Regression to Past Lives Using Hypnosis

I have helped a number of clients in London to gain insight into current challenges by regression to past lives using hypnosis. This structured approach normally takes two or more sessions since some hypnosis groundwork is required as well as a clear goal setting approach, so that the images and information gained can be utilised well. Past life regression is well known but also often misunderstood as something like magic or even clairvoyance. I hope this article shows that this unusual treatment can, in fact, be very useful for personal growth. If you would like to discover more, get in touch today.


Regression to Past Lives Using Hypnosis


Regression to Past Lives Using Hypnosis


I view regression to past lives as simply a different way to gain self knowledge. You may believe that you have led many lives before this one and those lives show something about your calling or life now. Many religious traditions believe that we have lived lives before the current one and may be reincarnated in the future. If you don’t believe this, past life regression can still be of benefit. For a ‘nonbeliever’, regression to past loves it viewed as something similar to delving into dreams, early childhood memories or imagines or messages received during ‘trips’ experiences from psychedelic drugs such as psilocybin or Ayahuasca.

So, even if you don’t believe you have lived before this life, the symbolic images and emotions you will see will have valuable information for you. Rather than see them as memories from a life already lived, you can view them as symbolic messages from your unconscious. In this way the regression to past lives can have high therapeutic value, giving insight to longings, regrets, memories or concerns but positive and negative, found in the unconscious. I always enjoy past life regression since a process of regression to past lives always gives food for thought and insight. It can provide help for anxiety, stress, and addictions or just to increase happiness in the present.


Is regression to past lives using hypnosis suitable for me?


Regression to past lives using hypnosis and is often referred to as past life regression. It is a technique that utilises hypnosis to recover what are believed to be memories of past lives before the present one. It is thought that, by looking at a person’s past lives, a hypnotherapist may be able to help you to discover personal stories that may give guidance to explain who you are now. The hope is that through this tool, you may find out more about the root causes of an issue, originating from a previous life, which may now be affecting you in your current life today.


What is regression to past lives using hypnosis therapy?


Regression to past lives using hypnosis is a therapeutic intervention for accessing and re-experiencing a client’s previous lives or incarnations. Regression to past lives using hypnosis is a complimentary or holistic therapy which works with a person as a whole. In other words, not only the body and mind, but indeed also spirit and your emotions.

Conventional psychotherapy often referred to as ‘talk therapies’, can be extremely helpful for many people. Talking therapy will typically focus on the present life, since that is what is seen by the conscious or rational mind. However, in some cases, particularly if you are dealing with something that seems not to lack a clear direct cause, you may be finding it difficult to uncover the ‘source’ of the problem. In contrast, when you visit a hypnotherapist for past life regression therapy, this allows the client to discover emotions and experiences stored deep within their memory.


Regression to Past Lives Using Hypnotherapist


Which techniques are used for regression to past lives hypnosis?


There is a common misconception, especially in the media or films, that practitioners ‘perform’ hypnosis on a client. However, this is far from true. Past life regression, as well as other types of hypnosis, is an active partnership, whereby the client fully participates in the process. During a regression to past lives hypnosis session you will be describing what you see and also making decisions about some aspect of the visualisation and regression.

Regression to past lives hypnosis is often claimed to be a full experience in which clients will not only visualise events but also able to hear sounds, just like as if they were there in the time once more. Even recalling specific smells can happen too during regression to past lives therapy.

A hypnotherapist performing a past life regression therapy, will use hypnosis to help the client relax and go into a deeper safe trance. Other techniques maybe used during a past life regression session, such as suggestion, a bridge visualisation and specific questions which are designed to elicit key ideas and memories related to the client’s past lives.

When is regression to past lives using hypnosis used?


You may be interested in regression to past lives using hypnosis simply out of curiosity. I do get calls from people who just are interested to see who they were in the past. But for most people, regression to past lives is a path for personal growth and healing too. It is always recommended that to get the most out of your past life regression session, it is good to set a specific ‘intention’.

Yes, you might wish to remain open to whatever might happen and whatever you may experience, but in general having an intention will offer you a better context to understand and process the experience you have.

When you set an intention and focus on that intention, the hypnotherapist will be able to guide you to when you first encountered the root cause of the particular problem you are looking for insight into. People will seek out help using past life regression for a number of concerns. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • chronic illnesses
  • addictions
  • feeling stuck in life
  • relationship issues
  • recurring nightmares or vivid dreams
  • fears or phobias that have no apparent cause
  • déjà vu experiences

By examining the memories or images that are thought to have coincided with the first appearance of the problem, a hypnotherapist can help connect a client’s current challenges to a past life experience. That by undergoing this therapeutic regression process, you will be able to make associations that you were unaware of before now. Then perhaps this will help you and provide some explanation of why things are as they are and then provide some peace of mind.

It would be expected that regression to past lives hypnosis might focus on negative events and emotions only. Since then a person can explore the root cause of a problem. However, this is not necessarily the case. A hypnotherapist will try to focus on the helpful and useful aspects of regression and not always solely focus on traumatic memories. In this way, it can be seen that it is possible for past lives regression hypnosis therapy to help you on a journey of positive personal growth.


Regression to Past Lives Using Hypnosis London


What will happen in regression to past lives hypnosis session?

Hypnotherapists will vary in how they choose to conduct regression to past lives using hypnosis sessions. This will include how long each session will last and how much of that session will be dedicated to the past life regression aspect of the session too. However, when I conduct a regression to past lives session, I always begin by asking some questions about what the goal is and the information wished to seen or understand. What are the present life concerns that need addressing or issues to resolve? We work together to uncover recurring patterns, in the past, which may be the cause of any problems in life today.

Having discussed the areas that to be explored, both client and hypnotherapist are in a better place to look back now into any past lives. By having a focus or intention for the session, as a hypnotherapist, I can then plan better how to guide you back in time.  The hypnosis section will involve talking you through some gentle relaxation steps to allow you to become deeply and comfortably relaxed. This relaxation will allow you to gain access to relevant unconscious memories. These memories may be from this lifetime, or from past lives also.

There is no clear way of knowing always what you will see or experience during a past life regression hypnosis session. Everyone goes into trance differently and will experience regression differently. Some people may see just small glimpses of several past lives, whilst others may be able to journey and delve into one in extremely great detail. Others can access repressed memories from their current lifetime too.

The most important thing to bear in mind is that each person is a unique individual with a unique history and unique memories. This means that your experience of past life regression therapy will be equally unique and different too. Indeed anything you see will be helpful in some way.

It is completely normal to be uncertain about where your memories have come from. There is a concern that you have made them up. Indeed there a concept of ‘false memories’. A false memory is a fictional account of an event we think really happened but the subconscious essentially makes up. I would suggest that even these can be useful, since it is interesting to explore what is made up or the themes or symbols these ‘false memories’ may contain.


Is regression to past lives using hypnosis right for me?


Regression to past lives using hypnosis therapy, like many types of hypnotherapy, is not for everyone. If you would like to discuss whether regression to past lives hypnosis could help you with current challenges or simply give you more insight, get in touch today to discuss this more.

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