Hypnosis for Sugar Addiction in London


Are you struggling to maintain a healthy diet due to your sugar cravings? I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that sugar intake has a lot of adverse effects. One of the most critical effects of sugar consumption is that it upsets your built-in automatic blood sugar regulation mechanism, with obesity and diabetes being a potential results. Your body can swing between having very high blood sugar levels and low blood sugar levels. If you are looking for hypnosis for sugar addiction in London, I am here to help. Click here for information about sessions.


Hypnosis for sugar addiction in London


After a sugar binge, you may feel anxious and panicky. When the effect wears off, you can feel tired and sluggish, down and guilty, which may set up a new craving. The impact of sugar on your brain has been compared to that of cocaine. People struggling with sugar addiction confess, “I know I am intelligent and reasonable. But when it comes to sugar, I feel like I am out of control.”


Hypnosis for sugar addiction and symptoms


Sugar can addict you in various ways, including:

  • Mentally: your mind expects you to have sugar using particular triggers until you feed the sugar cravings
  • Physically: sugar addiction causes an imbalance in the body that demands you eat sugar for your body to feel normal. Perhaps a rush of dopamine, becomes associated with eating sugary foods.
  • Emotionally: if you are addicted to sugar, you start associating it with comfort, relaxation and escape from feelings. You might use it as a substitute for the real thing, meaning eating more sugar becomes your (false) source of joy.


How can hypnosis help you to deal with your sugar addiction?


I use hypnosis and therapy exercises to help people in London and online reduce sugar cravings. Sessions will help you understand why you reach for chocolate, sweets, candies and other foods when you are not hungry. Together we will come up with solutions. Hypnosis helps to embed change at a deeper level, so you can more easily say no to sugar long term. Session will give you skills and the power to resist sugar intake and make healthier choices.


Hypnosis tips to reduce sugar cravings.


Eat Healthy If You Are Hungry


It will help a lot to note that sugar craving is not the same as hunger. If you feel hungry, it is your body asking for nourishment. On the other hand, cravings happen because your brain asks for something that will release dopamine into the system. So if you are hungry and you experience a craving, it may feel difficult to say “No.”

If you are hungry and experience sugar cravings, the best advice will be to eat a healthy meal or snack. It’s often about preparation, so ensure your kitchen has enough pre-made meals and healthy snack food. You can take foods rich in proteins, including fish, eggs, meat, etc. Eating real food may not feel appetising or fun when you are experiencing cravings. However, it would help you move away from old habits.


Hypnosis for sugar addiction


Take a Hot Shower


If you are experiencing sugar cravings, a hot shower or bath can, so some, do the trick and eliminate the cravings. Do this by ensuring the water is hot enough to the degree of being almost uncomfortable. However, you should try your best not to burn your skin in the process! Allow the hot water to run over your back and shoulders for 5-10 minutes so that it heats you up. You are likely to experience a dizzy feeling like you are in a sauna when you leave the shower. Your sugar craving is likely to be gone by the time you finish the shower.


Take a Brisk Walk


Taking a brisk walk outside can also help you deal with the sugar addiction feelings. If you can run, running will be the better option. Taking a brisk walk works in two ways. First, you are getting away from the food that’s triggering the craving. Also the walk or run helps you release endorphins, the feel-good hormone that can help say no to the craving.


Drink water.


Dehydration can be a cause of cravings.


Talk to a friend.


Speak with a friend who can understand what you are going through and won’t judge you. Share with them what you are going through.


Ensure you get proper sleep.


Sleeping well and looking after you wellbeing in general is always sound advice. Sleep is vital for your overall body health and can also help prevent cravings.


Hypnotherapy for sugar addiction


Avoid common food triggers.


It will be best to avoid places and activities that trigger your craving for sugar. You might also consider avoiding artificial sweeteners.


Hypnosis for sugar addiction in London can help


Hypnosis involves getting your body and mind into a deep state of relaxation. Your mind is divided into conscious and unconscious parts. The conscious is also known as the cognitive faculty, and it is responsible for evaluating, analysing, and making decisions.

Your conscious mind tells you that, rationally, sugar is not the best option for your health, and you can decide you want to change. However, you may find yourself unable to let go of your habits. On the other hand, the subconscious mind is responsible for everything that happens to us daily and it is also responsible for our feelings.

During a hypnosis session, hypnotherapy can help you bypass the cognitive faculty and speak directly to your subconscious mind, including positive suggestions to replace the negative sugar related thoughts in your mind.

If you are struggling with weight loss due to your sugar cravings, a few hypnosis sessions can really shift your negative thoughts of inability to deal with the issue.


So, how does hypnosis help you in dealing with your sugar craving?


Here are a few mindset changes that can help you deal with the challenge:


Rename the sugar withdrawal symptoms


If you’ve decided to say no to sugar consumption, you may experience some physical sensations that happen as your body adjusts. The physical sensations are known as withdrawal symptoms. If, for example, you are recovering from drug addiction, the withdrawal symptoms can include sweating, convulsions, etc., which are very demanding on your body.

How you label an experience is essential in determining how you live it. For example, if you associate sugar withdrawal with drug addiction’s negative and scary physical sensations, you might be scared to stop taking sugar.

What can you do?


If you want to stop the agitation, you should focus on what you are going to eat instead of what you will not eat. For example, instead of focusing your attention on trying not to eat candy the whole day, you can focus on eating fruits. Then, you engage your subconscious to enjoy that you’ll eat fruits instead of being agitated that you won’t eat candy.


Overcome Sugar Addiction With Hypnosis


Deal With Your Emotions

Hypnotherapy for sugar addiction helps you to deal with the root cause of your problems. For example, if you feel stressed, you might unconsciously eat sugar to help you feel relieved and calm. Instead of looking for the cause of the stress and dealing with it, you might use sugar to ‘sugar-coat’ your negative emotions. However, this becomes a vicious cycle as you don’t deal with the real problem and you gain weight or rot your teeth.


Would you love to improve your relationship with food, cut down sugar and feel healthier?  Hypnosis for sugar addiction in London could really help you make those changes you would like to see. Get in touch today to find out more.


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