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For many years I have being using life coaching, hypnotherapy and other skills to help men navigate life’s ups and downs. These can be challenges around love, career, identity, community, values and so much more that modern life throws up. If you are struggling in any area then mens counselling London at my King’s Cross practice could be just what you need. Get in touch to find out more.


Mens Counselling London


Mens counselling – Do you sometimes feel dissatisfied with life?


Let’s firstly say that yes, on so many levels, men and women are the same and we are all unique individuals. Also you may have been born male but do not wholly or even in part identify as male. However society and family place, often very unconscious, expectations on people who are born male or look male or identity or are identified as ‘male’.

I have been providing mens counselling in London for many years for men who are gay, straight, so called ‘alpha males’ and men who fit into other boxes or no boxes. There is something about being male that is different from being female for most and men will feel a pressure to fulfil certain gender stereotypes or suffer from not living up to these. In our modern world so many people just feel a bit lost or since they feel they have to fit in some proscribed box, feel a deep dissatisfaction with work or relationships, that in a sense they feel they never fully chose.


London mens counselling for life’s struggles


Are you a man who sometimes struggles to find meaning and purpose in your life? Can it be hard to accept yourself for who you are without judgement and feel proud about what you’ve accomplished? Do you spend a lot of time thinking about expectations and what kind of life you “should” be living?

Maybe your life seems okay on the surface. You might have a good job, family even, but on the inside you feel deeply unsatisfied. Perhaps your career is fulfilling, but you struggle to achieve a healthy work-life balance and your life lacks intimacy and connection? Maybe you’ve spent so much time trying to get ahead in the rat race and be successful that your key relationships have started slipping away. When you look at your life as a whole, do you sometimes think to yourself that this isn’t where you truly wanted to be? Help is here and let me tell you that you are not alone.


Mens counselling so you stop ignoring your feelings. Stop pretending everything is okay!


In today’s world, it’s easier for men to put on a façade of strength, rather than simply be honest about struggles. You may feel tempted to push your feelings down and act like you have it all together. Perhaps you tend to externalise your issues and blame other people rather than take responsibility. You might turn to substance use, for example alcohol or drugs or behavioural, perhaps sexual, addictions to medicate and avoid confronting your feelings.


Mens counselling helps you embrace and love yourself more


Deep down, you probably wish that you could just accept and feel calm. It’s time to start loving who you are. Let’s move to loving and feeling good about all your gifts, talents, even your deficits and limitations. It’s time to become who you truly are rather than a continual tiring attemnt to be someone else.

If you are ready to make changes and feel more at home in yourself and finally live the life you truly want, it’s time to start the work – It’s a journey and not always easy, but your won’t regret it. If any of this resonates with you, then, I encourage you to pursue mens counselling London sessions with me. With my support, I am confident that you can improve your confidence, life satisfaction, self-compassion, enjoy healthier relationships, and fill your life with a deeper sense of purpose.


Mens Counselling London UK


Mens counselling to let go of modern pressures


Accepting our imperfections is an important part of wisdom. Unfortunately, too many of us are hung up on control. We want to control our feelings, control our careers, and control our relationships. As a result, for many men, our lives become very rigid. We struggle to be flexible and the more we try to control our situation, the less willing we are to accept when things go wrong.

In our culture today, there are all kinds of unrealistic and outdated expectations for what men should or should not be doing, saying or feeling. Many of us are brought up in families and communities that subtly say that to be happy you must be married, straight, successful and rich. So many gay clients tell me about an inner homophobia, a voice from childhood telling them they are wrong to simply be as they are. We criticise ourselves for not having the right job, size house, relationships, appropriate car etc etc.

When we don’t live up to the culture’s expectations, our sense of control and rigidity crumbles. We become anxious, depressed, and deeply unsatisfied. We feel like there’s something wrong with us because we’re “different,” even if that difference is a good thing and in truth something we can learn is to be celebrated.


Mens counselling teaches you it’s ok to forge your own unique path


Our values and belief systems are often handed down to us from our families and society, but they may not always align with who we are inside. Often our needs are at odds with what other people want or expect from us. However that’s really okay and we shouldn’t have to give up our needs just to avoid disappointing others. It’s about learning to love who you are and what you stand for.

During mens counselling in London I enjoy helping men forge their own path forward in life. Instead of adhering to unconscious family, cultural or societal maps, I like to help people figure out what aligns with who they really are. In men’s counselling, my goal is to help you do just that.

It’s not always easy to talk about mental health issues as a man in today’s world. Society expects us to be strong, steady, perhaps somewhat silent and emotionally resilient. Yet what many of us fail to realise is that true strength lies in vulnerability and acknowledging our emotions. It takes courage to admit that life is not where you want it to be and that there is room for growth and change.

Mens counselling is a chance to befriend your emotions instead of trying to suppress them and keep a ‘stiff upper lip’. I want you to lean into your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Along the way, I am here to validate your concerns and make sure you feel seen, heard and accepted for who you are.


Mens Counselling


What to expect from mens counselling London sessions


Men’s counselling looks different for every person, as everyone has different issues and goals. My approach is not rigid or structured, but rather more spontaneous, an intuitively-guided process where you and I will talk about life and explore what you want out of it. Together, we can look at unresolved traumas and patterns, work on communication skills, and focus on broadening your support system. I use a range of skills including hypnotherapy, NLP and life coaching.

Often it is about expanding your self-awareness so that you can figure out what needs aren’t being met. So much emotional pain in life can come from not understanding your core needs. For example, when you’re in a conflict with someone else, it’s instinctive to focus on the other person instead of yourself. This is especially true of men, as we are too often taught to externalise our problems and avoid dealing with our emotions. But by paying attention to what you feel, you can learn to recognise the core needs that aren’t being met and communicate those needs more effectively.

There is so much pressure on men in today’s world to have it all together and resist showing emotion. That’s why going to therapy is so important. It’s like letting air out of a balloon—the more you lean into your feelings and share your thoughts, the less pressure you may feel to think and act a certain way. The more true to yourself you are, the easier it is to live the life you want.


Find out more about mens counselling London sessions


Sessions can be a way to let go of the pressure, focus on what you truly want and find more focus, motivation, energy, meaning and purpose. Get in touch today to find out more. Sessions in King’s Cross, London and online.


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