Drink Less in Three Steps

London hypnotherapist and addictions expert Jason Demant has created a unique and fast acting online one to one programme “Drink Less in Three Steps”, aimed at reducing unwanted increased alcohol consumption during lockdown.


Drink Less in Three Steps


Drink Less in Three Steps addresses lockdown drinking

With pubs, restaurants and other entertainment venues closed, there are fewer ways to let off steam and escape the pressures of daily life. Add in home schooling, working from home, less exercise, relationship strains, job uncertainty and increased anxiety and stress, and it is no surprise that alcohol consumption is on the rise.

A 2020 UK study carried out by University College London questioned 30,000 adults about their lockdown drinking behaviour. Published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence, the study found that 48.1 per cent reported drinking about the same, however over a quarter of people (26.2 per cent) reported drinking more.

Data provided by Dojo, a provider of secure payments for small retail businesses, shows a rise in both wine sales and bottle prices in January 2021 versus one year earlier in 2020. January has now become a traditional time to ‘detox’ and reduce alcohol, with popular initiatives such as ‘Dry January’. However 2021 has shown significant increases in alcohol consumption in some parts of the UK.

For example, the town of Ipswich saw a 166% increase in alcohol spending in January 2021, compared to January 2020. Oxford also saw a big increase of 83% and Southampton saw an increase of 48%.

Jason Demant has been helping people reduce dependency on a range of behaviours and substances for over ten years and has seen also a rise in alcohol consumption amongst his clients. He has seen an increase in enquires from people drinking more as a way to escape the anxiety, boredom or stress of lockdown.

Jason commented, “Alcohol can become an easy coping mechanism. That’s especially when working from home, as wine can be used as a treat or a way to have some ‘me time’ and mark the end of the working day or week. For some, lockdown has changed what used to be a fun and harmless social glass of wine or drink with dinner, to become a regular overindulgence with detrimental effects“

In response Jason put his experience and expertise to work and created a short specialised online three session reduction programme, “Drink Less in Three Steps”. After just three sessions, people gain long lasting skills to decrease alcohol cravings and address the underlying reasons for increased drinking.

Using hypnotherapy and aspects of coaching and cognitive behavioural therapy, “Drink Less in Three Steps” can also help reduce stress and anxiety.

Jason added, “It’s easy to drink a bit more than usual. This doesn’t mean you are a problem ‘alcoholic’ or should feel any embarrassment. Right now there is both more pressure and fewer ways to let off steam. My programme is designed to get the calm and balance back, so alcohol doesn’t feel as out of control. I support people to feel more able to cope with lockdown pressures without relying on a drink.”

The expert programme addresses three main areas:

  • The real reasons for alcohol consumption; commonly to cope with stress or to escape the routine of the day.
  • Reduce alcohol cravings using hypnotherapy guided visualisations
  • Increase confidence, motivation and positive self care activities, so you are looking after your wellbeing in healthy ways.

The programme includes audio hypnotherapy recordings. These, explains Jason, are safe and anyone can use them.

“Some people wonder if they can relax enough for hypnotherapy or worry that hypnotherapy is unsafe in some way. In my experience, the majority of people are able to relax enough to benefit. Hypnotherapy (sometimes called hypnosis) is really a natural state we all go into at different times, such as when in focused concentration, daydreaming or in deep relaxation. The cravings reducing visualisations are gentle and calming and a person can always choose to open their eyes at any time, should they wish to do so.

“Drink Less in Three Steps” is a three session online one to one programme with London hypnotherapist Jason Demant. The three session programme fee is £260. To contact Jason Demant and to find out more get in touch via our contact page.


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