Feel Control Around Food

Would you love to feel greater control around food and lose weight?

I only work with clients who truly want to make a real change in their eating habits and relationship with food. Long term weight reduction is not about the next fad diet but about overcoming the reasons why you may eat in ways which prevent you maintaining a healthy weight.

Yes, I can hypnotise you to eat less chocolate or crisps. However if we do not look at the real reasons for your habits or overeating, then the hypnosis will soon wear off and you will feel like you are again back at square one.

Reducing overeating and losing weight is a process and takes time. I ask clients to commit to an initial package of six or eight sessions. You are not locked in but it is important to feel that as the client you are committed to making changes.

Often clients have a number of weekly sessions, with later sessions only scheduled once they have reached agreed weight goals. This ensures success.

You will also have short assignments to do between sessions. These are fun and good for your wellbeing and help integrate material covered during sessions. Real results will come from the work you do between sessions. You must be committed to making the necessary changes in habits and lifestyle needed for long term success. 

Have you tried to lose weight before?

Why is it that sometimes you can’t be bothered to prepare a balanced meal for dinner, choose unhealthy foods, experience cravings or will perhaps eat when feeling sad, lonely, bored or late at night? These moments will set you back, so getting them handled is the key to real success.

Do you ever binge, overeat or eat sweet, oily or calorific foods to feel better, to give yourself a reward, when things get tough or when you feel that you deserve something nice?

Eating in an unbalanced way or overeating is often related to how you cope with challenges such as stress, anxiety, as well as life’s frustrations and disappointments. Have you ever given yourself arguments such as, “I deserve something nice,” “It’s only this one time” or “I need something sweet to make me feel better?” Have you ever told yourself that “I won’t lose the weight anyway” or “sensible eating is a waste of time?” Stress and all these negative ways of thinking can lead to overeating and choosing the wrong foods or staying stuck in bad habit patterns.

Deal well with challenges such as stress and negative thinking and your overeating will be easier to control as well. In fact your waistline will get smaller as you won’t use high calorie food to feel better or to fill in gaps. Instead you will more naturally choose healthier food and eat in a more balanced way. You will also enjoy treats without feeling so guilty.

I will show you that it’s easier than you might think. Would you like to feel greater control and feel greater confidence about your long term success?

How is my programme different?

My programme is not a diet but about your relationship with food. You will look at how you eat and why you eat as you do.

My programme will help you:

  • Discover how to say no to extra food and it really be ‘no’! (And feel good about it)
  • Normalise your eating habits by eating when your body needs food rather than when feeling down, bored or stressed
  • Overcome factors holding you back from making healthy choices

  • Manage time and stress better, so you can find time for preparing healthy good food
  • Reduce negative thinking and any feelings of guilt around food
  • Create lasting change and motivation for lifelong health

Programme requirements and fees

I require you to demonstrate an understanding of what healthy eating is or that you are following a medically approved food plan from a dietician or qualified nutritional therapist. I also expect clients to be prepared to begin a gentle exercise regime. This could minimally be simply increasing movement by walking more regularly.

Losing weight requires making changes to what you eat. This is not depriving yourself but rather changing your priorities away from poor nutrition and cravings and towards increasing wellbeing and health and treating your body well.

The programme is normally to be paid for entirely upfront. However special circumstances will be considered, since all should be able to benefit. In such cases fees will normally be paid in post-dated cheques.

Asking for all fees upfront will ensure that you are totally committed to the programme and that failure is not an option. You have no get out clauses.

If you carryout assignments, attend sessions and commit yourself to change, then you will lose weight. Indeed after your initial sessions, attendance at later sessions is dependent upon losing an agreed amount of weight. There is also no real time limit on sessions, which, as the programme progresses, will be upon reaching agreed goals rather than weekly.



Weight Reduction
Your Programme Consists Of:
Initial phone consultation and questionnaire
Six – eight one to one sessions
Personalised take home weight loss and relaxation recordings to boost your motivation
Short home assignments
Unlimited email contact with Jason Demant between sessions


Six sessionsEight sessions



I am happy for you to enjoy your first hypnotherapy session before committing to the full programme. Individual sessions cost £80 each. Please be in touch today to discuss your requirements, so the programme can be focused on exactly what you need.

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