Does Hypnotherapy Really Work for Anxiety?

If you have anxiety, you will certainly be only too conscious of the intense emotional effect this can have on your daily life. Anxiety can develop steadily over time, for some it occurs suddenly due to a life shifting occurrence or illness. Anxiety can make numerous everyday activities and routines challenging, holding you back from experiencing life the way you may have done previously. For some anxiety can simply be a question of experiencing negative or under-confident. Does hypnotherapy really work for anxiety? Read on to find out. I use hypnotherapy both online and at my London clinic. Get in touch to find out more.


Does Hypnotherapy Really Work for Anxiety


So, does hypnotherapy really work for anxiety? Fortunately hypnotherapy really does work for anxiety and can help you take back control. Hypnotherapy for anxiety helps you with approaches to think clearly, feel better and make long-term improvements so you can get your everyday life back on track. So, let’s take a look at anxiety and discover if hypnotherapy indeed really does work for anxiety.


Does hypnotherapy really work for anxiety?


Nowadays, anxiety is really what you experience when you are apprehensive, stressed or frightened, frequently about events and situations which are about to take place or situations you visualise taking place in the future. Anxiety can affect your thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and can continue on even when the main cause of anxiety is not obvious to you.

You might have a precise source of your anxiety, for instance a traumatic incident, prolonged times of stress or you have been through a major life event, for example moving house, having surgery or getting divorced.

If you don’t understand the reason for your anxiety, it might be simply because stress levels can increase and build up very gradually, which can occur simply from the ongoing pressures and problems of daily life. If you kept all your stress in a bucket in your mind, it would progressively overflow. At these times, we can experience all the symptoms of anxiety, which is the reason it can sometimes feel like anxiety creeps up on you.


How to recognise anxiety?


Anxiety can hold you back from living daily life how you want. It might leave you thinking, “I simply want to find the ‘real me’ again.” There are different forms of anxiety and probably the most prevalent is Generalised Anxiety Disorder. This is a long-term condition causing you to feel anxious and worried around just about any circumstance instead of anything specific. You may not remember when you last felt stress-free. Once one anxious thought is addressed, it is then swapped out by another, and you feel trapped in a snare of undesirable thinking. I use hypnotherapy for anxiety at my London clinic frequently for people with anxiety in this manner.

Social Anxiety is another frequent problem connected with anxiety sufferers. It is characterised by a continual, overpowering anxiety about social situations, leaving you anxious of meeting with people in everyday situations, such as shopping or even talking on the phone. It leads a person to get worried excessively about managing people before, during and following the situation. In addition to experiencing anxious, anxiety can also lead you to be preoccupied with what other people may believe, in particular about you. This can severely impact your confidence and self-esteem, in turn affecting your job and relationships.

Panic attacks are frequently a common problem with anxiety disorders. I often help people with panic attacks using hypnotherapy. A panic attack might leave you feeling out of control, generating very real physical symptoms, from a rapid rise in heartbeat to a churning stomach discomfort. These physical symptoms are naturally uncomfortable which frequently sets off a pattern of worry and fear about going through another further panic attack.


When does anxiety develop into a real difficulty?


Anxiety can continue and sneak up and turns into a issue when it keeps you back from living your life the way you would like. Anxiety may be a difficulty for you if:

  • your worrying impacts your day to day life, including your work and social life
  • your anxieties or concerns are out of proportion to the situation
  • you avoid situations that might lead you to feel anxious
  • your worries feel very upsetting or are hard to manage
  • you regularly experience symptoms of anxiety, which could include panic attacks
  • you struggle to go about your daily life or do things you take pleasure in


Does Hypnotherapy Really Work for Anxiety London


Does hypnotherapy really work for anxiety? Well let’s get to it!


So, does hypnotherapy really work for anxiety? Of course there is a lot of assistance available for anxiety disorders and there are many things you can do to cope and handle it. I support my clients overcome their anxiety using solution focused hypnotherapy techniques along with and life coaching, CBT and NLP. Not only does it help them see things from a different point of view, it also helps deal with the thoughts and responses that generate anxiety, helping clients de-stress and break the cycle of anxiety and fear. Hypnotherapy, which is a relaxing and positive procedure, helps produce long lasting therapeutic change at a subconscious level to behavioural responses to daily life.


How does hypnotherapy really work for anxiety?


If you’re struggling with anxiety related conditions, the great news is that hypnotherapy for anxiety can help you view things from a different point of view and solve the thoughts and reactions that produce your anxieties, supporting you to de-stress and to break the cycle of negative thinking and fear, developing your self-confidence and self-esteem.

In my practice, I use Solution Focused hypnotherapy techniques, meaning that jointly we target the present and the future instead of overanalysing the past. Sessions are constructive and we steer clear of problem-talk. Rather I encourage clients to imagine and express themselves in a positive way which helps decrease their anxiety. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for anxiety is different since it uses a distinct structure, which includes CBT and NLP. So, if you are wonder, does hypnotherapy really work for anxiety? My answer is yes.

Hypnotherapy itself decreases anxiety, and this is carried out very simply through relaxation and visualisation. This enables the client to concentrate on the beneficial aspects of their life that promotes a change in mindset.


How do sessions of hypnotherapy for anxiety work?


The process starts with an initial phone consultation and then an initial session. This is one of the most important aspects for clients. Jointly we’ll take a look at their concerns and understand the improvements they wish to accomplish and discover if hypnotherapy for anxiety is the appropriate strategy. Crucially we talk about how the mind functions in a very simple way to give clients an understanding of how anxiety is created and why they feel the way they do.


How many hypnotherapy sessions are needed for Anxiety?


The number of hypnotherapy sessions necessary for enduring change is different for everyone since each person is unique in terms of our feelings and experiences. We’ll explore the number of sessions needed. Hypnotherapy is not a magic wand, the solution focused hypnotherapy approach does help you generate positive change in a relatively short period of time. Generally for anxiety and stress connected issues, a minimum of three to eight sessions are needed, sometimes more to get you where you would like to be.


What happens during hypnotherapy for anxiety?


Hypnotherapy, sometimes described as trance is a natural human state that we all experience to differing degrees every day, when we experience a change in our conscious awareness. It is a state of relaxed focused attention in which your mind is more receptive to ideas. The hypnotherapy is designed to be to help you change unhelpful thought patterns. Importantly hypnotherapy is very different from what you see portrayed on stage or in movies.

In this calm trance state, it’s an opportunity for your mind to relax and reflect on the ideas and solutions discussed during our session to understand how they can help you. During hypnotherapy for anxiety you are in control. You are able to decide whether information or suggestions are useful. In fact, clients often describe trance as feeling a bit like daydreaming, it’s a very relaxing and uplifting experience.


What are the benefits of Hypnotherapy for anxiety?


As you relax during hypnotherapy I use guided relaxation and mental imagery which encourages a trance state. It also causes a natural shift in our brainwave patterns, perhaps from being in a fully alert mental state, into other more relaxed states. As you are guided into deeper levels of relaxation, the brain demonstrates more alpha and theta wave activity. This is where we feel calmer and more relaxed but can also visualise images and reflect on different ideas that may be useful to us.


Does hypnotherapy really work for anxiety? Find out for yourself!


Do you need support with anxiety? If you have been asking, does hypnotherapy really work for anxiety?, I hope thsi article has been helpful. I invite you to explore more how hypnotherapy can help you overcome your anxiety. Get in touch today for an initial chat in confidence to discuss hypnotherapy for anxiety is right for you.


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