Feel More Relaxed Around Food

Feel More Relaxed Around Food



Do you sometimes find that you obsess about how much you eat?

Or about when you will eat or about what you will eat?

Do you sometimes eat when feeling stressed or a bit down, sad or bored?


Wouldn’t it simply be nicer to just eat what you want, without over-thinking everything

or not worrying about how many calories everything has in it?


Let’s begin to make that change happen today. 


On this special recording I will outline a technique to help you and this will be your first step towards

improving your relationship with food. I will then share with you a powerful hypnotherapy visualisation,

which will help you begin to change perspective about some of your eating habits.



I work using hypnotherapy, life coaching and NLP.

Sessions are challenging but also very enjoyable, so after listening to this special recording,

why not get in touch and perhaps book a session and see how I can help you change your relationship with food today.