Hypnotherapy East London


Hypnotherapy East London


What Is Hypnotherapy in East London?


Hypnotherapy is a focused state that enables the subconscious mind to generate changes in thoughts, perception and behaviours.  At my East London clinic I help people with hypnotherapy reduce anxiety, stress, smoking, overeating, and phobias and just feel better about life on a daily basis. Maybe hypnotherapy East London is for you? Click here to find out about sessions.


History of hypnotherapy

Although the term ‘hypnotherapy’ is derived from the Greek word ‘Hypnos’, meaning to sleep, hypnotherapy is far from this. Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy that has been used throughout history and has seen huge development since the turn of the 19th Century. There are many great developers of hypnotherapy, with two being I.P .Pavlov and Milton Erickson. At my East London clinic close to King’s Cross, I use methods that comes from these great pioneers of hypnotherapy.


What happens during a Hypnotherapy East London session?

During a hypnotherapy session in East London, you will be conscious and in control, yet in a deeply relaxed state, guided by me, your hypnotherapist. During this time, your subconscious mind is open to positive behaviour-changing suggestions, whilst always being fully in control and able to stop the session at any time. Hypnotherapy is effective for all ages, and the possibilities to what it can help with are almost endless.


Hypnotherapy East London will help you with thoughts & beliefs

We each create our reality from our thoughts and beliefs. Some beliefs are put into our heads by our parents, family and friends, whilst others we create ourselves through our life experiences. There are moments when these beliefs could lead to low self-esteem, lack of confidence and even fear, but when they become overwhelming and constant they have a negative impact on our life.


Hypnotherapy in East London


Hypnotherapy in East London facts

You may wonder what is hypnotherapy like? At my East London clinic, it is a safe and beneficial treatment. Hypnotherapy is a completely natural state of mind. Many people experience a hypnotic state several times a day. Have you ever driven a familiar route in your car and arrived at your destination and can’t remember the journey? Or caught yourself day dreaming and unaware of what was going on around you?  ‘That’s self hypnotherapy’

The unconscious mind does not like changes hence it can be very difficult to change alone. But in a hypnotic state, the unconscious mind can be persuaded to make the shift once it realises that the changes are beneficial.

During hypnotherapy session in East London, the client is guided by me into a relaxed state in order for the unconscious mind to be accessed. The unconscious mind is where we store our behaviours and beliefs, which contribute to the way we chose to live our daily lives. As not all behaviour and habits serve us well, we need to access the unconscious in order to remove the negative ones and to create more positive thought processes.

The client remains fully in control, the therapist’s role is really to help them to access their subconscious mind and to bring about the wanted change within a code of ethics and confidentiality.


Hypnotherapy East London and looking at childhood experiences

It’s interesting to note, that many of our unhelpful patterns are created before we reach the age of 21, many prior to the age of 14. Therefore, in adulthood, knowing what started the original negative emotion or pattern of thought is often hard to establish on our own, that’s where your therapist comes in.

This type of hypnotherapy has almost limitless possibilities and works by giving you positive visualisations and affirmations that calm and focus your mind. This allows the whole experience to be relaxing and therefore makes you feel comfortable and safe.

Hypnotherapy can be used for weight management, addiction, anxiety, low self-esteem, abuse, loss and separation, depression, sleeping problems, confidence issues, motivation, coping with nerves, and removing any mental blocks that are stopping you from living the life you deserve.


Hypnotherapy East London free initial phone consultation

I offer a FREE initial phone consultation, during which I will explain how hypnotherapy works, what will happen during our sessions and answer any questions you may, no matter how small. It is important that you have everything you need to ensure that I am the right hypnotherapist for you. Get in touch today to find out more about hypnotherapy in East London.


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