypnotherapist session like?


There are different kinds of hypnotherapist sessions, but they run in a similar way. You will discuss what you’d like to work on. Get comfortable in a chair or on a couch. Agree to be hypnotised. Allow your online hypnotherapist to deeply relax you. I will use therapeutic methods like regression, visualisation, and positive suggestion to work on your issue. Then at the end of the hypnotherapy, you will be eased out of your trance and back to the room.


Can anyone be hypnotised?


Yes, even if they don’t ‘believe’ in it. Note that not everyone has the same experience of hypnosis. Some people relax quickly and easily into trance states. Other people find they just relax a little and don’t at all feel ‘tranced out’. But the results you get from hypnotherapy are, in truth, not dependent on how ‘deeply’ you go into a trance.

Someone who only relaxes a little might have equal (or even better) results than someone who finds it easy to ‘go under’. It depends on the individual, the issue, circumstances and often the relationship between you  and the hypnotherapist. Like all forms of therapy, you do generally get better results if you feel comfortable with and trust your practitioner.


Online hypnotherapist vs psychotherapy – can they work together?


Absolutely. I frequently see people who are also seeing  a psychotherapist. This might be to deal with something not being discussed directly during psychotherapy, for example using hypnotherapy to help loosen the control of a phobia or addiction. It could be using hypnotherapy to just boost confidence.



What can an online hypnotherapist help me with?


Hypnotherapy is used for many physical issues nowadays, including pain management, IBS or childbirth. But when it comes to mental health, hypnotherapy is used to find and change the root cause of any issue you might have. It’s recommended for:


Ready to give online hypnotherapy a try and see results for yourself? Get in touch today and find out more about sessions.

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