Hypnosis for Gastric Band


Hypnosis for gastric band is a technique which brings the power of hypnosis to help you lose weight. Using this tool, as a London hypnotherapist, I use visualisations to suggest to your subconscious that you have indeed had a real gastric band fitted around your tummy. For many this hypnosis process brings long lasting changes. It is importantly a surgery free, non-drug and perfectly safe alternative to weight loss surgery. A short hypnosis for gastric band package can have many of the positive effects, without any of the potential side effects. You can find details of my gastric band hypnosis package here and my regular weight loss sessions by clicking here.


Hypnosis for Gastric Band


What to expect from hypnosis for gastric band


A traditional gastric band procedure provides a form of weight loss surgery that is frequently considered a last resort. Often people have tried everything else before embarking on this option. The surgeon fits a band around the upper part of the stomach. This band acts to physically limit how much food you can eat. You simply are unable to eat as much, so feel fuller quicker and in many cases, weight loss results easily.

However, research has shown that patients undergoing a physical gastric band operation can face a number of complications. As well as the dangers surgery can have anyways, in the months and years following surgery, there is a risk of the band slipping or eroding. From a psychological perspective, if the reasons for overeating have not been properly addressed, a gastric band doesn’t always stop overeating or binge eating, which is an emotional challenge more than a physical one.

The often significant and sustained weight loss that accompanies many gastric band operations can be very appealing for those who have struggled with yo-yo dieting or simply find overeating or weight loss a problem. Surgery seems like a magical solution. However, a ‘virtual gastric band’ is a wonderful alternative as you don’t get the side effects. There is no actual surgery.  Also, importantly, hypnosis for gastric band includes looking at why you overeat and helping you look more at why losing weight has been difficult for you.

By working with your subconscious, at my London hypnotherapy practice, I help you, on an unconscious level, to believe that you’ve had a procedure which now means your stomach has reduced in size and your appetite and desire for food has reduced also. No surgery or medication is involved. It is a safer and painless alternative to a real life gastric band.


What is a gastric band?


A gastric band is an adjustable silicone device used in weight loss surgery. The band is positioned around the upper part of your stomach. This creates a small pouch above the band. This acts to restrict the amount of food which may be stored in your tummy. In turn this makes it difficult to eat large amounts.

A gastric band is available through private surgery, or for people with a BMI of 40 or over, and meet specific criteria for an NHS procedure,. A gastric band is one of three weight-loss surgeries most commonly offered today. The main benefit of a gastric band is long-term weight loss. However, the surgery itself won’t do much as in order to see the benefits, it is still vital to change diet, exercise more regularly, and attend post-surgery follow-up consultations to get support too.

The aim of a gastric band operation is to restrict the quantity of food you can physically eat. This will cause a person to feel full after eating a reduced amount of food and in so doing encourage weight loss. For most people who have this surgery, it is the last resort after trying other methods of weight loss. Like any surgery, fitting a gastric band comes with risks.


If you have a real life physical gastric band, some risks include:


  • The band slipping out of place. This can then cause you to feel sick, vomiting, and experience heartburn. Further surgery may then be required to readjust or remove the band.
  • A leak in your gut. Following a gastric bypass or gastric sleeve (another type of gastric band), there is a possibility that food may leak into your tummy. This can cause a serious infection and you may need antibiotics and surgery to repair any damage caused.
  • A blocked gut. Blockages in the digestive system can cause vomiting, tummy pain, trouble swallowing, and bowel movement issues. Blockages can be serious and may have to be cleared by a professional.
  • Malnutrition. Absorbing the right amount of vitamins and minerals can become a problem after weight loss surgery. Diet may have been poor before surgery, but now digestion may be affected and you are eating less. Some even have to take supplements for life to avoid the risks of malnutrition.
  • Women who have had a physical gastric band, sleeve, or bypass, are recommended to avoid becoming pregnant for 12-18 months post-surgery.


