How to Lose Weight by Hypnosis


If you wish to lose weight by hypnosis, hypnosis (hypnotherapy can be a highly effective way of challenging unhelpful food thoughts and mindsets that may be subconsciously (or consciously) affecting your chances of successfully losing weight. I help people lose weight by hypnosis in London. My main office is in King’s Cross, with easy access to West and East London. I also offer hypnosis for weight loss sessions online. Get in touch today for more details.


lose weight by hypnosis


Would you love to lose weight by hypnosis?


According to the government statistics, about two-thirds (62.8%) of adults in the UK are considered to be obese or overweight. The diet industry is worth millions of pounds, with the average person trying 126 fad diets during the course of their lifetime. So, it really is no wonder that so many of us are desperate to find a way of losing weight that not only works but is easy and will last long-term.


How can you lose weight by hypnosis?


As a professional and qualified hypnotherapist, I have many years experience in weight loss. I use hypnosis to help you lose weight. Clients who see me in London discover how to overcome moments of temptation, reduce overeating, portion control and challenge unhealthy or unhelpful thought processes, so they live a happier, healthier life. When you lose weight by hypnosis, you gain extra skills and confidence too.

Losing weight can sometimes be a long and difficult process. This isn’t made any easier by conflicting, often unhelpful advice from social media, advertising, and entertainment. There are so many products and adverts encouraging you to buy weight loss pills and other fad weight-reducing programmes, often focusing on restricting what you eat, rather than truly addressing how you eat or what you think about food. It’s no surprise that some develop negative attitudes and thoughts around what, how, and even when we eat.

Hypnosis for weight loss gives to skills to help you feel more confident about your body, change unhelpful thoughts about eating, and help you to lose weight responsibly and for the long term. When you lose weight by hypnosis, the hypnotherapy targets the unconscious mind with powerful suggestion techniques. Hypnosis can help you develop a much more positive relationship with food and exercise, both of which are key to healthy, long-term weight loss and management.


Do you need to lose weight by hypnosis?


Do you really need to lose weight? Understanding what a healthy weight is for your height and age is often a good place to start. Always take into account your physical activity levels too. Before you begin your weight loss journey, it’s worth asking yourself why you truly want or need to lose weight. Is it to improve your health? Has a medical professional recommended weight loss? Or are you worried about what others may think about you?


Body confidence and hypnosis


While it is always great to help people lose weight by hypnosis, if a person is overweight, it’s not good to feel ashamed about the need or desire to lose weight. As I frequently see with London clients our ideas about body shape and size are so tied in with the western ideal of beauty, so then people are constantly looking for ‘quick fixes’ to cut corners.

This is where hypnosis for weight loss can help. In order to change your body, you need to first change your mind. You have to ask yourself – why am I unhappy with my body, and why can’t I lose weight?


Lose weight by hypnosis facts


In essence, hypnosis for weight loss is the therapeutic use of hypnosis to help bring changes in habits and thoughts to help you change unwanted eating habits, behaviours, or emotions that may be impacting you.

When you lose weight by hypnosis, the hypnosis begins with putting you into a state of deep relaxation. I will use different techniques to help change thought patterns, help you to understand why you may struggle to maintain or lose weight, as well as identify ways you might be sabotaging yourself with unhealthy choices of behaviours.


Can you actually lose weight by hypnosis?


One of the most commonly asked questions in hypnosis for weight loss consultations is, will I actually lose weight by hypnosis? Will it work for me? The answer to that is that it’s hard to know until you try it. While it certainly won’t work in the same way for everyone, the process of talking about developing good habits, and getting rid of bad habits, should help plant a new level of awareness when it comes to food and exercise.

For sustained weight loss, lose weight by hypnosis and also look at a healthy eating plan and exercise regime. If you want advice about eating better and exercising, you may find it useful to speak to your doctor or a dietitian.  As I see with London clients, it is often a combined effort of all these things that lead to success.

Research has shown that hypnosis for weight loss may offer a more effective option than diet and exercise alone. Studies have looked at the effects of diet advice alone for weight loss, compared to hypnosis for weight loss. While all participants lost weight, those who undertook hypnosis lost more on average, warranting further research into hypnotherapy as a potential treatment option for obesity. Further studies around people who lose weight by hypnosis and cognitive behavioural therapy for weight loss have suggested that hypnosis will enhance weight loss.

