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Are you looking for therapy from home sessions? We will outline a few of the considerations that you might wish to investigate before choosing an online therapist. We will also mention some popular online therapy platforms. For more information about my therapy services, click here. 


Therapy from Home


Therapy from home topic areas


Consider what you would like to talk about during your therapy from home sessions. Often it’s the case that people don’t know exactly what it is that they wish to talk about. However what they do know is that they feel that a part of their life needs to be changed. So they opt to get therapy from home.

There are various organisations and online therapy matching services to choose from. The choice might be about thinking around the issue you’d like to work on or the area or type of therapy available. It’s important when looking for therapy from home options that you choose somebody who is able to handle a variety of different issues. Look for an online therapist who can cope and be open minded about different lifestyles and life events. For example, you might be looking to have help with bereavement, work, divorce or a very stressful situation.


Types of treatment offered by therapy from home platforms


Though often very comprehensive, it is the case that therapy from home options can be more limited than those available for face to face consultations. Also therapy from home probably would not include group sessions, though today with Zoom and other technologies, that is all changing. Some online sites do offer other services and it’s important to see what would be suitable for you and decide if you’re looking for individual therapy, couples therapy or a group a session.


How easy is it to sign up for therapy from home?


With so many therapy from home sites available, it can be confusing knowing which option is the best for you. It can be frustrating to fill in extensive questionnaires when you sign up. An easy signup process is important, since once you’re matched with a therapist, you can then fully explain what’s on your mind and what you wish to work on. It is common for people to feel a degree of embarrassment about talking to a stranger. There might be fears around security of personal information. Many websites specialising in therapy from home may have live chat services or some way that you can speak to somebody in customer services about the pricing plans, confidentiality and other information you need.


Online Therapy from Home


Types of therapists available for therapy from home services


The number one key factor in choosing to have therapy from home is a sense of trust with your therapist. This includes checking out their credentials, qualifications, governing bodies and that they are licensed health professionals. You will want to ensure that you’re being matched with somebody who you trust and will feel comfortable working with. So that might not necessarily always be a therapist. It might be a licensed social worker, clinical hypnotherapist or hypnosis therapist or clinical psychologist. Even a medical professional may be someone you wish to talk with.


The experience of therapists providing therapy from home sessions


There are therapists online at all stages of their careers. Some have only just qualified and some may have been in practice for several decades. Ensure that you know the level of training and the number of years of experience that the therapist has.


therapy from home


How quickly can you be matched with a therapist from home provider?


An advantage of therapy from home is that there’s going to be a shorter waiting time. I know from my own experience that when it comes to face to face clients, there can sometimes be a need to place somebody on a waiting list because there’s only so many slots that I can see people during the day. However, when providing therapy from home, hours can be more flexible and it can be much easier to see people in a quicker way. Often a new client might be matched with a therapist and within several hours or the next day they may already be able to have a first session.


Different types of communication for therapy from home sessions


How would you like to have your therapy from home? You might wish to have sessions via Skype or Zoom video conference. Alternative, you may wish to have therapy via phone. There are now many ways of having therapy using email or even text message. It’s important to remember that technology isn’t without its faults. You should ensure that you have several ways that you can be in touch with somebody and that you yourself have a very good internet connection.


Switching or changing your therapy from home therapists.


Of course it’s not always the case that every therapist can help every person. It needs to be the right fit. This means that sometimes you may see a therapist and after a session or two simply feel that they are not really the right fit for you and that is always totally okay. It’s important to be able to change your therapist without any sense of guilt or embarrassment.


Therapy from Home Using Skype


Therapy from home customer service


Dealing with technical problems and subscriptions can often be a pain in the neck! We would always much prefer to just receive a service without problems. These logistics should be minor issues and not the real emphasis of where your attention is. You really want to be thinking about getting the best out of your therapy sessions, so therefore having good customer service is important.


Privacy and confidentiality of your therapy from home sessions


Of course this is the most important consideration on many people’s minds. Lately there’s even been some concerns about the confidentiality or privacy of Zoom and other platforms. Questions have been raised whether people can crash into online meetings or these platforms can be hacked. So it’s really important to feel that there’s sufficient confidentiality and privacy. Most therapists in any case will have a contract or terms and conditions that set out their privacy policies. Confidentiality is extremely important as well. The majority of therapists will have a confidentiality agreement and it’s important to remember that confidentiality is never ever actually 100%. By this I mean that if you should say something to your therapist that leaves them concerned that you may harm yourself or you may harm somebody else, in that situation, they’re allowed to break confidentiality. In that circumstance, with your permission or sometimes without your permission, your therapist will get in touch with either your GP or even the police, if that is what’s necessary.


How often would you like to have your therapy sessions?


As with face to face therapy sessions, your therapy from home might be a session scheduled once a week. Alternatively it might a session once a month and sometimes therapy sessions can be more frequent than that. For example, some Freudian and or analytical therapists may have sessions several times a week.


Therapy from home online


Therapy from home cancellation policy


How easy is it for you to cancel your therapy sessions? It is important to mention that when it comes to therapy, if you have a desire to cancel after several weeks or months, this desire itself would become a discussion during your next therapy sessions. It is important to explore whey you feel that way. It may actually be that you feel uncomfortable and that feeling itself is something to discuss and really use as material to work on during sessions. However, of course it’s important that your therapist listens to you and your decisions are the ones that are the guiding ones for what happens.


Therapy from home platforms


We will now mention a few online therapy services. It is important to remember that I myself provide therapy from home. I work as a clinical hypnotherapist and provide services from home for stress, anxiety, addictions, and chronic pain, including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). If you’re feeling isolated and alone, please get in touch and discuss how my session may help. Sessions are normally 50 minutes but I am also providing at the current time a lower cost 30 minute session.

There are a number of online therapy organizations you may wish to look at. A popular one is called Talkspace. They have messaging and video conferencing and it’s very convenient using their app.

BetterHelp has a number of ways to contact therapists and also includes live chat sessions.

For teens there’s Teen Counselling. This is a wonderful way to speak over the phone, message, chat and use video conferencing too.

For LGBTQ+ people there’s Pride Counselling which is a dedicated service for this community and a very valuable resource.

Other sites include The Counselling Directory and Hers and Hims. 


If you’re interested in finding out more about online services, please contact me about my online hypnosis services and of course you can do a search online for therapy from home.

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