Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Stress

London Hypnotherapist using Hypnotherapy for stress and anxiety
Jason Demant. Using Hypnotherapy for Stress and Anxiety.

Hypnotherapy, when used for anxiety and stress, can be very effective for reducing these worries about the future. Anxiety is really a fear of the future, though as if it’s happening right now. Things, of course, might be okay in the present, but occasionally our minds can runaway, thinking about things that haven’t even happened yet.

Let me tell you about a client that came to see me in London. To the casual observer, she was doing well. Life in general was going well. She had a good relationship and had young children. However she was constantly worrying about things about her business and about in the future. She had a high level of anxiety.

Using hypnotherapy, we looked at all of the things that were on her mind. Sometimes it was just over thinking. Often she would find that she would fantasise about things that could happen even though they were really unlikely. These might be some bad events that might happen to loved ones or just general concerns about which she would worry about happening in the future. Those ranged from financial matters to excessive worries about health or other things to do with her family.

During hypnotherapy sessions, we talked through her fears and we really got to the root causes. Sometimes for many people, the causes are back in childhood. We might have grown up with parents that communicated to us that we had to always be on guard or worry. Sometimes parents can expect us to be high achievers. These expectations continue on into adult life. As adults, with this ‘programming’ running, we may then have high expectations of ourselves or worry excessively about being ‘good enough’. Often this can be perfectionism, or expecting excellence all the time. This can get very tiring. It can also show up as workaholic behaviours, or being very concerned about our boss or those around us being happy with our performance. All this can be the result of ingrained expectations rooted in childhood. But like a computer programme, it is possible to take these thoughts and work to refresh or even change that programming. I help clients, in London, do this, using hypnotherapy and other interventions such as cognitive behavioural therapy.

I help people in London using hypnotherapy for anxiety and stress.

The client who I mentioned earlier saw some wonderful results from her hypnotherapy sessions. I helped her reduce her levels of over worrying and over thinking. We’re all human, so of course we worry. It’s perfectly normal to have fears about the future. It’s when those fears or worries seem a bit exaggerated or when those fears or worries get in the way of doing well in everyday life that you may need to take action.

In London, I see clients on a regular basis who have fears and worries that they want to work on. However it is sometimes hard to differentiate between anxiety and stress.

Anxiety is really, as mentioned, a fear of the future. Whereas stress can be more about events very much happening in the present. For example, right now you might be stressed because you’re late for work. This is a different experience from having a strong underlying anxiety about events that may or may not happen in the future. Of course, there can be an overlap and there can be a similarity.

Often with stress, it’s about lowering and doing better with prioritizing your wellbeing. Do you get any exercise? Do you have time in your week to relax? But again, of course, it can also come down to those inner thoughts and programming that we have. And again this programming can, as mentioned, be from childhood. What sort of ‘programming’ do you still have running from childhood? Is it causing any conflict or stress for you? What would you prefer to think and feel?

During hypnotherapy sessions for anxiety and stress, I really work hard to help you look at those thoughts and change them around. After hypnotherapy sessions people often feel not just calmer but a greater sense and awareness of themselves. It’s as if the pressure has been taken off.

Stress, unfortunately, is a fact of life. But stress, when you think about it, is also a thought. If you think about it, there are many events that happen to us in our lives. It is a choice that we make as to whether we get stressed about them or not.

Sometimes it’s the language we use. Have you noticed that at times you might say, “oh, work really stressed me out today”. But is it true that work stress you out? Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that, “work felt stressful” or rather you “allowed work to cause you stress”. We each have a choice about how we choose to feel about a situation or event.

I really enjoy seeing clients lower their stress levels. What I really enjoy is seeing clients, after a couple of sessions, realising that they have a power of choice and they can make a decision as to what they allow to cause them stress or anxiety. Of course there are things that will always cause anxiety and that’s normal. But we can make a choice.

So I hope that you’re able to think about the choices you make about your wellbeing and your levels of stress. I hope that you have a peaceful and relaxing day ahead.

Looking forward to talking to you again soon.