How does a physical gastric band  differ from the hypnosis for gastric band procedure? Can a virtual gastric band really have the same benefits?


Hypnosis for gastric band is used to help people lose weight. As mentioned, it simply does not have the risks that come with surgery. In London, with hypnosis clients,  I use a two-pronged approach. The first stage is to identify the root cause of your emotional eating.


Hypnosis for gastric band and emotional eating


Emotional eating can be a common but unhealthy way of coping with challenging feelings or emotions. Do you ever find yourself reaching for food when you are feeling down, upset or stressed? Often we can rely on food as a treat or reward for a challenging day or as a fallback when feeling bored. Eating like this may be a sign that you are using food to help boost your mood. Over time, emotional eating can lead to feelings of guilt or shame, which in turn may lead to a cycle of unhealthy eating habits. This in turn can lead to disordered eating, binge eating, obesity and low self esteem.

Using hypnosis, at my London practice, I encourage clients to remember long-forgotten experiences surrounding food that may be subconsciously affecting them in the present. I often also help people to recognise patterns, reactions, or behaviours which may go unnoticed and contribute to emotional eating or weight gain. I consider addressing and recognising any unhealthy thought patterns surrounding food to be helpful before starting gastric band hypnosis.

The second stage is the actual virtual gastric band hypnosis treatment. Gastric band hypnosis is designed to suggest, at a subconscious level, that you have had a real operation to insert a gastric band. The aim is, of course, for your body to respond to this by making you feel fuller quicker and from less food, just as if you had the real life surgery.

Unlike with diets, having  hypnosis for gastric band is really designed to help you make big lifestyle changes. By recognising and addressing underlying eating issues, I help you to recognise those common triggers. We work with your subconscious to help you to feel fuller for longer. Hypnosis can really help you take those first steps towards making wonderful positive changes.


Hypnosis for Gastric Band London


Hypnosis for gastric band verses a diet


Diets simply don’t deal with thoughts, emotions or the permanent lifestyle changes required. A diet won’t create a sustainable long-term change in your eating habits and attitude to food. Many diet plans are a temporary fix and can be difficult to maintain on an on-going basis. Frequently a diet is simply too restrictive or they totally deprive you of needed food groups or can take the fun and enjoyment out of eating foods.

By encouraging you to count calories or measure portion sizes or even totally omit some food groups, many diets only end up making you more obsessed with food and eating. This can take the pleasure out of eating and lead, in fact, to craving more of certain foods and a diet-overeating or binge and restricting cycle can start.


How does hypnosis for gastric band actually work?


Using relaxation techniques, as your hypnotherapist, I will safely put you into a state of hypnosis. In this relaxed state, your subconscious is more open to suggestion. It is important to note that this isn’t mind control and you are in fact free to open your eyes at any time should you wish to do so.

At this point in the hypnosis we run through some visualisations in which you imagine going to a clinic and having the procedure carried out. Alongside this I make suggestions to your subconscious that you appetite is now lowered an desire to eat decreased.

The mind is powerful, so if your subconscious accepts these suggestions, and your behaviour should, hopefully also change accordingly. Usually, along with the ‘fitting’ of the virtual gastric band, suggestions surrounding confidence and behaviour will all contribute to helping you commit to positive and healthy changes in lifestyle.

Many therapists will also teach self-hypnosis emotional eating techniques so you can enhance the work you’ve done following the session. Educating yourself on nutrition and exercise is also advisable, in order to promote physical health and well-being.


Gastric Band Hypnotherapy and unhealthy relationships with food


If you are considering weight-related surgery or hypnosis alternatives, it may also be worth considering your relationship with food. Merely focusing on the end goal of weight loss can often overlook underlying causes of an unhealthy relationship with food. Sometimes issues may be affecting you across different areas in your life and also impact your self-confidence, self-esteem and cause feelings of anxiety or guilty. You might find thoughts and feelings hold you back in social or work-related situations.