Hypnosis for weight loss has the capacity to work for most people, but it’s vital to remember that some of us are more susceptible to suggestion than others. In order to get the most out of any form of hypnosis, it’s important to be committed to the process, have an open mind, be open to change, since scepticism can subconsciously decrease your susceptibility.


lose weight by hypnosis London


How do sessions to lose weight by hypnosis work?


Hypnotherapy for weight loss is becoming increasingly popular. More and more people wish to lose weight by hypnosis. As I see with London clients, over time, through a series of weight loss hypnotherapy sessions, you will learn how to replace unhealthy habits, thoughts, and eating patterns with more positive ones.

Hypnosis for weight loss works by helping you to rethink and reshape your relationship with and attitudes towards food and eating. For many people, it can offer a sense of relief and lessen stress or tension around food and eating. Hypnotherapy for weight loss can help you break down unhealthy methods of coping with emotions or events that you may have subconsciously formed with food, helping you to recognise these unhelpful thoughts and processes.

Hypnosis can also help you learn how to reframe your approach to losing weight. Instead of viewing the process as ‘hard’, ‘impossible’, or ‘bound to fail’, as a London hypnotherapist, I help you gain a clearer picture of your motivations for wanting to lose weight in the first place, and help you to become more focused and stay motivated.

For example, many people at my London clinic say they want to lose weight to ‘look better’ – but that alone may not be a strong enough motivator. Why really do you want to ‘look better’ – is it that you actually want to feel better? Is your confidence low? Are you worried that your appearance may be affecting your career progression, your romantic relationships, or even influencing how your children’s own relationships with food are developing? Through a better understanding why you want to lose weight, I can help you towards achieving your goal.


What to expect from hypnosis for weight loss


What actually happens during a hypnotherapy session for weight loss? To lose weight by hypnosis, it is good to know what to expect from sessions. Before you begin your hypnotherapy sessions, typically we will talk through how hypnosis works, establish what goals you wish to achieve, and find out if there are any specific areas you wish to address.


During a typical session, as your hypnotherapist I will:


  • Guide you into a state of deep relaxation.
  • Once your body and mind are fully relaxed, using calming visualisations, we will access your unconscious mind (the part of us that works all of the time, but that we’re not necessarily aware of, such as our survival mechanisms and innate instincts).
  • I use a soothing, carefully worded script to explore your reasons for overeating, and suggest new ways of thinking through powerful visualisations. You always have the control to reject any suggestions you don’t feel happy with.


Which hypnosis techniques are used for weight loss?


Which techniques are used can vary greatly depending on your reasons for wanting to lose weight. Some of the typical visualisation techniques that may be used include:

  • Visualising the body you want or the level of fitness/health you wish to achieve.
  • Imagining how you will feel with your new look and health.
  • Imagining yourself reaching that goal effortlessly.
  • Decrease desire for fatty or sugary foods
  • Reducing appetite and food cravings
  • Imagining how energised and confident you can feel.
  • Realising that the more you exercise, the more you will want to exercise and the easier it will become to do so.

These hypnosis techniques are designed to empower you so that you can take control of your choices. If you’re worried that your relationship with certain types of food is becoming unhealthy, however, hypnotherapy for food addiction could help you to break these negative thought patterns.

Through weight loss hypnosis, you can learn to enjoy the taste of healthy food and stop craving sugary, fatty foods. You may also learn to enjoy your body and not see it as a source of anxiety. By tackling those deep feelings connected with your eating habits, hypnosis for weight loss can help you adopt a healthier lifestyle and a happier mindset. You can indeed lose weight by hypnosis!


lose weight by hypnosis London UK


Is hypnosis for weight loss safe?


Yes, hypnotherapy is safe for most people. While adverse reactions are rare, some potential side effects can include experiencing headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, or anxiety.  If you have a mental health condition in which you suffer from hallucinations, hypnosis is probably not advised. Always check with a qualified health professional if you have any concerns.


How long does hypnosis for weight loss take?


The length and number of sessions needed to lose weight by hypnosis can vary from person to person. This may depend on your goals and what is going on for you. Some people may see results in as few as one to three sessions, whilst others may need more sessions to help reinforce suggestions and positive changes.


Yes, I’d love to lose weight by hypnosis, what’s my next step?


Just get in touch today to discuss how my London and online sessions can help you.

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