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You CAN quit smoking with the help of Hypnotherapy, and you certainly don’t have to gain weight doing it. My London hypnosis quit smoking sessions have helped countless people quit smoking for good. Would you love to join them? Sessions in King’s Cross and online. Many of these people came to me after trying nicotine replacement therapy, medications and cold turkey without success, but yes, they did manage to stop smoking with hypnotherapy.


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Many people I help to quit smoking with hypnosis are referrals from satisfied clients who have become non-smokers using my highly successful programme. Some of people have travelled from outside London and great distances to see me in central London.  You can hear about some satisfied ‘quitters’, in the testimonial video below.



My hypnosis quit smoking programme makes all the difference


As a stop smoking hypnosis expert, I have gathered expertise over many years to help people to achieve their goal of becoming a non-smoker. As well as a highly experienced and qualified and accredited clinical hypnotherapist, I am also an NLP practitioner and trained executive coach.  So, you get the benefit of someone highly educated and trained in the workings of the conscious and unconscious mind who can maximise your success.


A professional hypnotherapy expert in London


I am registered and accredited with the General Hypnotherapy Register and also a member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. I also provide supervision for other hypnotherapists. This means that other hypnotherapists seek assistance from me about their practice of hypnotherapy, including how to help others quit smoking. So I am excited to be able to share all my expertise with you as well.

The General Hypnotherapy Register is the main UK hypnotherapy body in the UK. They register and accredit practitioners who have studied and wish to practise as a professional hypnotherapist. When selecting a hypnosis quit smoking expert, be careful to verify they are a registered clinical member of one of a recognised professional body. I am always happy to show proof of my qualifications and accreditations.


Hypnosis, conveniently located in King’s Cross, London


I have been working as a hypnotherapist in London for over 10 years, now, and so I have been assisting people to quit smoking using hypnosis for many years. My office is just a short walk from King’s Cross station, This allows for easy access from all over London, including West and South London. With trains arriving at St. Pancras and the main railway station, clients also come from as far as South end, Brighton, and even as far as Birmingham.


How the hypnosis quit smoking programme works


The programme is for two sessions which are a few days or a week apart. Both are scheduled at times convenient for you and I see people in the evening as well, so you can come after work. Your first appointment is for at least 90 minutes. We discuss the details of your smoking habit and you will be hypnotised to begin the process of quitting smoking. Your second appointment is for 50 minutes, and this will reinforce your being a non-smoker for life, clearing up any lingering thoughts, cravings or concerns.

Most people quit smoking with hypnosis completely or reduce their smoking habit to one or two cigarettes a day, after the first session. The next session is usually many more times more effective and powerful than the first and is truly your ‘quit’ session.

A small percentage of people, around 10 percent, require more than two sessions, but this is rare. This will be if there are extra considerations This could be if you also smoke marijuana or are under a lot of stress in your daily life, for example.  Everyone has the potential to quit smoking, if they put their minds to it and stick to the programme.


Hypnosis Quit Smoking London


How hypnosis helps you quit smoking


Smoking in this day and age is certainly a habit, an addiction to nicotine. It can also function as an unhealthy behaviour, helping those who smoke avoid feelings or cope with life’s ups and downs on one level or another. It may be to deal with stress or anxiety, fit in socially, break from a stressful job, bond with a new partner or friend who smokes, sooth emotions, deal with a crisis and so on. This unhealthy way to deal with daily life may often be rationalised and even defended in the face of opposition. People might tell themselves they enjoy aspects of smoking, or make up all kinds of excuses or rules about when they can smoke. The irrational mind takes over, making the stopping of smoking seem all the more difficult.


  • My hypnosis quit smoking sessions can help to identify the irrational and unconscious reasons and compulsions to smoke, as well as the blocks to being a non-smoker.
  • Hypnotherapy can then help resolve those compulsions and blocks to allow you to be free to not smoke.
  • Hypnosis can also help you identify and utilise your motivations for being a non-smoker and motivate or even stop you from smoking on an unconscious level.
  • Hypnotherapy can help to resolve cravings, so that you can be free to choose not to smoke.


Eight reasons to email or call right now and book your hypnosis quit smoking sessions:


  1. Hypnotherapy can help YOU to Quit Smoking, as it has with so many people.
  2. I am one of London’s most qualified, successful and experienced quit smoking hypnotherapists.
  3. I am a registered and accredited quit smoking clinical hypnotherapist.
  4. People travel for up to several hours and great distances to seek my help.
  5. I am an NLP practitioner and life coach as well as a hypnotherapist, so I understand how addictions, motivation and thought patterns work.
  6. I specialise in helping people with all kinds of addictions, as well as quitting smoking.
  7. My London hypnosis quit smoking programme targets cravings, urges, persistent thoughts and the fear of being a non-smoker.
  8. Hypnotherapy ensures the transition to being a non-smoker is simpler and easier.


My quit smoking hypnosis sessions can truly free you from cigarettes, and motivate you to,

at last, be a permanent non-smoker.


How to book hypnosis sessions


I have helped countless people over the years quit smoking with hypnotherapy in London and online also. You can also arrange initial free phone consultation to hear more before booking session. Get in touch today by clicking here.


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Jason Demant Clinical Hypnotherapist
London hypnotherapist. Seeing clients in King's Cross and online. Diploma in clinical hypnotherapy, counselling and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) from Life Matters Training College, based on Harley Street, London. Fully insured and a validated practitioner of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and member of the General Hypnotherapy Register.