Hypnosis for Fear of Needles


If you suffer from Trypanophobia a fear of medical procedures such as injections or a fear of needles or pins, then hypnosis can help. Hypnosis for fear of needles is a great method to help lower anxiety and stress when you have a needle phobia. If you have a fear of needles, get in touch today. Sessions online and in person in King’s Cross, London.


Hypnosis for fear of needles


Hypnosis for fear of needles can help you


A fear of needles, injections or sharp objects,  such as pins, glass or knives is extremely common and it is estimated by Anxiety UK that perhaps up to 10% of the UK population suffer from this condition. With this phobia, life can run as usual, however, needles and injections are commonplace and are used for everything from holiday jabs to blood tests and immunisation, so they are hard to avoid.


Fear of needles and the avoidance of Injections


Anxiety causes a part of your mind to want to avoid what it considers to be a threat. The prospect of an injection can trigger extreme fear to remove you from situations considered to be harmful. Yet injections are not life-threatening and in most cases barely hurt at all. Hypnosis for fear of needles can help you feel calmer about these events.

Whilst you may be able to avoid injections for a limited period of time, eventually a situation may arise where it is more difficult to avoid injection. Perhaps you may have an infected tooth and find yourself in extreme pain and urgently need dental treatment. Alternatively, you may decide that you want a baby but in order to do that, you may need to undergo blood tests.

The more you avoid the situation you fear, it can be that your anxiety can increase. Hypnosis for fear of needles helps by, in the safety of the consulting room, allowing you to confront your fear and assist in calming the emotional responses. This will hopefully help you feel more in control. Generally, hypnosis for a fear of injections is a relatively fast treatment involving between two to four sessions.


What Causes a fear of needles?


A fear of needles is generally triggered in childhood when you were giving inoculations or tests. Perhaps you were forcibly held down by your parents or doctor and this made you even more fearful of the procedure. In some incidences, the phobia begins because the child sees someone else in distress when they are having an injection and their subconscious tries to protect them by making sure they don’t have to suffer the same fate.

Yet the worry about pain is not the only reason why needle phobia sufferers may have their problem as indirect links can also be behind the anxiety. Clients I see in London will often talk about wider concerns, including other life anxieties, a fear of blood or a fear of hospitals and medical procedures.


Fear of needles and the vasovagal response


Certain medical conditions linked to the needle phobia can be inherited and may cause a problem with fainting at the sight of a needle. A person having an injection sees the person moving towards them to give them an injection. This sight triggers the vagus nerve. This then slows your heart down, lowers your blood pressure and makes you feel faint. Clearly, if this has happened a few times, then most people, understandably, are going to be unwilling to have another injection. For more information about the Vagus nerve, click here.


Hypnosis helps with a worry about not having control


Another indirect reason for a fear of needles is a worry about not being in control when confronted with a medical procedure. This anxiety may be linked to an experience they had as a child with a doctor or dentist or because of general fears and worries about not being safe unless they are in charge. Hypnosis for fear of needles will often involve addressing this wider concern too. Hypnosis for a fear of needles can help you to find the root causes of your problem, so you better understand where your fear is coming from.


Claustrophobia and hypnosis for fear of needles


A person’s life can be impacted by other fears and phobias, and these can trigger problems, including a phobia of injections or needles. Claustrophobia, for example is a fear of confined spaces. Such an anxiety can cause worry about being stuck in a small area when they are getting their injections or that they can’t escape the procedure. So, a fear of being trapped can result in worry about vaccinations or blood tests. It is common for people at my London practice to explain that they worry that once they are in the room they are stuck and are unable to get out. This, again, can be linked to previous memories of a situation in which they felt they couldn’t escape.


Hypnosis for fear of needles London


Hospitals and medical buildings and a fear of needles


Unfortunately, hospitals and medical buildings can feel scary for some people. Sometimes due to a previous problematic experience in one or that they have a family member who has had a bad experience in a medical setting. Learning to detach the old memories from your current situation can often be achieved using hypnosis for fear of needles.


Social Anxiety and a fear of needles


Finally, social anxiety, which is a fear of being judged by others or a fear of embarrassment, can also cause a fear of medical procedures, such as injections. A person might worry that they will start to panic and look foolish in the room, so they will then avoid the situation completely.


Needle phobia symptoms


Having a needle phobia can impact your mental health and also give you strong physical symptoms. Some of the feelings experienced can include:

  • Anxiety
  • Fainting
  • Trembling
  • Sweating
  • Shaking
  • Panic Attacks
  • Feeling Like Running Away
  • Fear of Pain
  • Irrational Fear


In some cases, a fear of needles or injections can become so problematic that health may be threatened, since a person is too fearful to undergo needed medical procedures. My London needle phobia hypnosis treatment helps to calm down the anxiety response and has major benefits. It is a relatively fast form of therapy, which is especially helpful when a person wishes to resolve the problem quickly, should there be a vaccination or blood test coming up in the near future.


Hypnosis for fear of needles in London


Hypnosis for needle phobia can help because it reduces and desensitises you to your fear. When you are in hypnosis you are in a deep state of relaxation and therefore your anxiety response to your triggers is significantly less already.

My needle phobia hypnosis sessions help in a number of different ways. Firstly, all forms of hypnosis are relatively calming and relaxing and this itself helps to make you feel calmer and more in control.

Hypnosis for fear of needles can help you understand the root cause of your problem and this isn’t always directly linked with injections or even medical procedures. Dealing with the underlying cause is often the best approach to removing a fear or phobia and helping improve your mental health.


Booking your needle phobia hypnosis treatment


If you have a challenge with a fear of needles or injections or would like to speak more about hypnosis for fear of needles in London or by online sessions then please give me a call on: 07504742606 or click here to send an email enquiry.

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