Stop nail biting using hypnotherapy in London

How can you stop nail biting using hypnotherapy in London?

How many parents have shouted, “Stop biting your nails” at their children?! Never works, right! And that’s because nail biting is a subconscious habit. It’s a habit being used, normally for dealing with stress, but is a way used to deal with things.

Maybe parents should look at their child’s ways of managing stress and why they are feeling stress in the first place, rather than increasing the child’s anxiety by telling them off for something they feel little control over.

Nail biting, whether for adults or children, is a habit which can cause distress as well as bleeding fingers, infections and embarrassment at how your nails look.

Hypnotherapy is very effective with helping you stop biting your nails. At our London hypnotherapy clinic we will look at why you do it and work on asking your subconscious to stop this habit which can sometimes feel uncontrollable.

Often nail biting is to do with stress. You get anxious or nervous and then you bite your nails as a way to cope. Nail biting can also be related to sucking your thumb when a child, a desire to have something in your mouth or even about food and eating, since you are eating your nails rather than eating food.

Hypnotherapy will break those associations

Hypnotherapy will break those associations, even if they have been around for many years. You will also look at new ways to deal with stress.

If nail biting is a problem for you, make an appointment today at our London clinic and sometimes in just one or two sessions nail biting will be totally under control. You will then be able to grow nice healthy nails of which you can be proud.

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