Hypnotherapy Help Quitting Smoking


Help Quitting Smoking


Would you like help quitting smoking?


When did you start smoking?

To give you help quitting smoking, let’s take you back to that very first cigarette. Do you remember it? Where were you and who offered it to you? Maybe you bought some or stole one from your mum or dad? There are many reasons why someone takes that first drag on a cigarette. What was it that drew you to smoking?       

Why am I asking so many questions about your first cigarette, I hear you ask? The best help quitting smoking is to think about how you started in the first place. Often the key to your habit can be found in that first cigarette . If you want help quitting smoking, it is important to remember that smoking is about a physical addiction to nicotine but also quitting smoking involves all those reasons why you started to smoke and found it attractive and why you continued to smoke beyond those first couple of cigarettes.       

You started smoking and carried on smoking since nicotine is addictive. It is hard to quit smoking now since when you started you also wanted smoking to help you. Help you feel good about yourself, help you deal with stress or to help you feel mature and fit in. Quitting smoking last s long term when you consider those reasons as well.       

The tobacco companies obviously do not want you to quit smoking and they  are well aware of the addictive nature of nicotine and also the associations we make between smoking and looking good, mature and sophisticated. Quitting smoking will happen long term when you think about why you started in the first place. Ask why you wanted to smoke in the first place? Maybe you wanted to feel older, independent or wanted to fit in with friends who were fun and cooler than the other kids. Smoking was a way in to social acceptance or to feeling a bit rebellious or different.       

Today, ten, twenty or thirty or more years later, you want to quit smoking. After some time the negative effects of smoking outweigh those benefits. Today it is harder to smoke. Smoking has been banned in public places and you are finding more and more that you are asking permission to smoke. You might have also noticed that stale smell on your clothes and fingers and loved ones might have make comments about your habit as well. The health risks are also well known today. Quitting smoking is often motivated by these negative factors. To quit smoking, you also need to consider those benefits you wanted smoking to give you and ensure you are taking care of them as well.    

If you wish to quit smoking, ask yourself; how do I feel mature and independent now? Do I still need the crutch of cigarettes to help me? What right now in my life do I have or could I easily have that would give me those feelings of being independent, worthy of being part of the crowd, different or whatever those benefits were?  Do I really still need cigarettes anymore?          


Hypnotherapy Help Quitting Smoking


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