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"I'm already seeing benefits with my clients. The course gives practical techniques and underlying theory to apply to weight loss management. These techniques can also be applied to other life challenges too." Tamar, Cambridge

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Key Course Information:

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  • Anxiety Clinic London

    Duration: 30 hours | 10 sessions

  • CBT therapist London

    Price: Online £395

  • Anxiety Clinic London

    Included: All classes, course handbook, certificate of completion

  • CBT therapist London

    Taught by Jason Demant of the College of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness

    Would you like to know how to:

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    • Anxiety Clinic London

      Ensure your clients actually follow menus or your advice on health, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle?

    • CBT therapist London

      Help clients break lifelong habits, cut down emotional eating or change perspective?

    • Anxiety Clinic London

      Guide people to lead happier, slimmer lives with more confidence and less anxiety?

    This 30 hour information-packed advanced course will provide you with :

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    • Anxiety Clinic London

      Skills to help your clients become more aware of and change why they eat in an unbalanced way or use food to feel better or change their emotional state

    • CBT therapist London

      Tools to help your clients remove the barriers of thought, belief and behaviour which can holdback growth

    • Anxiety Clinic London

      The knowhow to implement the good changes needed to live emotionally healthier every day.

    Central London hypnotherapist West End
    Your Course Instructor, Jason Demant

    What does the course include?

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    • Anxiety Clinic London

      10 workshop classes including supervision. These can be delivered either wholly in-person (central or greater London) or by online interactive group video conference.

    • CBT therapist London

      A supervised practicum during which you put into practice your new skills, to help a volunteer client for three sessions

    • Anxiety Clinic London

      Short home assignments between classes

    • CBT therapist London

      Unlimited email contact with your instructor between sessions

    • Anxiety Clinic London

      Your 50 page course resource handbook to keep

    • CBT therapist London

      Certificate of course completion from The College of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness

    Who is this course for?

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    • Anxiety Clinic London

      You may already work as a therapist, nutritionist, dietician, medical professional, life coach, personal trainer, or complementary therapist. This course is for anyone who would like to gain coaching skills to help others achieve a more balanced relationship with food by overcoming psychological challenges which contribute to emotional eating and weight gain.

    • CBT therapist London

      Is it time to take your skills to the next level? Use this course to gain expertise to add value within your current position, as a part of your continuing professional development. Alternatively this coaching course can be your next step to a new career.

    This course is for you, if you:

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    • Anxiety Clinic London

      See the potential in people and want to encourage them to use it.

    • CBT therapist London

      Strive and find it valuable to have healthy relationships and a balanced life with many interests.

    • Anxiety Clinic London

      Value personal growth and enjoy a working environment with a lot of personal and financial freedom.

    • CBT therapist London

      Did you answer a firm ‘yes’ to any of these questions? By studying with The College of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness you will become a certified weight loss and emotional eating coach in just a few months.

    What benefits did you gain from your course with Jason ?

    Some Testimonials From Happy Clients


    London Weight Loss Coach

    " The course breaks down emotional eating to simple terms with realistic and practical techniques, empowering people to become more conscious and taking responsibility for improving their well-being. I found Jason to be friendly, cheerful and an engaging instructor, who was willing to explain and discuss any concepts. Jason was a real pleasure to work with!" 


    Cambridge Dietician

    "I'm already seeing benefits with my clients. The course gives practical techniques and underlying theory to apply to weight loss management. These techniques can also be applied to other life challenges too."


    London Complementary Therapist
    I want to say thank you! Your wonderful course was taught in a professional and effective manner. It was well organised; the material was clearly and well presented. You are an interesting and focused teacher. That we had a client and supervision to implement the material made it all come alive, moving from theory to practical. It was a brilliant experience! I looked forward to the weekly class with enthusiasm and eagerness. It was a privilege to be your student.


    London Complementary Therapist
    Jason, you believe what you do and seem to live what you believe, it's been a privilege to be your student


    London Life Coach

    I feel that I can now be less judgmental both for myself and others around food choices and weight loss. I can now ask questions without putting in my own 'agenda'. The course is full of tools and techniques, including time management and beliefs and thoughts that cause overeating. I can now pick up more about what a client is really saying or asking help about. 

    Overeating and binge eating life coach course London

    Course Content:

    During this course, participants will coach a volunteer client for three sessions,

    followed supervision sessions to feedback and discuss these sessions.  

    Creating good goals

    Introduction to emotions and emotional wellbeing

    Maps of emotions and key psychological concepts and principles

    Food is not the enemy but a gift! Discover how to teach the skills of ‘Conscious/Intuitive’ Mindful eating. 

    Discover which empowering and motivating questions will motivate change, bring growth and results

    Advanced coaching techniques for weight loss

    Structuring your first client session

    Techniques to identify what is holding a client back, such as fears or anxiety

    NLP theory and assumptions

    NLP weight loss techniques

    How to structure coaching sections and home assignments

    Reformulating limiting thoughts using evidence-based CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

    NLP tools to reframe thoughts and negative self-talk

    Why and how self-esteem and happiness affect overeating and compulsive behaviour

    Advanced time management techniques; becoming more effective and efficient

    The link between stress and binge eating and emotional eating

    Techniques and tools for successful stress management

    Easy to learn visualizations to change habits, increase motivation and change outlook on a more sub-conscious level.

