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You may have perhaps wondered what a hypnotherapist in London does. You may also be interested to find out what hypnotherapy really is and how it can help. There’s a lot of misinformation out there describing all different sorts of magical or mystical things and what a hypnotherapist, be that in London, or anywhere else does. There is also lots of information and misinformation about what hypnotherapy and hypnosis is or isn’t. To see how I help you with hypnotherapy, simply click here.


London Hypnotherapist


So what does a London hypnotherapist do?

Well, really hypnotherapy, as practiced by a hypnotherapist in London is simply a way of guiding somebody into a trance relaxed state. It’s really a similar state to being hyper-focused and relaxed or daydreaming. In this state, which is very normal and relaxing, it’s much easier to listen to suggestions and gain benefit from visualizations. If you think about it, people are often going into a hypnotherapy like trance state on a regular basis. We just don’t have a London hypnotherapist on hand to guide us into that.

So, for example, when you watch a TV programme, or when you’re really taken in by a film, when you’re daydreaming, or when you’re focusing on a book, these are all trance like states. They are similar to the relaxed hypnosis carried out by a hypnotherapist in London. Indeed, what they have in common is that your focus becomes narrow. At these times, you’re only really noticing what you’re concentrating on. Extraneous or unnecessary noises or sights are really ignored and removed from vision. Hypnotherapy, as carried out by a hypnotherapist, uses this trance state in order to produce good positive changes.

What a hypnotherapist in London doesn’t do

A London hypnotherapist is trained to help you using conversation and visualisations. As such if you see a hypnotherapist in London, they won’t give you diet, financial or medical advice, for example. People, are also concerned abut what might or might not happen during hypnotherapy itself. People are concerned that a hypnotherapist might make them ‘cluck like a chicken’ or they will lose control. Or they will lose .consciousness.

A professional hypnotherapist will do none of these things. It is simply a truth that you can’t be manipulated into doing things you do not want to do. Our preconceptions often come from seeing hypnosis and hypnotherapy portrayed in movies or TV. Perhaps somebody has been to a stage hypnotist performance. And even though, in these performances, it looks like people are completely taken over and manipulated by the hypnotist, the reality is different too.

Of course, in a London hypnotherapist’s consulting room, it’s a whole completely different story. Your hypnotherapist is there to help you in a therapeutic way. To help you overcome whatever issue it is you’ve come for. This means that everything is for your benefit. Also, hopefully the hypnotherapist will explain to you, that in truth, they cannot manipulate you. And you will only really agree and do things or take on suggestions that you agree with. You can’t do something that goes against your values or moral code.


London Hypnotherapist


What is hypnotherapy as practiced by a London hypnotherapist?

Let’s first of all understand the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy. We can think of hypnosis as simply the tool. And then hypnotherapy is, in a sense, how that tool is used. You could define hypnotherapy even by just simply looking at the word. Hypnotherapy is really the use or practice of hypnosis for positive therapeutic, helpful purposes. So a hypnotherapist is really a professional mental health therapist who is helping you move beyond limiting beliefs, let go of habits, phobias, or addictions, and live a life which is more productive and happy. As such a hypnotherapist is really helping you out in positive ways.

The hypnotic trance, as well, is very relaxing. I often say to clients I see in London, that the worst case scenario is that they will leave the session feeling relaxed. And let’s be honest, that’s something which for a lot of people, is very helpful. How often in a week, we find it difficult to find any time to relax and take time for ourselves.

Hypnotherapists really look at the subconscious mind and the subconscious mind is where our behaviours, emotions and memories are all stored up. In this sense, having a hypnotherapist helps with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addictions.

What is a session with a London hypnotherapist like?

When somebody approaches me for hypnotherapy in London, this process often starts off with an email and then a phone conversation. As a London hypnotherapist, I will often explain how hypnotherapy works and we’ll just talk a little bit about the issue that the person has come to gain help for. Then after an initial background questionnaire, we book in the first appointment. 

During the first appointment, there may be hypnotherapy, but there’s often going to be some conversation and talking about the issue at hand too. Indeed hypnotherapy only really works well when it’s tailor-made for the person. As a London hypnotherapist, I really want to help you as best I can. So that means using hypnotherapy in the best way, so that will involve visualizations and conversation that help you, on the spot, in the way that I feel will work and help you the most.

For some people, for example, to help someone quit smoking, a lot of the session will be hypnotherapy. I might use hypnosis to reduce smoking cravings and reducing any real need or desire to smoke. For other people, in particular, other addictions,  sessions could involve less hypnotherapy and be also about take-home assignments as well.

What does the science say about effectiveness of London hypnotherapists?

Increasingly there are more and more scientific studies showing that hypnotherapy works in a number of wonderful beneficial ways. For example, studies discuss how a hypnotherapist helps people with pain, IBS, and anxiety. A simple Google search will come up with a number of studies showing that hypnotherapy has really helped a lot of people in a lot of ways.

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