Depression Treatment

Depression Treatment


Depression Treatment: What is depression?


Of course, sometimes feeling down is a normal part of life. It’s when you experience emotions such as hopelessness or despair which don’t seem to go away, that you may have depression. It feels more than just sadness about daily life, depression changes how you Feel, think, feel function on a daily basis. This is why depression treatment is so important. Depression can interfere with your work, relationships, study, eating, sleeping and life enjoyment. You might find just trying to get through the day to be overwhelming. It can feel a bit like a black hole. You may have a feeling of impending doom or that something bad will happen. You might feel empty, lifeless, empty or that you have little energy.

Depression treatment will ensure that your depression doesn’t become a serious illness. Just remember that feelings of helplessness and hopelessness are also common symptoms of depression. But also remember that these are not really the reality of your life or situation. No matter how you feel, you will and can get better. Life will be different. How you feel right now doesn’t have to carry on as it is.


Depression treatment – Signs and symptoms of depression


Depression is different for everyone, but there are some common depression symptoms.


Ten common symptoms of depression:

1. Experiencing feelings of helplessness or hopelessness. You might feel that nothing will ever get better and you can’t change or improve your situation.

2. Noticing that you lose interest in activities you enjoy. This could be no longer being interested in hobbies, social activities, or sex.

3. Has your appetite or weight changed?

4. Disturbed sleep or sleeping more or less than usual.

5. You experience anger, mood swings or irritability. Your tolerance for other people is lowered and your temper short. Things get on your on your nerves more easily.

6. You notice a loss of energy. This might be feeling fatigued or physically drained.

7. Lowered self worth or self-loathing. You might feel guilt or criticise yourself harshly.

8. You engage in reckless behaviour. To avoid how you feel or to distract yourself you might escape into alcohol drugs, gambling or reckless driving.

9. Your concentration is affected. Do you have difficulty focusing, making decisions, or remembering details?

10. Unexplained pains or concern over physical symptoms that may be minor or imagined. You may have increased headaches, stomach aches or back pain.

If you would like to discuss my London depression treatment, using hypnotherapy, get in touch today.

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