Phobia About Needles Hypnotherapy

Do you have a fear of needles? I hope that you will join the many others I have successfully helped to feel more comfortable about injections, blood tests and vaccines. If you have a phobia about needles hypnotherapy can help you manage better your anxiety and get the medical treatments you need. Sessions in London and online.


Phobia About Needles Hypnotherapy


Do you have a phobia about needles?


Hypnotherapy is here to help. I use NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and hypnosis, for fast and effective results. In just a few sessions most people reduce or even eliminate their fear of injections, needles or visiting hospitals or dentists. I have helped clients from across the UK, London, USA, Australia, Europe, Ireland and other locations. Helping people also with Trypanophobia, which  is an extreme fear of medical procedures involving injections or hypodermic needles. So if you have an injection or needles phobia, my personally tailored approach will provide the fastest and best results specifically for you. Your phobia about needles may range from mild anxiety to complete terror. Hypnotherapy can help you achieve and experience a new found freedom, able to get blood tests again. Hypnotherapy in London and online can help you.


Phobia hypnotherapy is for you if:


  • you tend to avoid medical or dental treatments or situations
  • are missing out on vacation opportunities since you are scared to get a vaccine


Hypnotherapy will help you:


  • Enjoy freedom from needle phobias with a fast and effective treatment, even via skype or Zoom
  • Experience a wonderful NEW and better quality of life you deserve
  • Feel totally calm, relaxed and in control!


Hypnotherapy for phobia about needles in London


If you have a fear of needles, you may fear receiving medical care, particularly blood tests and injections. If you need to undergo a medical procedure, a phobia about needles means you are likely to experience higher blood pressure and an elevated heart rate in the runup to the procedure. Sometimes then having the test or vaccine leads to a rapid blood pressure drop, even feeling faint.


Do you avoid visiting the doctor or dentist due to your phobia about needles?


Hypnotherapy for a phobia about needles can be important when the phobia is found on a background of a more generalised fear of medical and dental healthcare providers. Indeed, in extreme cases, people who have a phobia about needles may refuse to receive even routine check-ups or when emergency surgery is required.


Phobia About Needles Hypnotherapy London


What are the causes of a phobia about needles?


As with all phobias, we are still unsure precisely what causes a fear of needles. It seems, in some cases, to be inherited, with an estimated 80% of those who have the phobia having a close relative who also suffers from a phobia about needles. However, it is more likely that your fear of needles is learned rather than biologically inherited. Some psychologists believe that a phobia about needles may be connected to an ancient need for survival. If you think about it, since puncture wounds could be deadly, particularly in the days before modern antibiotics, it makes sense to gain a deep fear of puncturing the skin. So this phobia was an evolutionary adaptation, aiming to ensure a person avoids a dangerous wounding.


Phobia about needles? Try hypnotherapy


I offer at my London practice hypnotherapy and psychological based solutions for a phobia of needles. Of course choosing the right type of therapy will be more effective, is important. I see wonderful results from hypnotherapy and see clients going for blood tests and vaccines when previously they would have thought it impossible. If you do have any questions about hypnotherapy or sessions in general, you can always arrange a free phone consultation to ask any questions you may have.


Unexpected benefits of hypnotherapy phobia sessions


Of course I hope you will kick your fears and phobia about needles. However, hypnotherapy can have extra benefits. Hypnotherapy can be useful in helping people locate and then use many of their own inner strengths and resources to combat the problems associated with the fear of needles. So sessions can leave you feeling more positive and confident about other areas of life too.

Taking just two, three or four sessions, phobia about needles hypnotherapy in London may involve understanding how your earlier experiences, core beliefs and values have played a role in forming and reinforcing your phobia. Also we will run through visualisations of you having blood tests and feeling completely calm and relaxed. Yes, it is possible!

Hypnosis itself is very relaxing and can be used to allow you to explore memories and experiences related to your the phobia of needles, that you might want to re-think in order to produce more positive responses and outcomes.


Book hypnotherapy for your phobia about needles today


To book your first session or to discuss your phobia about needles hypnotherapy sessions, get in touch today. Don’t let this fear continue to negatively impact your life. Try hypnotherapy!




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