Hypnotherapy for Overeating

Hypnotherapy for Overeating

Hypnotherapy for Overeating Sessions in London


Have you ever considered hypnotherapy for overeating?


Would you consider trying hypnotherapy to help you lose weight? Maybe you have tried every new diet? Cutting out carbs, fasting for a few days a week. All of these restrictive regimes can have a good effect, however would you really want to maintain that long-term? Food is such an essential part of life that we just assume that we should be able to work out how to master it. Or we look around and think that it must be easy since there are so many skinny people around. The reality is that maintaining a balanced weight and balanced eating habits is a skill. My sessions of hypnotherapy for overeating will help you gain those skills.

Often weight is not so much about what you eat but why you eat as you do. I am an expert in helping people reduce emotional eating and comfort eating.


My hypnotherapy for overeating sessions will help you see your comfort and emotional eating patterns.


Have you ever thought about that phrase, ‘you are what you eat’?

Maybe you have joked around about eating too much of something, say chocolate, and said, “If you eat anymore, you’ll turn into a bar of chocolate”! I know I have said that occasionally.

During hypnotherapy for overeating sessions I help clients bring their eating habits under control and lose weight and in particular to stop emotional eating. We eat emotionally when we eat to feel better, to feel happy or actually whenever we eat with an aim to change our mood.

As I’m sure you know, balanced eating is not just about what you eat, it is also about thinking about how and why you eat. Why do you sometimes eat when stressed, bored, sad or feeling down?

In order to change your habits and change your weight, you must first change your mind AND your feelings!
So, stop right now and think and imagine for a moment that you already have your eating under control and the healthy body that you so desperately deserve to have…
*How do you feel?
*What clothes are you wearing?
*How do you walk into a social situation?
*How do you TALK and carry yourself?
Positive thinking and knowing that you will make it, these all bring success nearer quicker.

Change your mind and change your feelings.


Hypnotherapy for overeating central London clinic


Hypnotherapy for overeating addresses your ‘self talk’


Are you saying nice things about your body and yourself? It’s amazing to consider what words we use to describe ourselves. Often we do say nice things and give ourselves compliments. However how often you do find yourself berating yourself or putting yourself down? It is very common to overeat after some critical ‘self talk’. For example, at work you might beat yourself up for some work you did. If you have some anxieties in social situations, you might be overanalysing how you spoke or acted around people. This is just simply tiring and draining. To soothe that feeling you might reach for some comforting ice cream, chocolate or whatever food is your go to choice when feeling anxious.

Overeating is often about trying avoid how you are feeling. If you often have a critical voice telling you off, then its not a surprise that you might wish to eat or do something to ‘stop’ focusing on that.

It is also often true that what we focus on is what we bring into our lives. Negative ‘self talk’ brings you down and will make success much harder to find. After all, if you talk about failure all the time, you will encourage failure to hang around in your life. Talk positively and that good energy will cause positive things to come.

During hypnotherapy for overeating sessions, if often these challenges that we look at. If you shift how you feel by shifting what you say, you will have less need to reach for food to ‘self sooth’. As such overeating will be less a problem for you.


Hypnotherapy for overeating encourages you to show love to yourself


Show a positive attitude to yourself and don’t be so hard on yourself. Give yourself a break! We sometimes talk to ourselves using words that hurt. It is surprising how often we are prepared to say insulting things to ourselves which we would never tolerate hearing from others.

A good start is to stop giving yourself a ‘putdown’ when you get something wrong. Rather think and try to say positive things, at least when you do something good, which you can be proud of. Hypnotherapy and coaching sessions will guide you to do this better.


London hypnotherapy for overeating and sugar addiction


Hypnotherapy for overeating helps create positive change

Clients who book sessions of hypnotherapy for overeating find that after a couple of sessions, they are thinking differently. Hypnotherapy can help you think more positively about yourself, how you look and the way you eat too.

A key way forward to thinking more positively is to firstly look at your thinking. This coupled with expert hypnotherapy for overeating will provide you with new ways to cut down on emotional eating, in particular at those times when you might eat when you feel down, sad, bored, and lonely or at times when you are not hungry at all.

If you want to get this area of your life under control, get in touch today. I offer a zero cost initial phone consultation, which will already start you towards becoming the slimmer you with greater control around food. 

During your free initial consultation you can ask any question you have about my hypnotherapy for overeating sessions. You find as well that the call helps you clarify more about why you wish to make changes and feel more motivation too. I am also very happy to explain more how my London hypnotherapy sessions work and what hypnotherapy is all about.


How many hypnotherapy for overeating sessions will I need?


Overeating and emotional eating are different from other challenges. For example, when someone wishes to quit smoking, once quit you can live extremely happily without smoking. However we all need food to live. As such overeating can’t be solved by simply not eating. Instead, together we will look at helping you create a more healthy relationship with food. The aim is to reduce feelings of compulsion around eating, as well as any feelings of guilt or shame.

As such it is important to view sessions as part of a process. This is an active process with you also doing short home assignments between sessions. I never ‘lock’ clients by demanding you book a certain number of sessions. However to see real lasting change I always suggest at least three sessions. Often I work in blocks of four or six sessions, However everyone is different so some people have just a few sessions whilst others have a greater number.

When you book an initial consultation, we can discuss how many session might be required.



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