6 Part Weight loss Coaching Course (Home Study)


6 Part Weight loss Coaching Course (Home Study)

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This self- coaching course consists of six audio classes and an in-depth handbook guide.

This information-packed course will help you change your relationship with food as well as look at stress and habits. You will look at your eating habits and why you sometimes eat too much, too little or choose unhealthy options.


Together we will look at emotional eating, body image, stress, time management and all those thoughts and beliefs you have about food.

Most importantly you will have to do some work as well and there are short assignment to carry out between sessions.

I invite you on a journey during which you will take a look at how you eat and reconsider your habits and lifestyle.


On this course you will look at:

  • Eating consciously and enjoying your food
  • Hunger – listening to your body
  • Stress management and techniques for feeling calm
  • Improving your habits
  • Emotional eating and faulty programming
  • Increasing self-esteem and feeling good about who you are
  • Craving food
  • Loving what you see in the mirror
  • Looking at beliefs and attitudes around food
  • Maintaining good habits long-term

You will listen to a class once a week and during the days in

between practice the tools and techniques you have learnt.


This course will start you on a great path to a happier slimmer you. You will begin by setting some goals and then work steadily towards them.

There are no magic wands but the secrets to lasting good eating, which takes effort and motivation.

During the course, you are sure to have questions, so I invite to email me with any ideas, questions or thoughts you have, no matter how small.


Once you have listened to the course please also be in touch to let me know how it went!


Good luck!!

Jason Demant


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