Am I Addicted to Gaming?

In this article we look at gaming addiction. It is common for children to socialise whilst gaming and spend many hour enjoying gaming. Gaming is of course something many adults enjoy as well. The question is whether you feel your gaming is excessive and are asking yourself if you are addicted to gaming? I help people in London with gaming addiction. Get in touch to find out more about sessions.


Am I Addicted to Gaming


Am I addicted to gaming? Is gaming a true addiction?

Similar to other addictions, gaming addiction is defined as the compulsive or uncontrolled usage of computer games. Done so in a way that causes difficulties in other areas of the person’s daily life. Frequently regarded as a form of computer addiction or internet addiction, gaming addiction continues to be an increasing worry for parents as computer games are so commonplace and tend to be usually aimed at kids.

Video games include computer games, console games, arcade machine games, and even mobile phone, and advanced calculator video games. Games could be embedded in social media sites, for example Facebook or twitter. Since the 1950s, video gaming has expanded into a multi-billion dollar industry. Many people are worried about the long term negative effects of video game playing, particularly for young people.

Worries centre on the following concerns:

“Are video games actually dangerous?”

“Do violent video games result in aggression?”

“Are video games addictive?”

Whilst scientific studies are inconclusive, presently there does seem to be research that gaming can be unhealthy, may increase aggression, and could be addictive. Nevertheless, these types of effects are highly subjective and personal and may include a lot more factors than simply the length of time spent playing video games.

Am I addicted to gaming? Indicators of Addiction

Scientific studies show that up to 16% of video gamers fulfil the criteria for addiction. Even so, the official definition of video game addiction differs across different studies and institutions. Considering this, it is possible to be confused about whether your or someone else’s game playing comes in the common or heavy ranges. As with all addictions, it is crucial when it comes to the possibility of a video game addiction to not merely think about the length of time devoted gaming, but also the purpose it is serving the particular person.

Gaming and video game playing, as one of a variety of leisure activities, may not be unhealthy or suggest an addiction. When game playing is addictive, it can become a key way the person’s principal method of managing thoughts, emotions, stress and life events, with other essential areas of daily life becoming overlooked or disturbed as a result.

Video game addiction or video game excessive use is seen most often in players of the continual multiplayer gaming universe, or Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game—MMORPG games for short. MMORPGs form 25% of gaming earnings globally. These games could be addictive since they have several attractions for gamers. For one they tend to be interactive. They are also social, competitive, and take place in real-time. Research shows that MMORPGs are a lot more addictive in nature. As a result, they will generally have increased negative effects on physical health, sleep at night habits and academic performance.

Am I addicted to gaming?

Like some other addictions, gaming addiction is a somewhat debatable concept. While video gaming scientific studies show gaming to have some distressing effects, especially in much younger players, right now there is a deficiency of long term analysis and inadequate data to definitively determine that video game excessive use is indeed an addiction. In addition, cautionary messages from organizations for example the American Medical Association, which considers that video games are possibly damaging has to contest with the competitive marketing and advertising of the video games industry, whose own investigations, unsurprisingly, demonstrate no harmful effects.

Internet Gaming Disorder is currently included as a condition for further research in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V), the “gold standard” resource for psychological health problems. Consequently even though it is not yet acknowledged fully as a disorder, recommended criteria have been publicized.


Am I Addicted to Gaming uk


Am I addicted to gaming? Understand the signs and symptoms of an Addiction

Just like other addictions, video game addiction is similar to other addictions by noting the length of time devoted to actively playing, the powerful psychological attachment to the activity, and the types of social challenges seen by gaming addicts. As with some other addictions, gaming addicts grow to be distracted with game-playing, and it disrupts friends and family and other parts of daily life, such as school and education.

The younger that children start actively playing video games, the much more likely they are to develop dependence-like behaviours. As with some other addictive behaviours, generally there is a variety of distinct reactions to the activity. Whilst a number of gamers feel incapable of decreasing the time they devote playing, others tend not to experience urges if they are unable to play.

Am I addicted to gaming?: Harmful Effects

As well as addiction, the following harmful consequences have been found to be linked to video game use:

  • Greater aggressive feelings and aggressive actions especially in children under age 10.
  • Increased probability of light-induced seizures, musculoskeletal disorders of the upper extremities and elevated metabolic rate.
  • Decreased pro-social (cooperative) behaviours in social relationships.

Research together with people who find themselves addicted to video games demonstrates that they have poorer psychological health and mental performance which includes poorer impulse control and ADHD symptoms, in comparison with individuals who do not have video game addiction. Individuals who are addicted to video games likewise have greater psychological challenges, including increased depression and anxiety, report experiencing a lot more social isolation, and are far more likely to have difficulties with internet pornography use.

If you are concerned that you may be addicted to gaming, get in touch to see if I can help.

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