Stay Sane! Tips for Long Haul Travel

Are you dreading your upcoming long-haul journey? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this guide, we have some great tips for long haul travel. We will show you how to stay sane and comfortable during those seemingly endless hours in the air. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or embarking on your first long-haul adventure, our tips and tricks will keep you relaxed and entertained throughout your journey.

Yes, sometimes traveling long distances can be stressful and draining. That’s why we have compiled a comprehensive list of strategies to help you make the most of your time in the air. From choosing the right seat to mastering jet lag, we have all the essential information you need to arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to explore. I frequently help people with stress, anxiety and fear of flying. If you would like to feel calmer traveling, consider some sessions of hypnotherapy, in London, or online. Get in touch to find out more.


Tips for long haul travel


Tips for long haul travel


Long-haul travel can present a unique set of challenges that can make even the most seasoned traveller feel a little overwhelmed. An obvious challenge is the duration of the flight itself. Spending hours upon hours in a confined space can, for some people, lead to discomfort, restlessness, and even anxiety. Additionally, time zone changes can result in jet lag. This brings sleep disruption and may leave you feeling exhausted upon arrival.

Tips for long haul travel start with how you prepare yourself physically and mentally before your flight. By taking the time to plan ahead and implement some simple strategies, you can make your long-haul journey a much more enjoyable experience.


Tips for long haul travel preparation


Preparing for a long-haul flight can start at the booking process. Choose the right seat. If you’re someone who values legroom, consider opting for the exit row or bulkhead seat. Often these seats offer more space and can make a big difference in your overall comfort level.

Another tip for long haul travel is your packing. Make sure to pack a few key items to help you stay comfortable and entertained during your flight. Consider a neck pillow, noise-cancelling headphones, and even a cozy blanket. These small comforts can go a long way in making your journey more enjoyable.


Packing essentials for long haul travel


For a long-haul flight, it’s important to strike a balance between comfort and practicality. Choose a carry-on bag that is both spacious and easy to manoeuvre. This will allow you to keep all of your essentials within reach throughout the flight. What are you going to wear? We suggest opting for loose-fitting, breathable fabrics that will keep you comfortable during the flight. Layers are also great. Don’t forget your feet. Pack a pair of comfortable shoes to wear during the flight. Consider a change of clothes for when you arrive at your destination. Tips for long haul travel include those essential items you’ll want to include in your carry-on. These might be toiletries, medication, and any necessary travel documents. It’s also a good idea to pack some snacks too. Ensure you plan what you drink. Bring a refillable water bottle to keep you hydrated throughout the journey.


Tips for long haul flight


Fear of flying and how hypnotherapy can help


For some people, the fear of flying can be a major source of anxiety and stress during long-haul travel. One of our top tips for long haul travel, is considering your mental health. If you do find yourself feeling anxious at the mere thought of getting on a plane, you may want to consider seeking some help. As a hypnotherapist, I often help people consider stress and anxiety related to travel, be that a business trip or a family holiday.

Hypnotherapy is a safe and medication free way to feel more calm about traveling and flying. Hypnotherapy uses guided relaxation and focused attention to help you overcome fears and anxieties. By accessing the subconscious mind, hypnotherapy will help you reframe your thoughts and feelings about flying. This can then allow you to approach your next flight with a greater sense of calm and confidence. Get in touch to hear more aout my hypnotherapy for anxiety sessons.


Staying entertained on long haul flights


Tips for long haul travel of course includes keeping yourself entertained during those hours in the air. You might start by loading up your electronic devices with movies, TV shows, and podcasts. Download the latest show on Netflix. I personally like to revisit movies I love. It’s also great to listen to a podcast or something you know will have you laughing. Give yourself a wide range of options to choose from throughout your flight. If you prefer to disconnect from technology, bring along a good book or a couple of magazines to keep you entertained. For those of you who feel anxitous on flights, meditation can be a really great help. Consider mindfulness and a mindfulness app. Headspace is a popular option.

In addition to entertainment, it’s also important to take breaks and stretch your legs during the flight. Get up and walk around the cabin whenever possible to prevent stiffness and improve circulation. Some airlines even offer in-flight exercise programs specifically designed for long-haul flights. Often people will drink alcohol on flights to deal with boredom or anxiety. Though this might be fine in moderation, alcohol will dehydrate you. You could end up with a headache or worse. Be careful around drinking on flights


Tips for long haul travel can include pre-flight hypnotherapy


If you’re someone who experiences severe anxiety when it comes to flying, you may wish to consider booking a session of hypnotherapy. I see people all the time with a fear of flying or simply find travel stressful. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool. It can help you overcome your fear of flying and make your long-haul journey a much more enjoyable experience.

During a hypnotherapy session, as your hypnotherapist will guide you into a state of deep relaxation. We then use positive suggestions to help reframe your thoughts and feelings about flying. Hypnotherapy can help you build confidence and develop a more positive mindset when it comes to air travel. Of all the tips for long haul travel, pre-flight hypnotherapy is a great idea to consider.

As I hope you see, long-haul travel doesn’t have to be such a dreaded experience. With the right preparation, you can, in fact, begin to look forward to, even enjoy travelling. Wouldn’t it be great to arrive feeling refreshed and ready to explore. And if you experiences anxiety or fear when it comes to flying, don’t hesitate to seek help. Hypnotherapy can be a great help with anxiety. Why not get in touch if stress is holding you back from traveling or enjoying traveling. I’m always happy to explain more about hypnotherapy and answer any question you may have.


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