5 Steps to Cut Stress and Lose Weight  


I would like to share with you some stress reducing tips. You can use these 5 steps to cut stress and lose weight. You might not think so but your eating habits can in fact be affected drastically by the daily stress which comes your way.  If you would like to lose weight, consider hypnotherapy. Click here for more details.


5 Steps to Cut Stress and Lose Weight


5 Steps to Cut Stress and Lose Weight


Do you often feel that you have too much on your plate? Do you sometimes lose your temper at work or at home? Are you having trouble getting to sleep at night or unable to relax easily? Maybe you have recently lost interest in activities which used to be fun and enjoyable? Are you smoking, drinking or eating more than usual to get through the day? Are you feeling tension in your body?

Stress is a normal fact of life. However when it adversely affects your levels of happiness and quality of life, if you are compromising on relationships or spending less time on those activities you love, it’s time to take a step back and reconsider how you are coping with life’s ups and downs. Often we overeat, overspend, or drink too much to cope with the pressures we feel. Long term weight loss success depends upon how you cope with stress.

Here are five steps you can take to reduce stress.


  1. Take a blank piece of paper and write down exactly what you are allowing to get you stressed. Now decide what exactly it is about that person, place, situation etc which you are allowing to raise your blood pressure. Perhaps you wrote ‘boss’ and that it’s the way he gives you feedback on your work that gets you annoyed.
  2. Now think about whether this is actually something you can affect or change? For example, if you are stressed about a friend’s illness, do you actually have any power to change this? It may be a challenge, but maybe the best you can do right now is to allow yourself to accept that your friend is sick. Don’t waste energy trying to control the uncontrollable.
  3. If you can change the situation, form a plan of how to do that. What are some easy steps you can take over the next weeks? Then break these goals down into what you will do this week and then what you will do today and tomorrow.

Stress management is not about quick solutions but rather thinking about what you ‘need’ in general or what you need in that particular situation. Then you slowly and assertively work to move things to where you would like them to be. This process may take some time but is easier than you might first think.

  1. Stress which you feel in the moment does need to be dealt with in a constructive way. Rather than eating, drinking, procrastinating etc, think of healthy, positive ways you can take to reduce tension. Take regular exercise, visit a park, beach, some countryside, somewhere you feel calm, and maybe treat yourself to a massage. Speaking to a good friend, a coach or a therapist are also great ways to lower stress levels.
  2. Also take a look at how long you spend at work, doing unnecessary errands or doing time-wasting activities and start incorporating more enjoyable and productive activities, in particular those done with other people, into your week.

Here is a bonus tip. Notice also the unhealthy ways you deal with stress and cut these down. Try instead some relaxation techniques. You can always easily find on YouTube some quick meditation audios to listen to.

The first step is always self observation. Begin by noticing how you are feeling and whether your success in one area of life is compromising your success elsewhere. Have you taken on too much? When feeling under stress, rather than reaching for a high calorie snack, reach for a piece of paper and go through the five steps outlined here.

Good luck and stay focused and relaxed!


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