    Visualizations for improving body image and decrease emotional eating

    Client becomes their own coach: strategies for client success long term

    Practical demonstrations of how to run and wrap-up your client sessions

    All the paperwork you will need; scripts for the initial client phone call, coaching questionnaires, and how to monitor client progress

    How to continually improve your skills

    How to approach challenging clients

    Evaluating your work as a coach and seeing areas for professional growth

    Course participants use their new skills by coaching a volunteer client for three sessions. These sessions are followed by group supervision sessions to give feedback and discuss client work.  

    Entry criteria and commitment

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    There are no formal entry criteria. To receive a certificate at the conclusion of the course participants are required to have attended at least 70% of classes, carried out all set assignments and taken part in three practical sessions seeing a volunteer client. There may be a final assessment in some cases. This course is about emotions and psychology with class discussion sometimes touching on personal experiences and participants’ own relationships with food. As a participant you will need to be open to others, listening and showing respect, whilst also being prepared to talk about some of your own experiences too. The course is taught is in a relaxed and stimulating style and does require basic ability to read and understand English.

    Dietitian and nutritionist emotional eating training course

    Fees and application process

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    The next Skype/Zoom begin:
    Mornings: Monday, Wednesday, Fridays (9am-12)
    Afternoons: Wednesdays and Thursdays (1.30pm - 4.30pm)
    Ask about our weekend course timetable
    Reserve your place today to avoid disappointment.
    To apply, simply get in touch today by email or phone.
    Price – online group: £395 
    One to one tuition- ask for a quote


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    The course teaches advanced ideas in a down to earth, straightforward and practically oriented way. It is challenging and you will need to think and integrate the knowledge you gain. This course is however not so much about brains but more about emotional intelligence and common sense. If you don’t understand something, just speak up and ask. There is no such thing as a silly question. If you have any special learning needs such as dyslexia, please just let us know in advance. Together we can ensure you get the maximum possible benefit from the course.

    It is very important for you to personally experience the coaching and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) techniques before giving them to your clients. You will have a short assignment to do between most classes. Assignments will each take about 30 minutes to complete.

    The course instructor is Jason Demant. Jason is a clinical hypnotherapist, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner and Mindfulness teacher. Jason has a background in teaching and also has worked supporting patients in a number of London hospices. Jason has been teaching the Weight Loss and Emotional Eating Course for ten years. He sees clients in the West End of London. Jason teaches widely and is known for his dynamic and stimulating teaching style which will have you looking forward to your next class and excited to learn more.

    The Course is taught by the College of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness. The College of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness is an affiliated training school of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC). The GHSC oversees the main UK hypnotherapy professional body, The General Hypnotherapy Register. 

    All trainings are now online. Rather than fixed start dates, we are simply waiting until a course fills up and then will start the course. So, reserve your place now. Let us know what time of the week will work for you and we will start your course as soon as we have a sufficient number. 
    Reserve your place today to avoid disappointment. 
    To apply, simply get in touch today by email or phone.

    Online group: £395 

    One to one tuition- ask for a quote

    All students are expected to have paid at least £150 towards course fees before starting a training course. Fees Payment is by bank transfer, credit card or paypal.

    Our Google Reviews

    Max FellerMax Feller
    20:09 22 Jan 24
    Jason is the real deal. Lovely competent chap who makes you feel at ease. Would highly recommend him if you're looking for industry leading results.
    Kam ZamanKam Zaman
    19:30 04 Jan 24
    I would highly recommend Jason. I approached Jason as I was looking to quit smoking. Jason made me feel at ease, it was so easy to open up and talk to him about my smoking habit, and what I wanted to achieve through hypnotherapy. I also found the hypnotherapy very beneficial, my whole mindset around smoking and what my beliefs were on this have completely changed thanks to Jason.
    Mark MacDonaldMark MacDonald
    18:46 21 Dec 23
    I learned a lot during my sessions with Jason, and have come away with new thought processes in place to help detach from old habits. He is a thoughtful practitioner who is not afraid to challenge you in order to make way for practical and positive change.
    James DavisJames Davis
    10:18 20 Jul 23
    Jason was highly recommended to me from a friend, and from 4 sessions he has worked 'magic' for me. Jason clearly knows his stuff, but is also very patient friendly, we had a great rapport. Can't recommend him highly enough.
    Oliver O'BrienOliver O'Brien
    21:32 04 Jul 23
    I had a couple of sessions with Jason for a severe fear of heights. After just a few days after the first session I was able to climb up ladders/walk along scaffolding without any concern whatsoever. I am yet to try larger challenges but I can tell already that the sessions have significantly helped me! I would massively recommend Jason who made the experience very comfortable and was very helpful and professional the whole time. Cannot speak highly enough and incredibly happy with the results!
    00:45 01 Mar 23
    I recently had the pleasure of working with Jason overcoming a fear of flying and I highly recommend him. He was very professional, always timely and well-prepared for our sessions. He communicated quickly over email, a plus for someone in a different time zone doing sessions over skype. Most importantly, Jason delivered excellent results, and I felt the positive effects almost immediately. I would definitely work with Jason again and highly recommend him to anyone seeking a skilled and compassionate hypnotherapist. Five stars all around!

    Clinic Location

    Hypnotherapist in London Jason Demant sees clients just five minutes from King's Cross station, close to East London and easy to reach from North London and other areas of London too. Therapy from home sessions also by phone and Skype*.

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