Overeating can affect anyone, at any age, and in any number of different ways. If you are worried that your eating habits may be impacting your overall health and well-being, it’s important to speak with your GP first.


What to expect: Getting a virtual gastric band


I run two gastric band hypnosis programmes, one of four sessions and one of six. Your first session is always about your goals and getting more to grips with underlying causes of weight gain. As well as discussing what you hope to gain from hypnosis, your first session is an opportunity to talk about any previous weight loss attempts, your eating habits, any health issues and your general attitude towards food. This session will help you gain insight into why you eat as you do and also give, me, as a hypnotherapist, a clearer idea of what will help and whether or not any other forms of treatment should be considered also.

The hypnosis procedure itself is designed to mimic gastric band surgery and to instruct your subconscious to believe it has really happened. To make the experience more authentic, many hypnotherapists will incorporate the sounds and smells of an operating theatre. The session will begin by taking you into a deeply relaxed state, also known as hypnosis. You will be aware of what is happening and will be in control at all times. Once you are in a hypnotic state, we going deeply into the ‘operation’. I explain step-by-step what happens in surgery, from being put under the anaesthetic, to the first incision, fitting the band itself and stitching up the cut. The sounds and smells of an operating theatre will enhance the experience, to persuade your subconscious that what’s being said is really happening to you. Other suggestions may be incorporated during the procedure to increase self-confidence. Once the procedure is complete, I may teach you some self-hypnosis techniques to help you stay on track at home.

Depending on the packeg you choose, you will have a number of follow-up appointments to help monitor the virtual gastric band’s success, as well as to make any adjustments. This mirrors what happens when people get the real physical band fitted too. For some, it can be helpful to continue hypnotherapy sessions as part of a long-term weight management plan. This allows me, your hypnotherapist, to work with you to address underlying issues surrounding food and self-esteem.

Gastric band hypnosis should form part of a weight management programme that addresses nutrition and exercise habits. It is the combination of changing habits in both body and mind that is often most successful for those seeking weight loss.


Gastric band hypnosis


How will I feel after?


For those who overeat, recognising when you’re physically full can be difficult. Sometimes we eat purely for the taste or comfort, ignoring whether or not we are physically hungry. Learning to recognise the physical sensations of being hungry and being full is helpful for cultivating healthy eating habits. The procedure should be a pleasant and relaxing experience, with most people reporting a feeling of calm when they come out of hypnosis.


Will gastric band hypnosis work for me?


A common question for those trying hypnotherapy for the first time is; will it work for me? Unfortunately, it isn’t a simple case of yes or no. It is largely up to you in fact. Hypnotherapy helps people with a range of concerns but is particularly useful when it comes to changing habits. For this reason, it is often successful in helping people develop healthy eating habits and lose weight. However, just like any other lifestyle change, it will require your total commitment.

No weight-loss method, from surgery to diets, are guaranteed to achieve specific results. Similarly, as with any form of hypnosis, the results of gastric band hypnotherapy are dependent on you approaching the process with an open mind, as well as being ready and willing to make changes.

You are more likely to make sustainable changes and get what you want from gastric band hypnotherapy if you believe in the process and your therapist. Being comfortable and trusting your hypnotherapist is essential. To help ensure you feel confortable about sessions, I always offer a free phone consultation, so you can ask any quesions you may have. If you are committed to making a lifestyle change, believe in your ability to make those changes and trust me, your hypnotherapist, gastric band hypnosis should work for you.


Is a virtual gastric band the right solution for me?


Whether or not a virtual gastric band is right for you can depend on many different factors. For some people, it can be a great alternative to traditional surgery. Others may find it to be a helpful tool in creating positive lifestyle changes and sustainable weight loss. Whatever your situation is, it’s important to remember that there are many different solutions and options available to you. Get in touch today to discuss if hypnosis for gastric band is right for you.

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