How Fear of Flying Hypnosis Can Transform Your Travels


Are you looking for help with a fear of flying? At my London practice, I use fear of flying hypnosis solutions to help people feel more comfortable about airplane travel. Sometimes it is a fear of danger, feeling trapped, feeling claustrophobic or just a high level of general life anxiety that can make flying feeling uncomfortable. In the safety of my consulting room, close to King’s Cross, I guide people to feeling calmer and more in control.  I also offer sessions online. Maybe fear of flying hypnosis can help you also?


Fear of flying hypnosis


Fear of flying hypnosis in London


Let’s talk more about fear of flying and how hypnosis can help. I would like to share with you some thoughts about fears and phobias, and the negative self-talk which can accompany them. I help people with a range of fears or phobias in London and fear of flying is one of the most frequently asked for.


How is a fear of flying created?


If a person has a fear of flying they will usually picture the same scenario over and over again. This might be replaying a future flight, inkling how they get to the airport, getting on the plane, if there’s turbulence, an assumed plane crash, and for many even the thought that they die. A person with a fear of flying, will often just keep replaying that scenario over and over again. Those thoughts fly through the mind swiftly, so what the person is left with is some sort of scenario or visualisation or imagination of that exact same type of scenario. Importantly they also have a physical anxiety feeling and for many it’s now that physical feeling that becomes the object of fear too. All of this is really going on within the subconscious, so a subconscious focused treatment is need. That’s where fear of flying hypnosis steps in and aims to interrupt those internal scary movies being played on repeat.

Because the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what you imagine and what’s real, your subconscious mind thinks that you’ve died 100, 1000, maybe even 10,000 times. Every time you think about flying, it experiences your death. Some people fly once or twice a year, a person with a fear of flying is flying on their mind over and over again.

So when the person does eventually get on the airplane, they have been rehearsing the assumed terrible outcome so many times, that it’s natural to just assume this will happen now also, on this occasion. The subconscious mind’s aim is to protect you and keep you safe, and so it’s going to do everything that it can to prevent you from getting on that airplane because it believes that movie and thinks that you will suffer harm if you do get on the plane. People experience physical anxiety symptoms, from shortness of breath, to sweaty palms, to heart rate increase, to fainting.


How to conquer your fear of flying using hypnosis


When you’re working at changing things within the subconscious mind, hypnosis helps by working with the subconscious mind and creating a different feeling or a different emotional response when thinking about flying and when actually flying.

When undoing a fear of flying with hypnosis, there’s also an important component of mindfulness which comes into play. Being aware of every time you think of flying, and actively and consciously deciding to not think about that may sound hard, but with hypnosis can get easier. With help you will decrease playing that fearful scenario over and over. , I also teach mindfulness techniques to feel calmer and more in control. Through hypnosis you can better picture what it is that you do want to feel instead of what you don’t want, so you can help the subconscious mind move to a place of calm also.

For example, in one visualisation I take people through, I get a person to imagine showing up at the airport very relaxed, in fact feeling excited about their trip. They imagine getting on the airplane, sitting down, enjoying some quiet time, reading, maybe having a nap, or watching a movie, all while still feeling calm, safe and relaxed. Then, imagine the airplane landing, and still feel calm. Imagine getting to your destination still feeling calm and relaxed. This is about telling your mind a different story. Using hypnosis I also address other specific fears be that about turbulence, feeling trapped or anything else.


What happens during a fear of flying hypnosis session?


During your session, be that in London or online, we will discuss, in detail, your phobia. Of course, you will be in the safety of the consulting room. So even if you feel a little anxious discussing this, you will be safe in the knowledge that you are safe and all is well. We will discuss what could be the underlying reasons for your phobia. The second half of the session is normally a hypnosis relaxation and visualisation. This will help you become less concerned and more relaxed about flying and reduce your phobia. It may involve running through memories to do with flying or it may be simply helping you identify and let go of things that have been on your mind that may help create your fear of flying phobia. There may be small home assignments to be carried out between hypnotherapy sessions. For example, a home assignment might be to simply drive to the airport and coming home again, if that journey was a source of stress for you.

If you feel that fear of flying hypnosis is something that will help you, please get in touch and book your free initial phone consultation. During you initial consultation, we will discuss how fear of flying hypnosis can help you fly again. Soon you will feel more comfortable to board a plane and enjoy again holidays, business trips and visiting friends and family abroad. Get in touch today.



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