Fear from flying? Try Hypnotherapy


Have you begun to experience a fear from flying? Try hypnotherapy for fear of flying sessions, whether in London or online, can help you. Rather that avoiding flying because of a fear from flying, let’s get you happy to be in the skies again. I have helped increasing numbers of people to get back to flying short or long haul flights. I’m sure hypnotherapy in London can help you also. If the thought of being on a flight leaves you feeling anxious, my sessions are for you. Click here to get in touch today.

Do you have fear of flying? Do you dread the idea of being stuck on a plane for hours, or do you have some past distressing experience with flying? What exactly does it feel like for you? Is there a specific part of the travel process or location when your fear is most intense?


Fear from flying Try Hypnotherapy


We will clear your fear of flying using hypnotherapy and then work through various scenarios to make sure that the old fears won’t come back. We will test issues such as feeling the plane moving to take off and also multiple scenarios of turbulence to make sure that the feeling is completely gone. Your subconscious mind will start to associate air travel with feeling calm and relaxed again. If you have an upcoming holiday, we will practise going through your flights and show you that on the return flight you will also feel comfortable and relaxed.


How to overcome a fear from flying


Irrational fears can sometimes take over our daily life and stop us from doing fun things like going on holiday. Clinical hypnotherapy can indeed help you overcome your fear of flying. If your work or holiday plans are being affected by you not being able to go abroad for holidays, hypnotherapy in London or online can help. If business trips bring on anticipatory anxiety for you, clinical hypnotherapy is the fastest and most effective treatment to release a flying phobia and any fear from flying.

The power of hypnotherapy can help you overcome not just fear from flying but also most fears and phobias, such as insects, heights or animals.


What causes a fear from flying?


Sometimes, the fear from flying is caused by what felt like a life-threatening event on a plane, such a drop in cabin pressure or turbulence, that happened in the past. In the safety of the consulting room, hypnotherapy allows you to revisit those distressing situations in your imagination and will help you to feel better. You will be more able to face the future with more positivity, confidence and calm.

When we travel, we tend to think about the many downsides of flying. But what if we could drop our thoughts to the floor of the aeroplane and just let go? Fear of flying hypnotherapy aims to help you “break” the old fear of flying by releasing the original thing that gave them the fear. By going back to the initial sensitising event under hypnotherapy, you are able to work with the younger aspect of yourself in order to let go of the fear of flying. As that younger self is no longer so afraid, in the present, you are then able to feel happier and confident and even sometimes excited about flying.

These new and powerful feelings can then be “anchored” to different aspects of the flight from the days before the flight, travelling to the airport, being in the airport, the engines building up, taking off and the seat belt signs going off and on etc.

A fear of flying hypnotherapy session addresses old anxieties and fear leaving you feeling calm and relaxed



Can Hypnotherapy take away your fear from flying?

The theory behind hypnotherapy for fear of flying is straightforward. We see that our brains are neurologically programmed to experience anxiety and fear very quickly when exposed to an activity or situation thought to be dangerous or frightening. We really don’t consciously decide whether something is dangerous or not. Rather we just respond automatically to the environment without our conscious awareness. So over time, for a number of reasons, flying has prompted anxiety as an automatic response. Hypnotherapy can help you release many fears and phobias including flying.

In the United States for example, over 12 million people suffer from panic attacks on a regular basis. A number of studies have shown that hypnotherapy can be effective for helping people overcome their fear of flying. One study that involved volunteers who had suffered from panic attacks during or after flying found that those who used hypnotherapy had a 50% drop in their fear-of-flying scores. Also, another study that involved volunteers who had suffered from panic attacks during a flight found that those who used hypnotherapy had a reduction in their fear-of-flight scores. Hypnotherapy has also been shown to help patients with anxiety disorders to feel better and become less anxious when they fly.


How does hypnotherapy help reduce a fear from flying?


Hypnotherapy sessions in London or online involve sitting in a comfortable chair, deep relaxation and being guided through some powerful visualisation work. For most two or three sessions are required.


If this sounds like something you want to try out for yourself or someone else, I encourage you to contact me here. Sessions could truly help change your life forever!